Today’s News for Women over 50

Happy Wednesday, ladies!  It really is a joy to research these articles and bring to you Today’s News for Women Over 50.

Once a week, I post curated news articles from around the media web which I believe will be of interest to you…the amazing women over 50 and beyond!

My goal is to assist you to be educated and inspired to live your best life now. 

So, I hope you will find stories here that are of interest to you.

Of course, we are girls, and it is always fun to begin with a little fashion news…..


Today's news

There is always more fashion news right after the Fashion Weeks in different cities around the world and when seasons are changing.

This week there were several I thought you might find interesting:

From MSN, The best street style from Copenhagen Fashion Week Fall 2022….what stands out to you here?

Pure Wow takes us over to Italy with The 8 Items every chic Italian woman has in her closet.

From The List, Style Mistakes that are making you look old.

Harper’s Bazaar shares The Best Loafer Styles To Wear Now and Always.

From Who What Wear, I just did a tone of basics research – these items will work best for my wardrobe.

Finally, She Finds has information for those with thinning hair, The Best Haircuts for Thinning Hair that boosts volume and thickness

Of course, new items in stores make the headlines here…I spied new arrivals this week:


Today's News

I know there is so much to read about living healthier these days, but I have actually learned and applied some of what I have read over the past couple of years.

I hope there will be something helpful here for some of you:

From Eat This, Not That: The ‘Silly Little Walk’ trend will be your new favorite outdoor exercise

From Silver Sneakers Top 5 Plant-Based Sources of Protein for Older Adults

Eating Well brings us 5 Surprising Signs You are not Moving Enough During the Day

Finally from The Daily Record Dementia and Alzheimer’s risk ‘lowered’ by eating one particular food group every day


Today's News

I hope you are like me and enjoy ideas for around your home.

First, from The Spruce, 32 Minimalist Living Rooms that are anything but boring

I want to share this article from the Washington Post, but sometimes their links give some of you problems.

I hope this one will work for How to repot houseplants without killing them.


Today's News

I should’ve just called this section ALL THINGS YUM!

From Eat This, Not That!The #1 Best Chinese Takeout Order, Says Dietitian

Self Magazine brings us a warning, These Popular Salad Dressings have been recalled due to an undeclared ingredient

Those are your headlines for Today’s News for Women over 50.

I welcome your thoughts on these selections…one or more.  And I hope you will go through this day with a determination to…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I’ll be going back for further reading today, but right away what caught my attention was the things that make you look old article (really good advice there), and the dementia article (I’m going through this horrendous experience with my mother after watching it take my father). Thank goodness I love spinach and kale and eat them every day, no joke. If that’s all it took, that would be wonderful, but at least it’s said to help. I need to go back over a few of these!

  2. Once again, Pamela, you have presented a selection of all helpful articles, EVERY one of them! Thank you. I really enjoyed the Basics article which gave beautiful classy choices at many price points . Have a lovely day.

  3. While I would never be classed as a minimalist, I have been watching some travel/lifestyle on YouTube featuring Danish and Swedish creators. This area of the world has much to teach us about beauty, simplicity, and amplifying winter light (our area is dark and wet like Denmark in the fall/winter). Unfortunately, the style week photos of Copenhagen showed mostly head shots and didn’t inspire in me that Scandi chic feeling. The minimalist living rooms in the article you shared were interesting. I’ve been inspired myself to pare down some (not to that degree :)!) in a style refresh I’m doing right now. Always something to think about in these articles.

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