Shopping Spring at Marshalls

Shopping Spring at Marshalls

Happy Sunday, everyone. Today I take you with me for Shopping Spring at Marshalls.

This post is multi-purpose:

  1. To present another option for affordable fashion during inflation times….such as Marshalls and TJ MAXX.  I plan to keep price points mixed up for the readers.
  2. To take you into the dressing room with me to understand why I like or don’t like an item. 
  3. To also demonstrate how I look for my adjectives and my color story…and how they influence my purchasing decisions.

This will be my second time to enter warm weather seasons as a Vibrant Autumn…and I plan to continue dressing in my palette. 

I cannot link to these items because of the way Marshalls is structured to move merchandise, but I can encourage you to visit Marshalls online.

So let’s have some fun and go shopping for spring at Marshalls.


Shopping Spring at Marshalls

Since I discovered last year that I am a true Vibrant Autumn girl, this Chico’s top has been my favorite…and was the first I purchased in my new palette.

When I decided to go have some fun at Marshalls, I put on my favorite blouse, my navy peacoat, dark jeans and my sparkly gold flats to head out and shop.

My top-of-the-mind desire was to see what is out for spring in my colors, and to expert with shapes and designs.

I am looking to tell the world right now that I am joyful, creative, approachable, polished and current. 


Shopping Spring at Marshalls

I have always loved a piece that flows in a lab-coat type of look…don’t know why…I just do.

I agree with the majority of you that I look best in shorter lengths…but for some reason I love a look like this…especially with leggings.

This is a long jacket by Tahari…and is in a beautiful buttercream white, so it is not white white….It has fun pockets and sleeves.

However, I did leave it there.  First of all, I thought it to be expensive at $34 and it doesn’t speak “current” to me. 


Shopping SPring at Marshalls

I only tried this jacket on to see how the shape looked on me….and I liked it.  The length and shape are fun.

It is white white and not in my colors…not great material (wrinkled easily and was thin), but I would love to find something like this in my colors (a flax or khaki) and better fabric.

Sometimes, it is useful to try on shapes just to see how the shape looks on us…it will help with shopping online especially.


Shopping Spring at Marshalls

Thank goodness there is lots of navy in stores.  I have added several navy pieces recently.  This top is cute with the epaulettes on the shoulder.

I also l like sleeves that will go up or down.

You can see here how flattering the blue top and dark denim are in a column of color and it looks great under toppers.

I did not purchase it because I have so many navy tops now…but rather used it to try on other pieces!


Shopping Spring at Marshalls

This shirt is really cute and would look great with white or off white denim.

I did not purchase it…it did not speak to me…but was a fun, nice top and could be worn like a topper or a blouse.

Maybe I should go get it…what do you think? WHAT DOES IT SAY TO YOU?


Shopping Spring at Marshalls

Full disclosure…I tried this on for the audience ….not me.

I saw the pieces hanging together and wanted you to see these color combinations mixed up with a gray jacket.

It is a softer way to say spring…hope this inspires someone in the audience.


Shopping Spring at Marshalls

This is a Vince Camuto top.  One thing I am shopping for are spring tops with rounded bottoms like this one…they are more flattering in fit for a curvy lady.

But this one was too thin…and I did not like the bows on the sleeves. 

But, the color was great.    At Marshalls, you can get Vince Camuto pieces for as low as $12 and I usually do like this designer.


Shopping SPring at Marshalls

This kimono is also by Vince Camuto.  I like it…like the colors…BUT….

I personally own plenty of kimonos and I am trying to get away from the style some…I do not feel current and polished in this.


Shopping Spring at Marshalls

My creative bent had me reaching for tops in prints in possible colors that would work.

But, you can see me grimacing and pointing to the area that is a bit NO on a larger woman.

On a thinner, younger woman, it might work…but it made me “feel” older. 

That design just made me look larger and the overall print was not current.

I quickly took it off.


Shopping SPring at Marshalls

This tunic also was rejected by me because it did not say current to me…but rather older.

I loved the colors in this tunic.  I would love to find these colors perhaps in a more modern looking print and in a top that fit better rather than a tunic.


Shopping SPring at Marshalls

However, here is a tunic that I really liked.

The 100% Lyocell, a fabric which is very popular in sustainable fashion.  It is soft, durable, and easy care.

I can wear this denim top as a topper or button it with leggings and add my creative touches.  It is a great palette to build with and was only $19.

It came home with me…I know it is not a short garment…but a great fitting tunic is a plus to have and especially one is a “cooler” fabric.


Shopping Spring at Marshalls

Finally, this $20 top by Rachel Zoe also came home with me.

It checked all of my boxes: color in my palette, speaks my adjectives, how a modern design to it; and has the rounded bottom hem.  The collar tie can go V Neck or closed with a bow…that is a plus.

I like the sleeve embellishments as well and the colors in the print includes navy and not black.

There were so many prints with black…it was nice to find this one without.  And it does say that I am a joyful, creative lady.

I look forward to styling both of these pieces for you to show how I will wear them and where I go in them.

Shopping SPring at Marshalls

Readers seemed to like it when I took you through my dressing room process in the past, so I hope this one helped as well. 

There are many trips when I leave with nothing.  But, one plus about shopping Marshalls is how easy it is to return items.

If I do not like the denim tunic with my leggings, I can take it back.  A try on session at home will happen this weekend.

Shopping Spring at Marshalls

Remember, Marshalls is also a great place to find handbags.  I just got a new Patricia Nash there.

I hope you enjoyed shopping with me…it is always more fun to have a friend along.  As new collections come out in March, we will have more fun with Leigh & Me.


By Pamela Lutrell

Thank you to everyone who shops through my SHOPPING LINKS...your support of this blog means the world!

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  1. What caught my eye immediately was the rack of pink handbags! I’ll have to head over tomorrow and see if our Marshall’s has those! I like how you took us through this process, and can see why you rejected the things that you did, and look forward to seeing how you style what came home. I found it interesting that you said you didn’t feel current in the kimono. I was wondering about that, if they are still current, because even though they are still everywhere, they have been around a long time, so I wondered. I’d love a cute, pink handbag, so I’ll be heading over!

  2. Hi Karen! I think it was the print and colors of the kimono that made it feel dated to me. Kimono-style is still current. I am not sure why this one felt dated to me but it was the print and not the kimono itself. Hope you find a pink purse!

  3. I agree completely on the rounded hems, I don’t know what the science of it is, but I swear those shave about 10 pounds off me. I am always on the look out for those.

  4. You have inspired me to head to Marshalls. I bought the grey topper last week at TJ Maxx and wore it the next day with leggings. I would buy the Tencel topper too. When I saw the green, I immediately thought it was perfect for you.

  5. I love this post. I find that Marshall’s is a store that I have to stop into more often in order to find a gem. It is very hit or miss for me, especially since I only shop my color palette. Taking pictures is so helpful in making decisions. I appreciate the fact that you were able to ‘see’ what didn’t work for you personally, and leave so much behind. The pieces that you left with are very promising for your palette and as a spring refresh. I hope they work. I am drawn to the two tops. Great job showing restraint and sticking to color, fit, and your foundational five adjectives!

  6. Thanks Deborah…it is so much easier to practice restraint when you have a plan to follow like the Foundational Five and a color palette.

  7. I like the two tops you decided to take home. Especially the light “denim” look tunic. Can’t wait to see how you style this piece. It seems like a piece that will get a lot of wear and is a blank canvas for use with fun accessories. Knowing your colors and adjectives really helps. Have a great week!

  8. I think I would like the tunic with cropped white leggings, straw hat and that dark tan sandals maybe a ivory colored cuff bracelet. I don’t like a lot of extra stuff in the summer! Rolled up sieves and the last 2 buttons unbuttoned. I may go look for this!

  9. I like the way you are thinking, Darlene. Sounds perfect! Thank you for sharing style ideas.

  10. Karen, do you know the brand Frances Valentine? They almost always have some short swing coat/jackets in their lineup. And, I’m sure I’ve seen them in your colors. Take a look! If not new, then consignment…

  11. Thanks Carlene…I am Pam…Karen is one of my lovely, loyal followers. I will check out Frances Valentine and so appreciate you sharing.

  12. I completely agree with your choices! I am not in the majority here, I find that the longer tops are perfect on you (including the white-off light coat the beginning, but I understand it is more tricky to style). The blue shirt/top you bought is versatile, has a very nice fit and will be a perfect third piece, or a perfect first piece under a sweater or a rain coat or… one of your necklaces. Good basics like this are wonderful.

  13. Thanks Catherine…it was hard to leave the long white coat behind. In another color, it might have been in my closet!

  14. I liked you in the paisley print top, very flattering. I did want to say, since you asked, the white and navy top is pretty, but it takes away from your face, as the stripe is so vibrant, that is all one is drawn to look at. I was surprised when you said that $34 was expensive, I guess that is the difference in our pricing in Canada. The only thing I don’t like about that topper was the dropped shoulders. It is so nice to see a real person trying on the styles for us, thank you. The purses always grab my attention, so I agree with Karen, will have to check out the spring lines.

  15. Since you asked … I think you should go back & get the navy stripe shirt. I have one that’s 5 years old that is a work-horse piece & spans three seasons. I wear it untucked as a blouse, as a topper over a column of navy or white & as a “shacket” with a solid color tee (pink, yellow, coral or green) with navy or neutral bottoms. It can be beachy or preppy or nautical. If it fits well & is low-maintenance, you won’t regret it. I think you look marvelous in that orange V-neck, but the bows on the sleeves aren’t you (or me). Glad you nabbed the paisley one instead It’s stunning. Lastly, I’m going to make a Marshall’s run this afternoon to see if I can find the Lyocell topper. Thanks, Pam.

  16. I love these posts! So helpful, and it’s fun, like shopping with a girlfriend. Totally agree on your choices. I like Marshall’s especially in summer, for sleeveless tank dresses and cover up type garments. Their name brands I think must be outlet quality, as my purchases have never been as crisp or long lasting as the name brand from the department store. I think a thin denim tunic will always be useful with leggings. It’s just such a classic. I did like the blue striped top on you. It was fresh and I could see it over a red or orange tank, or with a bandanna. As for the dusters, I have several long cardigans and find I’m never reaching for them anymore. I wondered if it’s a change in lifestyle, or if this look is just going out of style so looks tired to me. What do you think? Are long cardigans out? If so, I will wear mine for a while, but not add to the collection. While I agree on wearing what you like, at some point the marketing changes our thinking.

  17. Hi Linda, I don’t think the long cardigans are out, but living in a warm climate takes them off the radar a bit earlier! I think I will always like them, but for spring and summer it is hard to justify the cost!

  18. I love your post today! I am happy to look at reasonably priced pieces. So wonderful that you tried on a variety of garments and explained your reasons for likes/dislikes. Thank you so much!

  19. Love paisley prints (currently my king size headboard is covered in one …. ☺) so do like your choice in the blouse not to mention it is a gorgeous colour on you. My other favourites would be #2/#4/#10. As to rounded hemlines on tops; apparently they give the illusion of longer legs.
    Wishing you a happy Sunday and appreciating your fashion show. -Brenda-
    P.S.: We do have a Marshalls not far from me so you’ve encouraged me to take a peek as haven’t been in-store shopping for literally months, because of our pandemic lockdowns.

  20. I still stop into Marshall’s have snagged sone wonderful items- tweed skinny skirt, tall leather boots, shirt black leather boots with lug soles, low heel, side zip and fuzzy lining (nautica). I’ve gotten many black VNecks to layer or wear to work out. I’ve purchased a few small print blouses too. My newest black crossbody leather handbag with zip top is from Marshall’s last fall and yes they have lots of pink bags right now. I often buy casual jeans there (not low rise). Thank you for sharing what you’ve discovered!

  21. The blue and white striped shirt looked great on you, and it would go with quite a few of the colors in your palette so if you continue to think about it you might want to go back and get it — but only if you think you will really use it or it fills a gap (could be good for July 4th). You will probably have quite a few additional chances to choose clothes you are sure about.

  22. Hi Shelley, that is usually why I leave something behind. If I have doubts, it stays. It did feel really nice though!

  23. I really liked the navy & white striped top. It would be a perfect for Midwest spring weather when there is often a chill in the air. I have even worn long sleeves in summer as we have the occasional cool day then. The two items you purchased are excellent choices. I can understand why you rejected the items you did. Marshall’s can be hit or miss in my area. I have to go when I have plenty of time. It might be worth a look this spring.

  24. Thanks for the input, Becky! I hope you get to stop by there and check out some spring ideas in the next couple of weeks. It will be upon us soon!

  25. You made great choices to take home. If only the topper you chose also came in khaki or olive. I don’t like kimonos. They seem to catch on every doorknob or cabinet pull I walk by. It’s so frustrating! I love Marshals for buying pjs and panties. I find some great ones there. I have also found some favorite jeans in a TJ Maxx so I occasionally step into one to look around. Great post!

  26. This was such an enjoyable post! I love Marshall’s and TJ Maxx and always find treasures there. The chambray tunic was a nice basic find and I think that you will get a lot of use out of it. I really liked the kimono on you although I understand having too many of the same garments. Thanks for the fashion show!

  27. I tried to leave a comment several different times this morning, but something kept happening to my comments. It may have been my WiFi , but it has happened before. Your comment about liking lab coat designs made me realize that I do too, being a chemistry and biology teacher for 30 years. I usually wore a lab coat during my school day, and am accustomed to have that long coat with pockets. Now I copy that with long cardigans with pockets. I liked several of the items you tried on, and was pleased to realize the advantage of curved hems for covering tummies.

  28. Sorry you had issues with commenting, Celia…but perseverance paid off. I am so glad to find out that I am not the only one who likes this style. I have a gray coat that is very similar to this one. I so wish it was more of a cream color…but I do like it. There are a few things that stay in my head sometimes when I walk away. I also wanted to say that sometimes when several people are commenting at the same time, there might be difficulties. These post usually get more traffic in the early part of the day. Thanks!

  29. Pam, this column was really helpful. I’m going to come back to it as I add new purchases. I loved the color of the Vince blouse but agree about the long, tied sleeves. I have to be careful about my clothing choices and eating. I know that sounds weird, but I bet the ties would wind up in my salad dressing – LOL. I got a blue and white checked blouse from Talbots last year, and it is, as others said, a workhorse in my wardrobe, so I highly recommend. I am not a fan of paisley, but that top looks stunning on you. It shows the power of your approach. I don’t have style words yet, but I do want anything I purchase this season to look current and be practical.

  30. So glad you enjoyed the post, Maeve! I agree…the sleeve ties might go in my salad dressing too! That blouse was very thin fabric. That was the main reason I left it behind.

  31. I bought several of the Zoe & Rachel for Women in the past and have been happy with the tops. I recently bought several of the tops at Marshals to add to my spring clothes. Very disappointed with the two of the tops that I have already worn. I hand washed each top and laid flat to dry. Each top shrunk in length and width and unable to wear. I will try to return all five tops that I purchased

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