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Would You Wear It

Welcome to Would You Wear It on two blogs…just to make your Saturday special!

On Saturdays, I join forces with my friend, Jennifer, to bring you fashion displays from around the country, in order to see if you would or would not wear the styles.

My Would You Wear It feature today is on plaids & stripes.


Would You Wear It

We have seen so many versions of plaids and stripes this year.  I personally think it is because of more focus on casual wear over the past two years.

I found this display last week, so please look it over and tell us what you think.

We ask that you explain your answer because the comments are read and enjoyed by others.  We always learn from one another.

Just give us your personal thinking as to why you would or would not wear the items you see.  And if you would re-style them…we would love to hear how.

Would You Wear It

So, tell us, ladies……………………………………………………………………………………………


Would You Wear It

I discovered these displays last week at Talbot’s.  They have some fun new pieces currently on the store racks, and I put a few for you in this slideshow…..



Would You Wear It

I know it is cold out right now, but there is so much beauty to see.  Try to get out a little and enjoy it!

Breathe deep the cold, crisp air….and remember to be thankful for what you see.

Now, it is time for you to tell us if you WOULD WEAR IT….then head over to A Well Styled Life to comment on Jennifer’s display….and throughout it all, make sure you….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. It’s really hard for me to believe these displays are from a Talbot’s store. It looks like this location has completely lost its way. I was in Talbot’s locally recently and never saw anything this unattractive. The gray striped shirt would be difficult for anyone to pull off and then to combine it with the white pants looks washed out, and haphazardly tossed denim jacket is not visually appealing. The stripes are so large and call unneeded attention to the chest. What has happened to stripes? If this is a new trend the only hope is that it won’t take hold. This display is a real disappointment for a store that does classics better than most. The checks are also overstated. These particular garments on display should just be shuffled off out of sight. Looking at the new catalog and some pieces in the slideshow might just point to a lack of talent in creating attractive displays in this particular store. The new catalog features some beautiful things. Stripes of this magnitude might work for some, but to my eye, classic stripes are much more attractive.

  2. Well I really like the vest and jean- jacket, but not drawn to the white sweater with stripe across the chest nor do I like the checked top, tho it matches the vest nicely.
    I do like the same sweater you show in navy, however. Why is that? I just like navy I guess.
    The pants would suit me better in ankle length. Thanks Pam and a happy Saturday to you!

  3. I like the classic straight leg on the blue jeans, but the white pants appear to taper in at the bottom. That’s not a good look for me as it makes my hips look larger and visually shortens my legs. I like the color of the vest, but I know I’d rarely reach for such a sporty style. I agree with Karen Anderson’s comments on the tops and styling. I wouldn’t wear any of them. Her comment also brought up a question. How much autonomy do chain/department stores have in the styling of their displays? Do you see much of a difference based on location?

  4. For casual wear, with the exception of the bottoms (depending upon fit) and the navy striped top (if a sweatshirt) I would ‘not’ choose any of the other pieces. To begin; have never been a fan of checks/gingham nor wrap style tops, the stand-up collar on the vest appears to be too exaggerated and last but not least the stitching on the denim jacket might be too bright of a gold for my personal liking that is often seen on cheap versions. -Brenda-

  5. I like all of these styles and would wear them. The only thing I would change is the denim jacket as I prefer longer length jackets. Unfortunately the Talbots stores near me do not carry plus sizes in the store. I do find that they offer classic timeless blazers which I like.

  6. without getting up to go look, I would say I have one plaid shirt and one striped shirt….ive never been really interested in either style….I have a ton of paisley and floral, and an even bigger ton, lol, of solid colors.

  7. Sorry Pamela; as there is no wrap/crossover top. When making my comment was having a problem with my computer freezing so was switching back ‘n forth between yours and Jennifer’s page. -Brenda-

  8. Unfortunately, I would keep on going past this display. This does not fit my style type, as I like to wear straight leg pants that hit the top of my instep. Any that taper at the ankle just don’t look right on me. Since I don’t wear jean jackets, even the toppers are not for me. Good thing we all like different things.

  9. I like plaid (a bit, in nice colors or shape) and stripes (a lot), but not these ones. I would wear the white pants and the denim jacket and a top with regular, smaller, white-and-something stripes, although it is not very original. But with a nice necklace or chain, for instance, why not? I do not wear vests, which for me are bulky without being warm enough and too casual in any case for my lifestyle. Have a nice week-end, Pam!

  10. I’d wear the straight leg jeans with the striped sweater. Both of them are classics that I’d wear for years.

  11. I see that dropped shoulders are still in so would pass on the striped sweater. I do like stripes but this sweater looks a little like you are wearing a flag. The white pants look very wide through the thighs that would not suit my body. I would happily wear the blue outfit but without the scarf. I like plaids and stripes as I feel they usually need no accessories other than a pair of simple earrings to complete an outfit.

  12. Because Talbots is one of the few stores that still carry petite sizes in the store, I shop there most often. I would wear the blue outfit and already have a vest that color. I don’t care for the two striped sweaters. It could be they are the wrong size for the mannequins or just over sized. I think the blue check would look good with the white pants.

  13. To my eye, the wide band of stripes around the chest reminds me of old style men’s golf shirts. I like smaller stripes, but I am careful about horizontal stripes around my tummy and hip area.

  14. I really like all three outfits mainly because they are the colors I wear most often. I’ve noticed other gingham check items at Talbots before, but I would prefer that top in a long sleeve shirt rather than a sweater. The pale gray sweater is very versatile to me. I like the navy sweatshirt but would not be buying one at this time of year when our weather is warming up. Are you aware that some pictures in your slideshow are very small and difficult to view? Others seem fine. Sunrises and sunsets are often so beautiful this time of year…your picture is gorgeous.

  15. No to the checked sweater and a big no to the stripes across the chest sweatshirt/sweater. I like the color of the vest; here in SoCal I wear them a lot in the winter months especially for morning golf. I rarely wear jeans anymore because it’s just too warm here. A sales associate at Talbots told me that a team comes in & sets up the store including the mannequins. Last fall a mannequin was wearing cute leggings but there was none at all in the store! Talbots best advertisement are their sales associates who wear their pieces in a real situation with a mix from past seasons and current collections.

  16. I like the blue vest outfit. I don’t wear plaids but the checks might be fun. Especially for just one top. I am totally surprised the other outfit made it on a Talbot mannequin, but I think the striped top would look cute with the blue vest and jeans.

  17. I like the denim jacket and would wear the vest in a heartbeat if it was in the autumn palette. I wear vests frequently for my daily walks as I run hot. They are a great layer with a tee underneath during transitional weather. The sweaters look boxy, which might or might not be a good look for me depending on the precise cut. Sometimes they hide my tummy in a good way, and sometimes I just look big all over. The stripes are pretty bold in their placement, which looks interesting, but might not be flattering. I like plaid in small does, but gingham is too much of a country, feminine look for me; it conjers visions of aprons and ruffles. I like ankle pants, so I would try these on. The taper doesn’t look exaggerated and I’m trying slightly looser legs. These pieces are a bit of a miss for me but the overall style fits my adjectives pretty well.

  18. The tops would stretch my comfort a little, but the colors are fun. I think the vest would be nice on both.

  19. This display wouldn’t encourage me to try things on. I know the jeans to be nice and the denim jacket is great. The combination leaves a lot to be desired. Happy Saturday my friend.

  20. I liked both the vest and jacket. The jeans were great. Not a fan of the shirt or sweater. However, I love the vest in the slides. Talbots micro vest with the curved hem is very flattering and the striped long sleeve Tee looked fresh and flatering. When they go on sale I will be there.

  21. Pam, I’m commenting on previous posts when you’ve shown us items from Blair. If not for your great styling, I would not have looked at their offerings because I always thought they were what my MIL would have ordered from a paper catalogue and too “senior” for me. However, I found a couple of striped ¾ sleeve tees that looked good, ordered them and was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the knit and the matching stripes on the sleeves and side seams. It’s easy to use your page on their website, and I just ordered some more clearance tops in anticipation of a cruise in April. Thank you for re-introducing this brand to me.

  22. I like the color of the vest, but the puffy look is not flattering to me. The checks in the top seem to be a bit large for my taste, but I might try it if they were scaled down. I would wear the jeans & the jean jacket as they are classic pieces. The gray sweater is something I would need to see in person, but I would never pair it with white pants as the look is quite dull. I agree with Karen that this display is very disappointing for Talbots.

  23. I don’t care for the mannequins/display but I do like some of the individual pieces.

    I think the white pants would be perfect for spring and summer. They are stylish yet comfortable. I could see them getting a lot of wear both in the office and for a casual outing.

    I also like the quilted vest. I like the fitted style but would rather wear it with a solid colored, long-sleeve t-shirt or light weight sweater. Don’t care for it with the plaid blouse.

    I have a similar jean jacket — I wear it with my black knit dress or with a column of the same color. Don’t care for it with the striped sweater and white pants … seems mismatched to me.

  24. I love the gingham-checked top and vest combo, and would definitely wear them. The top is a bit unusual but not enough to scream “look at me” which is why I avoid a lot of the more unusual tops. An open sleeveless vest is a standard for me, though I don’t do quilteds – I have enough bulk already 😉

    I am not a fan of the light grey top with white trousers because they make the top look washed out, but I would happily wear that top with darker trousers. The stripes on the grey top are fantastic with their symmetrical arrangement of colours and widths, but I am not keen on the more mis-matched stripes on the blue top.

    I don’t like the trouser lengths on either display because I just don’t like trousers that are at or above ankle length; longer length for me please!

  25. I wonder how much of our responses are based on geography as I don’t understand the hostility to the models. I am in NE, and I wear Talbot’s vests a lot. I’ve worn two similar to this all winter long around the house. It’s cold here. (And the collars do fold down, or at least mine does.) I like the check sweater (check not plaid, BTW) and although I wouldn’t purchase it, I think it would look good with the white pants. A different color (and longer) scarf might add to the look. I think the gray striped sweater would be better with the jeans, although I find gray can be a hard color to pull off and it doesn’t appeal to me personally. I think Talbots featured the navy one with joggers originally. I love the denim jacket but wish Talbots (and others) made longer jackets. Also, to those of you who don’t live along our northern border, we like and wear plaid – wait for it, flannel — clothing. Maybe we don’t look “elevated,” but we are pretty practical and like getting out and walking in 20-degree weather.

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