The Goal is to be Uniquely You


Uniquely You

Happy Monday, ladies!  Thank you for being here…I want to have a discussion today about how the purpose here is to help you have a goal to be uniquely you!

Let’s look at that word UNIQUE.  Many of you are waking to find fresh fallen snow outside of your window.

Snow reminds us of the beauty of uniqueness…each snowflake is different and unique.  That is so amazing when you ponder the wonder of it…every single one is different.

The definition of UNIQUELY is: being the only one of its kind and it is often paired with the words remarkable and extraordinary.  (Love that!)

This blog has existed from day one to assist you in being uniquely you!


Uniquely you

Of course, the fashion industry exists because we are motivated to buy clothing we love and are drawn to.

There are many messages online like this:

5 Staples Every Woman must have in her wardrobe

5 trends you need to follow this spring

8 ways for every woman to look younger

You get the idea.  I am here to say that EVERY WOMAN SHOULD NOT DO EVERYTHING!  

Confident, joyful style comes from setting a goal to be uniquely you…understanding what that is…and not falling for the message that “every woman should do every thing.”

Uniquely you

We all have fashion icons…including me.

Women we love the way they dress and we often attempt to emulate them.

I know in my own life…in my early 50s…this led to a problem.  I would purchase clothing to look like women I admired and then when I put it on me, it just did not look the same.

Ultimately, this type of thinking will waste our money and our time.

Uniquely you

That is why I am not here to seek out others who want to look like me…far from that.

I am here to motivate you to be UNIQUELY YOU.  


It is a simple idea that I created to help us all to be unique and to enjoy our own unique style apart from the rest of the world.

You merely select five adjectives that you want to communicate to the world about you without speaking a word.

When you leave the house, what do you want your style to say about you?

Uniquely you

My five adjectives…the five words I want to say with the way I look every day….are: JOYFUL, APPROACHABLE, CREATIVE, POLISHED, and CURRENT

I look in the mirror and ask myself…DOES THIS LOOK SAY TO THE WORLD THAT I AM THESE FIVE WORDS?  If it does, then I am good to go!

This is how you develop a style UNIQUELY YOU that is confident style!  It does make a difference in how you face the world each day…whether running errands or going out to dinner.

I believe focusing on what we want to say about us with our clothing brings much peace and replaces the anxiety of why we are not comfortable attempting to look like someone else.

I want you to enjoy your best life in this second half.  I truly believe dressing to be uniquely you is a big plus.

Your five adjectives will be UNIQUE to you.  Many readers here have chosen this method of dressing and found success with it as I have.

Uniquely you

I am going to be speaking more often about this idea of how to be UNIQUELY You with your style.

I have some special ideas planned.

When I post a slideshow of clothing, I encourage you to use your five adjectives to determine if the clothing is right for you.

Of course, I appreciate you shopping through this blog for support through the SHOPPING LINKS, but I also encourage you to decide first what you want to say with your style.

Those messages will determine how you dress UNIQUELY YOU!

A reader request was to show garments in the PERIWINKLE Blue color of the year.  Here is what I have located so far:

This color is not in my autumn color palette, but it is a lovely color for some of you to consider.

Thanks for being here…I would love to hear your thoughts….and remember a smile is your best accessory so always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Today is a very special day….nine years ago this freckled young man captured my heart when he entered the world.

He was our first grandchild and I honestly never knew how deep a love could go…and now it has gone 6X stronger with more grandchildren.

This one will always have a special place in my heart and my love for him always brings me to tears.

Happy Birthday, Luke.  Pappa Joe and Gigi love you so much!

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  1. Having used your Foundational Five method for years now, I know it works! It does make it easier to express our unique style and personality. Sometimes when I’m overwhelmed at a huge sale I have to remind myself to get my card with my adjectives out to avoid buying something just for the price! But when I adhere to this method, it makes shopping more intentional and results in no returns! I love the periwinkle color you feature in the slideshow, and it’s definitely a color I can wear in the deeper tones.

  2. I think I have told you before when discussing grandchildren that a favorite quote of my Mr. B is “ Grandchildren fill a hole in your heart that you did not know you had.” They add so very much to our lives, and are such a blessing. I sincerely hope your Luke has a special day! I have to tell you that your garlic chicken pasta was a big hit yesterday with my Mr. B and me. I had a little spinach, half a box of angel hair pasta, and some defrosted shrimp I needed to use so we were very happy with this recipe, and I will be making it again. I have not decided on my five adjectives but will attempt to do so. And there are several items in the slideshow that I will investigate farther.

  3. So glad you liked the recipe, Celia! And yes, grandchildren have filled a hole that I did not realize was there…your Mr. B is so right.

  4. I think I have told you before when discussing grandchildren that a favorite quote of my Mr. B is “ Grandchildren fill a hole in your heart that you didn’t know you had.”. They add so very much to our lives , and are such a blessing. I sincerely hope your Luke has a special day. I have to tell you that your garlic chicken pasta was a big hit yesterday with my Mr. B and me. I had a little spinach, half a box of angel hair pasta, and some defrosted shrimp I needed to use so we were very happy with this recipe, and I’ll be making it again. I have not decided on my five adjectives but will attempt to do so. Thank you for the blue items in the slideshow as that is definitely one of my best colors.

  5. When I read some of those lists, I think what are they trying to sell, and who are they talking to. I know that the camel trench, white shirt etc. that are supposed to be in ‘everyone’s wardrobe’ certainly don’t belong in mine. It is fun when out with a friend and they say ” oh that is a Diane —- ” and I realize they are so right. I guess my style has had the same foundation for many years when I look back at pictures from the past.
    That gorgeous freckled face is adorable. I found that the first one holds that special place and connection that will remain forever. My first grand is 22 now and the feelings never dull.

  6. And happy birthday to Luke! I completely understand your feelings about him and the love we have for our grandchildren. There is something special about the first one even though we love them all!

  7. I love that too, Diane! I love it when someone I know acknowledges that they get my style. And, yes, he does hold such a special place in my heart.

  8. So true…that first one just takes our breath away and teaches us so much. I do love them all!

  9. This is a great post. I don’t know why I even read those “10 essentials” posts anymore; I seldom own even half of them (I don’t have a white button down, trench coat, wrap dress, pencil skirt, black pumps). That said, I think there’s merit in essentials for you … which was your point. Mine would be things like a navy cardigan, denim jacket, colorful tanks, striped tees, black leggings, dark wash jeans, sporty knit tunics, leopard flats and funky sneakers. While I’m wearing “my” colors, I’m also cognizant that even within this palette there are colors I gravitate toward. My style adjectives of casual, confident, active, interesting and aware really do help keep me from making mistakes.

  10. You’ve inspired me to make a fashion essentials list which I think fits me…approachable, classy, comfortable, confident, easy… Now to live up to it. Thanks for being you!

  11. Love this idea and immediately noticed your adorable grandson and his t-shirt certainly caught my eye. We live in Abilene and my husband works at ACU. At Christmas, we give each of our grandchildren a coupon for an ACU summer camp the following summer. What fun! And they always love going! I enjoy your blog so much! Thanks for writing and keeping us current!

  12. Wow…Merri Lynn…we visit Abilene often…perhaps sometime we can meet up for tea. I blogged about Christmas festivities in Abilene this past season. We love it.

  13. Thank you!

    All of these “musts” that we are exposed to – clothes, movies, books, etc.

    I get told what to do at work. Since they pay me, I have to listen. I’m not about to be told what to do outside of that.

  14. I just saw one of those lists today. It was “Must Haves for Spring”. It included wide legged jeans which are certainly not on my list. So many times, when I try some of those trends, I feel like I’m wearing a costume. I am more confident & feel better in what I know works for me. Thanks for the periwinkle slide show. I am eager to add that color to my spring & summer wardrobe. Happy Birthday to you grandson. Grandchildren hold a special place in our hearts for sure.

  15. It was reading about your Foundational Five words that led me to follow your blog because the concept made me feel excited about clothing and my style in a way that nothing else has. I am a plus size and lots of the so-called fashion experts just ignore us completely so I always felt out of touch, excluded, not worth noticing. However I had developed a bit of a personal style without really recognising it; typically trousers or ankle-length skirt, a top, and an open duster, jacket, or sleeveless vest over the top. Mostly skirts, I own only 3 pair of trousers. Your Foundational Five posts help me remember that that the clothes I wear say a lot about who I am, and I get to choose what that is. I get to choose what that is!! I am becoming so much more confident, and looking at expanding my style and making it really Me. I am looking at accessories for the first time, because I can see how they add the finishing touches; I no longer bother about to ‘10 essential items’ because they are not essential for Me. Thank you!!

  16. You are so welcome, Joce! I love your comment and I can feel the excitement. The Foundational Five has helped me and others to be ourselves and to know how to tell the world who we are! I have more coming soon. Hope you will watch for it.
    Thank you for sharing.

  17. Pamela…
    I LOVE this idea! I have worked with image consultants for years in my corporate job and never felt right. I felt better playing with colors but the overall concept was half-baked. Now semi-retired, I have colors down pat but struggled with finding a “style recipe” that fit. None of the descriptions like Natural Classic or Dramatic really described me. So, this morning I took time for myself and really thought through what I want my clothes to say about me. I came up with Polished (grooming and jewelry), Comfortable (clothes with a bit of ease but not too lax), Stylish (picking up a bit of trends that suits my body), Creative (colorful mix of my palette), and Sleek (smooth finishes on everything from my stick-straight hair to shoes – no running shoes with dresses for me!). Thanks so much for stating everything so clearly and helping me steer away from those lists of “essentials” or “must haves.) BTW, I love your style these days. You look like you “are comfortable in your own skin,” as the saying goes.

  18. Thank you, Ann! I love your adjectives! Now before you leave the house or make a purchase train yourself to ask if you are speaking those adjectives…you will begin to see what a difference it makes!

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