Fiesta 2022 Preparations with Leigh & Me


Fiesta 2022 Preparations


Happy Sunday!  Welcome to Fiesta 2022 Preparations with Leigh & Me.

San Antonio’s Fiesta is well over 100 years old and is a two-week party with a purpose.  HISTORY HERE….

Festivities raise money for many non-profits in the community.  Preparations are some of the fun and Leigh Ann and I headed out last week to….well, get prepared!

This year’s Fiesta is the first full-blown event since before the pandemic and it will be well attended and tons of fun.

Fiesta 2022 Preparations


In order to fully enjoy Fiesta, you must love lots of color, the Hispanic/Mexican cultures, confetti, food, mariachis, and parades.

The largest parade in the country fully organized by women and staffed by only women is the Battle of Flowers Parade!

So, let the Fiesta Preparations begin……


Fiesta Preparations

Fiesta Preparations

The best place to begin Fiesta Preparations is at the official Fiesta Store. 

It is a color explosion and you can find anything there…and it does get you fully excited for the main events.

Fiesta Preparations

Of course, one must have a load of cascarones...especially with grandchildren around!

In the past, the eggs have come from the Cowboy Breakfast which kicks off Rodeo Season.  The attendees for this breakfast are often in the thousands.

Fiesta Preparations

Fiesta is a time when many in the community decorate their doors at least with a festive wreath. 

We saw tons of wreaths at the store, but they were more than we wanted to spend on a wreath….so the innovative Leigh Ann said…We Can Do This!


Fiesta Preparations

Fiesta Preparations

We began to investigate the pieces of putting together a fun wreath and the most cost efficient way to get what we needed.

We took the cost for a $100 wreath to a $30 wreath!

Fiesta Preparations

At my house, we covered the dining table with a tarp, and set out the paper flowers, ribbons, and fun embellishments.

Fiesta Preparations

These wreaths are super easy because all of the elements have wire already on them.  And the rest can be done with ribbon.

I did not use a glue gun at all.

Fiesta Preparations

Fiesta Preparations


I liked embellishing with the mini-piñatas and Alamo medallion.

Leigh Ann chose three medallions that were all associated with San Antonio…the Alamo, San Fernando Cathedral, and a large piñata star.

Fiesta Preparations

We had so much fun making our Fiesta preparations together!  

I thought you might enjoy a little bit of local color….literally, local color!! 


I have more fun for you tomorrow and will show you the results of my latest thrifting venture!  Hope to see you then…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. This looks amazing and so fun! I’ll have to visit at some point. Have fun, ladies!!!

  2. You brought some extra JOY into my house today with your colourful wreaths that contrast with the snow outside.

  3. Love the resourcefulness of making your own wreaths for Fiesta. Thank you for sharing this unique part of San Antonio culture with us. My husband just looked over my shoulder and asked about what I was reading. I told him we need to experience this! 🙂

  4. What a fun tradition and your homemade wreaths are beautiful! We’ll have to make the drive down to San Antonio sometime. So much culture and history there! Enjoy the fiesta!

  5. You & Leigh Ann did a wonderful job on your wreaths, & I must say you fit right in with those Fiesta colors in your bright topper & scarf.

  6. As a former Spanish teacher and lifelong lover of all things Mexican, I am happy to see how your community enjoys this rich culture. Great job on your wreaths! Hope you can show us a bit more from the events.

  7. Fun project that you two did together! What fun to do a creative project with a close friend! I think I’d like to attend the festivities just to see all the beautiful colors!! Seeing colors together like this, and I’m sure in what you see at the events, pretty much says that in putting colors together, anything goes as long as it makes us happy! These are definitely happy colors!!

  8. San Antonio is such a fun place to visit – even when we did in the heat of August!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful wreaths that you and Leigh created. The cascading effects just add to their colorful brightness. Have a wonderful new week, Pam.

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