Would You Wear It – Soft Spring

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday!  It is time for Would You Wear It on two blogs, and today I am featuring soft spring items.

On Saturdays,  my friend, Jennifer, and I bring you fashion displays from two markets and ask….Would You Wear It?

We want to know your reasons behind your decision…and to know any styling ideas you have to improve the displays.

I discovered this display and since the colors were opposite of what I featured last week…I thought it would be a nice change over to soft spring.


Would You Wear It

So, please look over my three mannequins and tell us………………………………………………..


Now here are some more pieces I would call soft Spring…..


Would You Wear It

While the soft spring colors are lovely, I was also surrounded by vibrant color this week.

It began with my three-year-old grandson learning to ski in his vibrant colored ski suit!  Such a cutie and he had a great time learning in Colorado.

Would You Wear It

I love my new spring KEDS with a Rifle Paper Company design!  These are WOMEN’S KEDS X RIFLE PAPER COMPANY CHAMPION BOTANICAL.

Would You Wear It

When I was out at the JW Marriott this past week, I saw this apron in the gift shop and just loved the colors…this is perfect for all Vibrant Autumns!

I did not buy it…but I may return and do just that. 

Would You Wear It

The mountain laurels this year are amazing…full bloomed out trees that smell and look so lovely.

Only sad thing is how quickly they go away.  But I have enjoyed each moment with them.

Now, please tell us what you think of my WOULD YOU WEAR IT display….and then head over to Jennifer’s display at A WELL STYLED LIFE…..

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San Antonio has so much going on right now…a PGA Golf Tournament, the Sweet 16 Basketball tournament, and, of course….FIESTA!

I will be here tomorrow with a little Fiesta surprise….hope to see you then…


By Pamela Lutrell


Over 50 Feeling 40



  1. I like the blue pants. Depending on the fabric content they would be nice on a hot day with a cute white cropped tshirt, sandals and bracelets. The rest of the clothing looks boxy and blah to me.

  2. the first thing I notice about the display, is the boxiness of the tops and jackets. I don’t have good luck with that style, it just makes my body type look bigger. they say adding volume is the worst way to try and look smaller. I did like the taupe skirt, although I don’t wear skirts or dresses anymore, I would have worn that one in younger days, but even then, that material begs for foundation garments, to look really nice. I did like the pale yellow color featured, bright yellow doesn’t work near my face anymore. I love the print on the apron, although I don’t think ive ever had one on….I would like to see that print in placemats!

  3. I would wear the blue pants outfit, though the top was boxy. I probably wouldn’t buy it because of the maintenance of linen. I would wear the skirt and top, but that neck area was too fluffy. The pink pants are a miss for me because they hit above the calf, which isn’t a flattering look for me.

  4. On a really warm day I can picture myself in the green outfit though I wish the skirt were a bit shorter. It looks fairly comfortable.
    I do like the blue pants with white jean-look jacket too! Maybe with white sandals?
    The pink pants are not me! That mannequin does nothing for me.

  5. I love wearing pastels in the Spring, but this display is underwhelming. It looks like you are in the Eileen Fisher area of a store which explains the style of clothing. Big, boxy and not very appealing…in my opinion. I do love wearing pastel color tops with taupe pants and pastels with white are a classic combo. I would just find pieces that fit better.

  6. I like Eileen Fisher and don’t mind the boxy look. The blue linen with white linen jacket is something that I’d definitely wear, but with a more vibrant shirt. A scarf would help too. For the rest, I cannot wear pastels, so I’d pass them all by.

  7. I could wear any of the bottoms with a crisp white top but would I ? In my humble opinion none of the pieces have any distinguishing fashion design or tailoring that would justify the cost of these items. The first shapeless T-shirt in the slideshow would be $150.00 in Canadian dollars.

  8. I’m afraid the colours are far too muted for my personal liking as am opting for more saturated colors this Spring ‘n Summer. Do like your Keds sneakers though. (I wear a half size and find their brand is a perfect fit for myself.) As to your Grandson, what a cutie pie and before you know it he’ll be either skiing freestyle or snowboarding. -Brenda-

  9. I struggle with some boxy shaped tops but find the cropped versions easier to wear. I have tried those blue pants on and they’re very comfy. Happy Saturday my friend.

  10. I am not a fan of linen because of the wrinkle factor, but I style of jacket & crisp white color appeal to me. I also like the pants because of the color. If the top underneath is like the other items, it is tool flimsy for my taste. Nothing about the skirt & top is my color or style. I don’t do sleeveless & the scarf bunched up around the neck looks a bit odd for summer. The skirt is too long. I prefer more structure in my garments & a more tailored look, so the outfit on the right has no appeal.

  11. These outfits seem blah to me. The fit and the colors (except the blue on the front left) wouldn’t be flattering for me. The fabric would probably be fine (if these are Eileen Fisher, those pieces are usually high quality) and they’re nice casual pieces. I rarely do sleeveless but I do like the necklines.

  12. Hi! I generally like loose clothing a la Universal Standard, and Eileen Fisher has some very nice pieces. From these looks, I would wear the blue outfit, as is. In fact, that entire outfit could have been taken from my closet. The pink pant outfit looks like something I might exercise in. Comfy but not much more than that. Yellow and taupe are not colors I favor, so not that one either. The white one I just don’t understand lol. This is always fun, thank you!

  13. I love the white linen slub top with the drawstring neck.
    That would go so many ways in my wardrobe, under something as a layering item, alone in hot weather. How many different looks could I get by varying the drawstring neckline?

    However, it’s way out of my budget for a white cotton top.
    If I see anything similar that is in my budget, with the hoodie drawstring style neckline I will probably try it on because I liked that.

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