Spring Shopping at JCP with Leigh & Me

Spring Shopping at JCP

Happy Thursday, friends!  Today we invite you to go Spring Shopping at JCP with Leigh & Me!

Please allow me to remind you a few points about Spring Shopping with Leigh & Me:

  1. We are shopping for all of you…as well as ourselves!  so we do try on colors that are not our personal best.
  2. We also try on styles which may not be what we personally wear…we want to give you an overall idea of what we saw.
  3. Today, we are once again in JCP at North Star Mall in San Antonio…their dressing room area is awesome!  Main reason we go there.
  4. I encourage you to download the free APP for JCP…you will learn quickly about special savings and promotions.

So…here we go… Spring Shopping JCP with Leigh & Me!


Spring Shopping at JCP

For her first look, Leigh Ann selected a St. John’s Bay Keyhole Top in Warm Floral…she is wearing a Petite Medium.

She styled it with the St. John’s Bay Girlfriend Chinos in Vermillion Red and she is wearing size 8 Petites.

Spring Shopping at JCP

I decided to put a look together for those who like black & white for casual chic!

I started with a black relaxed blazer from Worthington….I like the fit of this blazer and the fact it has no buttons.

The top is a Liz Claiborne Women’s V-neck Elbow sleeve blouse in Black Floral. 

Spring Shopping at JCP

This is the closest I will get to wearing distress denim, but I did purchase the jeans I am wearing here.  I really like the a.n.a jeans…both Leigh and I purchased pairs of the a.n.a denim.

These are the white a.n.a. tall women’s high rise jeggings and I am glad I found them in store…they are pretty much cleared out online….but a great price if you are a size 10.

Here they are for Plus Size

Here is another option from St. John’s Bay….The Women’s Mid Rise Skinny Fit Jean in white.


Spring shopping at JCP

Leigh Ann and I both purchased these a.n.a. high rise straight leg jeans in Natural…a perfect off white…not too dark, not too light.

They are fringed at the bottom for a more casual design, and Leigh Ann is wearing Regular size 8.

She paired them with this St. John’s Bay Split Crew Neck Blouse in Red Daisy…a little springtime fun.

Spring Shopping at JCP

In this look, Leigh Ann is wearing the jeans she wore on our shopping trip, and she really liked them with this wrap-around blouse.

This is the Liz Claiborne Long Sleeve Tunic Top in Blue Floral.  

A great transition to spring look!


Spring Shopping at JCP

This look is for those of you who like blue & white…a classic combination for casual chic.

I am wearing the Liz Claiborne Womens Long Sleeve Regular Fit Button Down Shirt in White Medallion.

Spring Shopping at JCP

This top is such a lovely color that I wanted to make sure you saw it.  It is lighter than a dark, traditional navy.

This is the Worthington Women’s V Neck Short Sleeve Blouse in Petrol Blue. 

We saw many fun prints and colors for spring, so we highly recommend a trip to your nearest JC Penney’s or spend some time online…you can’t beat these prices!

For the most part, the quality of the garments have surprised us. 

Let us know if you have any questions!  

It is always fun to take you along shopping with Leigh & me.


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. This makes me miss the JCPENNEY store near me that closed. It was nice like yours with dressing rooms all over the store. The one they left open is really difficult to shop in, like our Kohl’s. Just a mess with very low inventory. I do look online occasionally though. Pants, I absolutely must try on because sizing varies so much. I do like the black and white you are wearing. Do you both size up in white pants? White is not as forgiving as blue denim and can be tricky, but both of you are wearing jeans that look good. Denim is denim, but for some reason white highlights every skin imperfection! Penney’s used to be my go-to for dresses too, but when I went this year to look something was really off. I think it’s our store. I’m going to be traveling in a couple weeks and will see if there is a Penney’s on the way. You have inspired me to try a different store so I’ll be looking for one!

    1. Hi Karen, I size up, but not Leigh Ann. She also has recently lost some weight and may be able to size down soon.

  2. What great springtime looks! I live V neck shutter sleeve blue blouse you’re wearing in Peteol blue and the red/ white blouse Leigh Ann is wearing. Most pants I just must try in as I waver between 8p (mostly) or 6 regular and every so often an 8 regular. I’m only 5 ft 3. Thanks for another shopping trip experience!

  3. I’m like Karen in that my closest JCP closed several years ago, and it seemed messy prior to its closing. I’ve worn Liz Claiborne for many years, and seem to remember 30-40 years ago buying that brand from Gayfer’s which became Dillards. You two have shown us several attractive and very reasonably priced items. I think Leigh Ann has realized as have I that pants which seem ankle or higher will fit us short folks at a more normal length. I do not care for ankle-length pants. I definitely need to try a pair of the a.n.a.pants as you have mentioned them on many occasions.

    1. I wear a lot of ankle length pants, but prefer them to be slim fit or skinny pants. Summer around where we are kind of dictates the shorter lengths and capris pants…though I agree the full pant is my preference. Thanks Celia.

  4. I just got in the fringed denim pants in natural I purchased through your link the other day, and I love them! I bought one size up from my latest purchase (NYDJ) on your recommendation. I would say they fit more like Talbots, where I often have to size up. These create a slim leg silhouette that looks nice under cardigans and jackets. I might even keep the 2 sizes up ones also (which I also ordered to try), because those give a very relaxed, straight, wider leg that I thought might look good with the shorter tees that are coming into style. For under $24, these were an absolute steal, and such good quality for the money. Pam has turned us on to something that never would have crossed my radar, and they go with literally everything in my wardrobe. If you feel you need to try on, I would suggest just ordering in a couple of sizes, especially if you have a local store where you could return one.

    1. Thanks so much, Linda…I really like them and glad I took them home. I am so glad to have the white and off white in my wardrobe!

  5. I really like several of the pieces you’ve shown today. I especially like the black blazer. I have been looking for a new black blazer, but most of the ones I’ve seen are a bit pricey for my taste. The price on this one is very reasonable. I am eager to visit a JC Penney to check out some things.

  6. I’ll be looking for those natural jeans (like you, I’m not generally a fan of distressed jeans but if it’s just at the hem…). The red daisy, blue floral, and medallion tops are great seasonal transition tops! The warm floral top looks large on Leigh Ann, did she try a petite small? The black and white outfit looks great on you! Thanks for taking us along to JC Penneys

  7. I’ll be looking for those natural jeans! Like you, I’m not a fan of distressed jeans but if it’s just the hem, they deserve a try. The red daisy, blue floral and medallion tops are perfect seasonal transition pieces. Did Leigh Ann try the warm floral top in a Petite Small? That one looks big on her. The black and white outfit looks great on you!

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