Shopping Kohl’s with me

Shopping Kohls

Happy Friday!  I want to invite you today to come shopping at Kohl’s with me!

I love the message on this tee that was at the front of the store.  It was in the athletic department.

ln fact, I may go back and make Always Strong Always Thankful mine!!  I could use an update on my athletic wear.


Shopping Kohl's

I actually wore an olive jacket for shopping (will show you that look another time), and I wanted to note that OLIVE is a huge color for spring.

This is the Women’s Nine West Drapey Utility Jacket and it comes in three colors.  I am wearing Army Green.

Please allow me to note that often when I go to Kohl’s all of the clothing is wrinkled.  They do have a lot on the racks, but obviously do not steam the clothing.

The jeans, red floral and necklace are all my own from my closet.

Shopping Kohl's

The Women’s Nine West V Neck Tanks are very nice and come in an array of colors.  They are also available in Petite sizes.  

Below, I am wearing one of these in blue.

Shopping Kohl's

I tried the blue tank with the Nine West Relaxed Blazer in Black Space Dye.  This is a nice knit blazer which is available in five options.

Shopping Kohls


Shopping Kohl's



Nine West has several options for tee shirts and a button down shacket-type topper.

This is the Women’s Nine West Tulip Short Sleeve Tee in Sage Animal.

It is also available in Plus Size. 

In the second picture, I am wearing the Spring Zebra print.

The topper is the Women’s Nine West Button Down Drapey Shirt and this one is the Huxley Blue (which I think is more green than blue).

It is a bit loose and oversized so that is why I decided to show it as a topper.

Shopping Kohls

Shopping Kohl's

This top would be cute for the right woman…just not me.

This is the Nine West Long Sleeve Side Ruched Top.

It doesn’t speak my adjectives, or colors, or flatter me.  That is why I say that…but it is cute for the right one!


Shopping Kohl's

On a brighter note, I did take this one home!  This is the Women’s Simply Vera Vera Wang V Neck Top in Foliage Cluster.

I was drawn to this top for several reasons:

  1.  It is a pattern on off-white and not white-white.
  2. It fits my adjectives and colors.
  3. I loved the green color and can do many things with this and it will work so well in our warmer weather.
  4. It is lightweight, but too thin.

This top is available in 10 colors and prints.

Shopping Kohls

I also like this top and liked the way it looked on.  It is not my color palette and it is not offered in a print that works for me.

It is the Women’s Simply Vera Vera Wang Roll-Tab Blouse in Shadow Blooms.

This is a lovely selection for some of you.

Shopping Kohls

Kohl’s list this top as a best seller.  I like it, but would hope it would not wrinkle this much in our closet.

This is the Women’s Simply Vera Vera Wang Cross-Front Roll-Tab Blouse…this Sutton Blue Jacquard is lovely and that is why I wanted to show it to you.

Shopping Kohls

When I saw the sleeves on this top, I thought, “ok, I have to try it on and see what these do.”

This is the Women’s Simply Vera Vera Wang Ruffle Sleeve Top in Sicily Lilac…which is very confusing because this is a light gray and not lilac at all.

It is a very pretty top in the Watermelon Soda color.


Shopping Kohls

I wanted to show those of you who like a touch of lace this ruana.

It is the Women’s LC Lauren Conrad lace trimmed ruana in white. 

It is lovely for someone who has “feminine” in your style adjectives. 

That is all I did on this day at Kohl’s.  I actually stopped in for new pillows…tonight will determine how I did.  But it is always fun to try on some clothes for you!

Let me know if you have any questions…tomorrow is Would You Wear It on two blogs…and I hope to have that second video on my Youtube Channel sometime next week!

Now, Always be Strong, Always be Thankful….and KEEP SMILING!!

By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I have not been inside a Kohl’s store in many years as there is not one near me. However, you have shown us several tops that I do like, especially the cross-front, blue top. I do not care for the blouse with the additional ruffles on each sleeve as I usually wear a third item, and such sleeves would be bulky inside a blazer or cardigan. I also thought when the picture rolled up that you were showing us some lingerie as the lace-trimmed ruana looked like that to me. I did like the V-neck top that you bought, but in a different color…a good choice to wear underneath a third piece. Some interesting name for colors!

  2. Hi Celia, your comment about the ruana made me laugh! Names of colors have become quite interesting in several places. The V Neck Nine West tank I showed on the hangar is a definite shade of green to me, yet it is named blue!
    I purchased the Simply Vera Wang top because I thought it would go nicely under the third pieces that I wear like you!
    Happy Friday!

  3. You found some really nice things! I do like the top that you brought home, just says spring!! Good to know olive is still going strong because I have so much of it. Just one of those things I’m always drawn to! Your pictures reminded me of a lady I worked with at the cancer center who was a Kohl’s shopper, and she wore either black pants or a black skirt, alternating days, and had a big collection of Kohl’s tops. I always thought that was so smart to keep the bottoms the same and just add interest with tops. She always looked pulled together! Probably saved a lot of money too. Your last question made me laugh today, in a good way, “what does my clothing say about me”…it says I’m going to get muddy and it won’t matter! I need to up my style game for days like this and will work on that for spring and summer. We can still be stylish on the messy days, right? Maybe?!

  4. Of course! Today is a messy day for me…I just finished a workout and may stay in the clothes all day. It is windy, rainy and cold outside here today. Freezing this weekend…up close to 80 on Monday!

  5. When I saw the top you bought on the hanger in the background of an earlier shot, I thought, Pam needs to get that one! Perfect for a hot climate and very flattering. I liked the striped top for myself. The gathered detail on the side flatters the tummy. I have a tummy, and I have tops like this that garner compliments; much like the curved bottoms, I think the diagonal distracts the eye. They also fit my adjective of “interesting” in my very casual wardrobe. I’m confused by the oversized shirts this spring. If pants are getting bigger legs, shouldn’t our tops be more fitted? How are people wearing these oversized tops going forward?

  6. I agree with your observation, Linda! I prefer these to be shacket-style…toppers…the third piece!

  7. My favorite piece is the Simply Vera top in the green foliage print. The top comes in a variety of prints and colors. It would layer nicely and look a notch dressier than a tee shirt. Kohls has great deals! I once got white jeans for free! (on clearance/Kohl’s Cash)

  8. I am glad I bought the foliage one, Lily. You are right it will be perfect for layering.

  9. Thanks for the large array of styles and colours. I knew the one you bought was you in spades. I would like a friend to pick up one of the prints for me while she is in Florida and was wondering what size you are wearing. I also like the blue top with the rushing but it has the dreaded dropped shoulders that doesn’t suit you or me.

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