Transition to Spring Begins

Transition to Spring

Hello, friends!  Today my transition to spring officially begins.

Though cool weather will be here off and on in my part of the country for a little longer, March is typically when I begin to transition.

This weekend, I plan to move some of the heavier garments to another closet and pull forward the lighter garments in order to begin the transition.

Also, in coming days, I will refresh my home decor a bit…so bring on the spring transition.


Transition to Spring

Last Sunday, I took you shopping with me at Marshall’s and I purchased two pieces.

I promised to show you how I would wear them…and these pieces are perfect for a transition to spring.

I will be wearing this Rachel Zoe Paisley blouse ($20 at Marshalls!) often…I really like it!   It fits my style adjectives so well…joyful, approachable, creative, polished and current.

I kind of love that it is from Rachel Zoe since her quote had a lot to do with me creating the Foundational Five Personal Style Building Blocks to dress by!

Transition to Spring

I have been on the hunt for a little more green so this blouse captured my eye right away…and I love the paisley print with a touch of gold metallic thread.

Since it is still a little chilly, I paired it with my Talbot’s Field Jacket (SIMILAR) and my Chico’s pull on. jeggings. 

This is a way to lighten a look up a bit and feel refreshed though outside it might still be a little cold.

Note:  In the picture by the quote, I am wearing my Chico’s Aratta Crane-Print Kimono…one of my favorites…and ON SALE!

I love it over this column of Chico’s jasper colored items. The majority of items in this color are also currently ON SALE!


Transition to Spring

My second new item from Marshall’s is this 100% Lyocell tunic which I can wear as pictured or as a topper.

It is a very “cool” fabric and will be perfect for this spring climate for my life around the house and running out and about. 

Transition to Spring

I styled it for a transition to spring look with my old leggings by Johnny Was (which were purchased on a clearance sale!)

It would also go great with this Embroidered Denim Pull-On Ankle Jeggings from Chico’s.

I added my gold ballet flats.  For me gold shoes are a must in my wardrobe and compliment my autumn palette perfectly.  

Here are a few more for your consideration…love that first pair by Vionic!

The beautiful necklace was designed just for me by Pam Neri Jewelry Designer…her work is wonderful, creative and artisan.


Transition to Spring

I began using Laura Geller Makeup at Thanksgiving and I still use it every day.

This is fresh, natural makeup and a perfect way for those of us over 50 to look youthful and natural and NOT made up.

I still recommend it highly.  Consider starting with the CULT CLASSICS FULL FACE is pictured above.

They also have excellent customer service ready to help you if needed.

For now, these are the ways my transition to spring has begun.  I am excited to head off to the market today and hoping purchase some fresh flowers…but even those cost more these days!!

I know most of you are cold, but how can you transition to spring now in small ways to brighten up you day?

Give it a try and always………………………………………………………..


By Pamela Lutrell

Thank you to those who support this blog through SHOPPING with the SHOPPING LINKS.

Also, a reader requested I place prominently my page at Blair.  It is PAM’S PAGE AT BLAIR. I am so glad several of you are happy with the Blair purchases you made! 


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  1. Beautiful choices! I just love anything paisley, and that shade of green definitely says spring! Those Johnny Was leggings…SO cute!! This is a great idea and reminded me that I have some sweaters that I purchased last year in spring colors specifically for this time of year! We have snow today, but I can still get those sweaters out and start to wear them! The colors are light and bright and will definitely help with our often gloomy weather! I’m finally getting to Marshall’s today…lots of plans changed this week…so I’ll see what they have. It’s a market day for me too. I like the idea of bringing home some fresh flowers so will see what they have. Prices are horrendous, but flowers are so cheerful and with regular stem trims can last quite awhile! I love your Talbot’s jacket!

  2. love that RZ quote, I had never heard it before.
    and love those JW jeans, yes their prices are out of my zone, how cool that you found them on a sale!

    1. Thanks Sheryl. I received a birthday discount from JW and with that added to the clearance price, I scored. I love these and glad I added them to the mix!

  3. I need to get my long denim-look tops from Chico’s out to wear as our temps are getting up to the 80’s by afternoon now. Wish I had a cute pair of decorative leggings to wear too like yours. Your new green top is such a pretty step into a spring transition. I realize that most of my third items…jackets, sweaters, etc…are dark, most black, which is not very Spring-like. I really need to go deep into my closet and see what else I have. Ha, a treasure hunt!

    1. I am hitting my closet this weekend, Celia…it is always a little daunting. You have the right attitude about hunting treasures within it. Have fun!

  4. You look great in green and I think it’s a wonderful color for spring and summer for us autumns. I’ve been celebrating by actually returning to stores to shop in person a bit and to add to my transitional wardrobe, though it’s too cold to wear my items yet. I did bust out my (growing) sneaker collection and have been wearing them on warmer days instead of boots. Here in Ohio, springs are long and varied, with huge temperature swings, lots of rain, and I never seem to have enough transitional items. On the decor front, when I cleaned out a cabinet, I moved the fall scented candles to the back rows and brought forward the fresh, grassy and herbal ones. Love that the days are getting so much longer!

    1. I love green, Linda…thank you for the kind words. I am so glad to here you are back in the stores shopping..feels great, doesn’t it. I moved from my autumn candles to essential oils in a diffuser and really like it so far.
      Thanks for being here!

  5. I just love todays outfit Pam, and I did see several beautiful green print (small prints) blouses at Marshall’s recently. Lovely!
    I own that jacket from Talbots too, but it’s a wee bit too early to pull it out up here. Soon though.
    I just did a mile and half walk as sun is shining, with gloves on, earmuffs and my down coat. The wind off the bay (?) is still so cold! I dream of true springtime!

  6. I just placed an order from your Blair page for two of crisscross sailor tops. I bought a solid & a stripe in the light violet. I have been wanting to add this color to my wardrobe for a while but was having a hard time finding it. I have started to bring out my spring decor. I am ready for a change of seasons.

  7. Like Paulette, I’m on the shore (RI not MA). It is still cold, but our snow washed away at the beginning of the week. As I wash my woolens, I am packing them away. I know it’s premature, but February is over, so I’m taking a chance that March will be milder this year. We have a saying that ‘if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes,’ so cool-to-cold weather is still in the forecast. I’m buying a couple of colorful (cardigan) sweaters — too many dark outfits — to welcome spring! Love your paisley and florals!

    1. Thanks Maeve! I am like you and ready to get away from some of the dark outfits….but will be balancing my spring looks with navy.

  8. Oh, how I yearn for the transition to spring, but we drove over two hours in a near blizzard today coming home from a medical appointment in the city so it will be awhile yet for us. March is so unpredictable here.

    I love your new tunic/topper!

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