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Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, ladies!  Welcome to Would You Wear It on two blogs and I showing Shades of Orange today.

On this day, my blogging friend, Jennifer, and I bring you displays from our respective worlds to see what you think.

We ask that you explain your answers so that other readers understand why you believe the way you do about the garments.


Would You Wear It



First, I want to show you that variations of orange are very much spring colors.

However…there are different ways to let it shine…..so let’s look over today’s display….

Would You Wear It

Please give these two lovely mannequins your best fashionista eye and tell us what you think.

Please consider the garments as well as the color…and how they are styled.

We love to hear different styling options …we always find the best ideas to use the garments in different ways.

So, tell us, ladies…


You may have already recognized these pieces from the spring collection at Talbot’s.  Here are more selections and the SPRING SALE is in full speed until March 14.


Would You Wear It

Look how beautiful this little bird is in her spring wardrobe?

I will have more spring garments for you next week…a new video is on the horizon…and a fun giveaway is coming up!  Don’t miss a post….follow through email and SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel. 

Also, remember….


Would You Wear It

Mr. B and Tux are napping in preparation for the loss of sleep this weekend!  Make sure you remember….more sun (good), sleep loss (bad).

Now, tell us what you think of today’s WOULD YOU WEAR IT display and then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see Jennifer’s…..and always


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I love all shades of orange, except for maybe the palest melon. I love the coral, poppy, and salmon shades that are being shown for Spring!

  2. I do wear orange… it’s one of my favorites! With these particular items, probably not. I don’t wear skirts or dresses with tiers. That look doesn’t fit my style adjectives. The orange top with white pants is a look I love, but have had issues in the past with the scalloped detail on Talbot’s tops. It’s a cute look, but the ones I’ve purchased from Talbot’s have not stayed crisp looking very long. Also, the dropped shoulders are not something that works for everyone. I find it makes me look like I’m slouching, so I just look for fitted shoulders. Talbot’s seems to be featuring the slightly puffed sleeves this season. These don’t work well for me. But the combination of colors displayed here is very attractive and seems that it would appeal to those of us who do wear orange. It would get my attention, I’d just look for the color combinations in different styles.

  3. the older I get, the more that time change messes me up, and its only an hour, so part of my brain knows its ridiculous, but my body has a history of being ridiculous, lol.
    I like the little orange skirt, back in the day I would have at least tried it on…but matching it, im not sure…If those flowers in the print are a beige or ecru, that’s the color blouse I would wear with it, to tone down the orange a little, but on my screen they may be pink, in which case I have no idea what I would do with the skirt…pink and orange together is out of my comfort zone..and an orange top would be too much for me.
    the light jeans look like they have a high waist, that im always on a quest for, so I would try them on. the denim jacket I would pass on, too many in my closet already.

  4. Like both outfits and would wear either one.The skirt is a bit of a question. I feel the ruffled,tiered look will b passe very soon. So many of the dresses ad tops look like”Little House on the Pairie” that it will get tired soon. I don’t want to look like l Laura Ingalls amd I cana imagine that no on else does either! Happy springtime

  5. Maybe for the first time I would wear the items in this display pretty much as they are shown. I might tuck the tops in a bit, add a necklace to the skirt/jacket and change the necklace on the pants/top.

  6. The outfits shown are really cute. Jean jacket + white top + skirt works every time. I’m not sure about the skirt here. I don’t like the tiers. I prefer pencil skirts or maxi. The small amount of orange in the skirt is fine because it’s mixed with pink and is not near my face.
    The scalloped edge sweater is a winner except for the color. No to orange. If the sweater was navy or raspberry, I would be buying both. Happy Saturday!

  7. Orange is the main brand color for my small business, so I definitely wear it! I’d wear the sweater/jeans combo for sure!

  8. I love both outfits and would wear them just as styled with the addition of perhaps some earrings and a necklace. The tiered skirt reminds me of the ‘80s or late ‘70s, but fashions tend to make a return if we wait long enough. I had one back then that was pink and yellow small print. Loved it.

  9. Orange isn’t a good color for me near my face, but I would wear the skirt, top, and jean jacket as that is a good combination of clothing for my frame. It’s cheerful which is one of my “words.”

  10. I would definitely wear the skirt-tshirt-jean jacket outfit as is. I love that combo and the skirt looks so “flowy”! The orange sweater with white just seems too “loud” for my personality, but a more outgoing attitude would certainly pull it off well. The sweater has lovely scallops.

  11. I can’t remember a single piece of clothing I’ve ever bought that was orange. When I taught grade one I finally bought a black sweatshirt with a spooky design so I’d have something to wear for Halloween .

  12. I never wear orange as it does not suit my skin tone, so would pass on the sweater. The skirt/Jean jacket outfit is very cute. I have a pair of Keds with orange in the pattern so would wear them with this outfit. I would add some dangly earrings and silver necklace – great outfit for going to lunch with a friend. We had 2 inches of snow overnight so it will be sometime before I can wear spring outfits. Nice to see lots of colour for this season.

  13. I really like the garments shown tiday too! And id wear them pretty much as shown. I might sometimes switch out the Navy blue Jean jacket for a white one , but I like the outfit as shown just fine. I love these natural pants with the deep orange top too- and I can definitely think of cute ways to accessorize with a scarf or interesting necklace and cute shoe instead of sneakers or sandals. Uplifting color to be sure! Happy!

  14. Pam- my last response would not send (?) so here goes. I love everything here and yes would wear these pieces. I might substitute the navy jacket for a white one – once in awhile to mix things up a bit —but the navy works! Love both outfits!

  15. I like both outfits and would wear them, but…orange is not in my wardrobe. I would look for a shade of red instead. Shopping at Talbot’s has been fun this season.

  16. I love both looks and think the pieces all work well together I can see a long weekend (IF I took long weekends), where these pieces provide the foundation. Then all you need is a really casual travel outfit (black top and leggings/joggers) and accessories and shoes. Love it!

  17. An addition … Talbot’s paired the skirt with an indigo blue elbow sleeve top — indigo is better than my suggestion of black — and works better for me personally – LOL

  18. If it’s shade that I’ll see in a garden, I’m in. I particularly like shades of poppy and coral with denim or white/cream. The skirt with the neutral tee and denim are are spot on. The shoes can tell the rest of the story, be it sneaker, sandal, flats or espadrilles. The bright sweater with the scallop hem detail and white jeans is a winning combination. I like it as it is shown, with the layered necklace. A last word about orange, I always thought of olive as a fall color until designers started pairing it with shades of peach for spring and summer, making it a four-seasons color now. Orange? Yes, please.

  19. Red-oranges work for me but not yellow-oranges, stronger intensity better than pales. I am drawn to the orange skirt with white tee and denim jacket although I have a red skirt that’s almost that outfit and I have an orange top (different style) I often wear in the summer (top is for warmer weather) with white jeans. So, LOL, evidence supports that I would wear!

  20. I just don’t like most orange colors. All the orangey yellows dislike me and I dislike them right back. Nowhere in my closet, my house or garden is there even a hint or orange. I do like corals if they’re on the pink side. So nothing in this group would make it. I’m so happy orange inside in my color palette!

  21. I would definitely wear both outfits. I don’t normally gravitate or wear bright colors, but these two outfits totally appeal to me!! They hit my foundational five for sure!

    I could probably put together similar outfits shopping my closet, but the skirt and sweater would be nice additions.

    Plus, I have to say that these mannequins were styled so nicely. That makes such a difference to me.

  22. Gosh, recall when I was in my late teens one of my favourite Spring/Summer suits (jacket/skirt) was that of a mandarin orange colour at which time I was a platinum blonde and always got several compliments when I wore it. Fast forward; think now I only have one v-neck sweater and two printed tops (the latter containing a similar color) and will have to add, as I can’t wear red I have to be careful with its tone due to my fair complexion. Do like the pieces shown today and I’m sure they would work for other people but currently my lifestyle doesn’t demand such pieces.

  23. I’m a yes for this grouping – all the pieces, as shown. I “test drove” red orange on vacation last week. It really pops in photos. I like how it looks with my blonde hair.

  24. Orange is not a good color for me to wear near my face, so the sweater is a definite no. The skirt would be far enough away from my face, but I am not a fan of the tiered look. I would wear the jean jacket, white tee & the white pants as they are all classic looks.

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