Would You Wear It – Shades of Pink

Would You Wear It

Happy March 5! Thank you for joining us today for Would You Wear It.…and I am showing some ways to wear shades of pink.

This is the day I join forces with my friend, Jennifer and we show you fashion displays from our different parts of the USA.  

I typically do not show window displays, but this one caught my attention when in the mall this week.

So, let’s get started…….


Would You Wear ItPlease look over garments in the display and tell us what you think.

We ask that you not say merely Yes or No, but explain your reasons why you say what you say.

Also, would a change of styling help you to think differently or do you like the way the display is styled?

You be the fashion critic and remember the comments are read by others.  We learn from one another.

Would You Wear It

So, ladies, what do you think? 


This display is at H & M…here are is more from this brand….they are trendy, quirky, youthful…but sometimes you can find a gem at a great price!


Would You Wear It

I am using this Talbot’s display to share exciting news about tomorrow on this blog…since it will be all about inspiration.

I am thrilled to bring you something new tomorrow and I hope you will return to the blog for it!

It is always refreshing and exhilarating to do a new thing…and I hope it will INSPIRE you!

See you tomorrow.

Oh yes…there are many fun new items at Talbot’s as well…here are some that captured my attention….

Now, please tell us what you think of today’s WOULD YOU WEAR IT display….then head over to A Well Styled Life to comment on Jennifer’s….and make sure that you always, always stay confident and ….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It

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  1. Alas, the clothes are once again not what I would wear. The pink dress has too much fabric to flatter me. The bulky sleeves, high neckline, low hemline and overall lack of shape would not serve me well. If I had to wear it, I would put my form-fitting v-necked sweater over it and wear a belt and use that to hitch up the skirt (temporarily), but I would not wear it again. And I would not wear those shoes with it – I only wear white socks and joggers with jogging pants. I would not wear the other outfit either. I feel washed out in light colours, the top is too skimpy for me, I prefer a more fun and structured bag, the colour and style of the jacket coat would not suit me, and I would not feel pretty or polished in those booties(?) with my toes hanging out. Besides, I do not understand the combination of clothes displayed in this outfit. If it’s cold enough for a body warmer(?) and jacket coat, why would I wear a summer top and toeless shoes? If it’s warm enough for a summer top, why wear so much over it?

  2. The clothes on display are not tomy taste. I do not/ would not wear a dress with sneakers and with anklet socks??? Not in a million years. The sack dress itself is shapeless and bulky. I don’t think it would flatter anyone. Personally, I think sneakers ruin any dress look. The white pants would work for some I guess, but crop pants are a huge no for me, and cropped flares… just no. The jacket is okay, but looks washed out here. Fast fashion tends to be trendy and this display emphasizes that. As to pink, I love it but have to be careful with the shade. Rich raspberry and hot pink always work for me. Can’t wear blush, even though I love the color, but can use blush in accessories away from my face. I remember a beautiful pink suit I had years ago and was wearing it when I took my son for his senior pictures. The photographer said how flattering it was and said every woman should wear pink because it is universally flattering. I tend to agree, once you find your perfect shade.

  3. I like pink and have some pieces in the closet from pale to bright. but those pieces in the window aren’t for me. first, the one with pants is confusing…thats like a summer like top, a workout piece perhaps, with a hoodie and a jacket…but then sandals….I could be showing my age, but I don’t think it makes any sense.
    the dress is just so shapeless, I can’t see it flattering any body, any age or shape.

  4. I like pink but the pink floral dress is so baggy, shapeless and unflattering.
    I would wear the white jeans with the hot pink blouse and black strappy sandals. Not the sandals shown. I don’t get the square toe style at all. The tote is cute. Happy Saturday!

  5. The pink linen (?) shirt/blouse is really nice and I can envision several scenarios to wear it. Very nice! The dress, however, is not to my personal taste at all. But on the right woman it might work (taller than I am, for instance).
    Now I do like the outfit on the left —with the beige, but lined in pink jacket- really cute! I would wear this as shown. Have a great Saturday!

  6. I’m all about hot pink this spring, so I love the shirt on the right. The print dress could be cute with a belt to give it some shape and flat sandals would make it wearable to a farmer’s market or other shopping.

  7. The only thing in the H&M pictures that I might wear is the rich pink blouse. But it’s overwhelmed by those 2 sad print dresses. They look like bad house dresses. No shape, blah color, the floral prints are yikes!

  8. If the weather was cooler, I’d be about the outfit on the left subbing out the tiny top for something more appropriate. I’d also switch the shoes to more of the jacket color (I see they were bookending with the sunnies, but not for me.)

    I *might* wear the dress with a long chunky necklace and strappy sandals for a drink or lunch on a patio.

  9. I like pink and I do wear it. As the eldest of 3 girls, my mom dressed me in pink, second daughter in blue and third in shades of purple. The dresses in the display are too voluminous for me; tailored fit works best for my body. My eye went to the deeper shade of pink shirt/blouse; I could see wearing that with white pants this summer. I would choose a natural color sandal with any of these outfits and not black or chunky sneakers.

  10. I would not stop to check out this display, so therefore would not wear any of it. I love pink in many shades but nothing in the styles here is attractive to me. I am another one who just can’t wear the socks and sneakers with a dress, just no. The floral on the dresses is too small for my taste and cannot see how I would make them work for me. The cropped top under the warm layers with open toes makes me feel chilly just looking at it, but with a thin knit sweater and straight leg jeans with booties, and maybe something I could wear. P.s. glad my comments are going through to your site, as none of them have gone to Jennifer’s for the past week for some reason. Have a good weekend.

  11. Clearly the dress is not for most of us, although I think it would be cute on someone younger. I deplore the trend of wearing sneakers with dresses, and it’s so much worse with the socks shown. Young women can get away with a lot, but to me it just looks silly. I like the trousers on the left and the shoes but not together. You show a green shirt in the widget, but the color is sold out. Too bad — there are some really gorgeous greens this year.

  12. The outfit on the left has possibilities. I recently bought a pair of flared ankle pants, as they fit my body type better than the wider-in-the-thigh options. I think the stylist was correct in putting sandals with a bit of a heel on the model, though I think the black is too heavy-looking. The cropped top underneath … well, I will be passing on that trend and hope I have enough regular length tanks to see me through this phase of fashion. At JJill the other day, the salesperson said everything is coming in “dropped shoulder, boxy, and very, very short.” The dress is the opposite of everything I look for in a dress: too feminine, too shapeless, too pale, too floral, too voluminous for my body type and style adjectives. I’ve experimented with the crew socks scrunched down and showing, often in a contrasting color or glaring white. I’m seeing those a lot in styling on line, though, of course, not much in real life Ohio. I’m not used to it, but I don’t hate it. I think we will see more of it since lug soled loafers and oxfords are so in style. It would be an easy, inexpensive way to incorporate some modern touches.

  13. I would snap up the pink blouse as a good basic item with lots of potential. I love the floral print of the dress but the sleeves limit the dress to one season in Minnesota unless I could get a cardigan or jacket over them without adding bulk. I teasingly take credit for the “gym shoes with dress” look as I wore that look years ago when I broke my ankle. I haven’t tried the look recently but I am adjusting to seeing it everywhere. I would trade the baseball cap for a straw hat. Everyone needs a pair of white pants but I prefer a straight leg look otherwise I like the pants/jacket outfit. The column of white with the pants & shirt is nice. I would continue that flow with white shoes. I would choose a pink purse. The jacket has potential for numerous outfits.

  14. I love the pink button down and would wear it. I’m seeing a lot of dresses of this type which wouldn’t flatter me. They may be comfy but the small floral pattern and full shape screams sweet and cute, not my style goal :). Happy Saturday my friend!

  15. I always go into H&M! That light pink shacket has been on my “I’d like to have” list for some time.
    If only I didn’t already own several light quilted jackets, and a pink utility jacket.
    If it gets marked down this Spring it may be coming home with me.
    I like the dress on the model. It’s long enough to belt without it being too short, and that would look better with the full sleeves. I don’t care for the other dress, which does have a better neckline because it has a tiered skirt and I’m not a tiered skirt lover. I think the sneakers are cute with the dress, but I’ve got other flat shoes that are not quite as chunky that I’d put with it. Soon it will be sandal season and I’m ready!
    As a confirmed H&M shopper I know that they often make up numerous items in the same printed fabric, so I would defintely go in and see if they’ve got a blouse in that fabric.
    I would say that’s a well-done display.

  16. Pink is a flattering colors for me. But these outfits? Firm no for me…perhaps I’m not trendy, quirky or youthful? But, I would wear the pink blouses and jackets

  17. I like pink, & it is a good color for me, but the only thing I would wear is the bright pink shirt on the right. There is nothing about the outfit on the left that is my personal style, & the dress screams old to me. The dowdy print & the shapeless style seem unflattering to almost everyone. The athletic shoes & white ankle socks make me wonder what kind of message they are trying to send.

  18. Nothing here is very inspiring to me.

    The floral print on the dress is pretty, but the style of it paired with the sneakers and ankle socks is definitely not a look that I would wear, nor would it be flattering on me. I’m thinking this is a look for the younger more trendy crowd.

    Like the color of the jacket, but the style is a bit too boxy. I do like that tan shade paired with pink, though. I think it makes a nice color mix.

  19. A definite ‘yes’ to both the blazer and pink blouse as feel would be ideal staples for my Spring ‘n Summer and even early Fall wardrobe, but a sounding ‘no’ to the other pieces as do not relate enough of being ‘classic’ in style which is more my taste. That said; I could see the dress being suitable for someone who is youthful however I know I would feel its style/pattern would age my now 74 years threefold, regardless that I have the height and slimness to wear it. Last but not least as to wearing pink; it is seldom that I do but admit I am currently on the hunt for bottoms similar to the colour of the blouse shown. -Brenda-

  20. I believe that photographer’s comment (& your subsequent one) can apply to any colour, though! For example, many people claim they ‘can’t’ wear yellow – but what they really mean is they can’t pull off a bright neon or sunshine yellow, as opposed to mustard or even a pale buttermilk.

    I dress accordingly to my seasonal subtype but still manage to have a rainbow in my closet for precisely this reason (yes, even as a Deep Autumn, I have pink & blue in my closet – just the right shades for me)!

    Having said all that, the shades in the H&M display above are definitely not for me – needs more depth 😉

  21. My mom made me that long floral dress in 1970, but I would not wear it now. And the colors in the other outfits are too blah for me, no impact or contrast. I need darks, whites or brights, otherwise I look washed out.

  22. I like the display and the clothes. I would wear everything except the tiered dress on the right. I am 61, a size 22W, and wear dresses with sneakers. I did not “feel” the trend until I wore it and took some pictures. I like H&M, often for basics, and appreciate their Conscious line and use of recycled materials. Also like they post all reviews as well as a close-up picture of the fabric used for the clothing.

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