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Uniquely you

Happy Sunday and it is such a special day for Over 50 Feeling 40 as I begin a video series to help you look uniquely you!

I have desired for years to have the time to do a Youtube Channel that is fed regularly and produced well.

And now I have the time and the team!

One of the perks to teaching high school journalism/communications is I have former students with amazing talent to tap into.

For now, the videos will be edited by the talented Loren Maring, one of my yearbook students but now a successful graphics designer and young woman.

With Leigh Ann as a video assistant we were ready to get this going! 

I am so thankful for both to help me meet this goal!


Uniquely You

Today, I am discussing how I went from the left (frumpy) to the right (joyful)…a woman who was at the bottom of her priorities to a woman with confident style!

I know in my own journey, I have only wanted to wear clothing which said this is UNIQUELY ME and I am all about what these clothes say. 

Please watch today’s discussion and let me know what you think.  What topics will help you most?

Also, I hope to build this for you and me…so it is very helpful if you SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel,  share with others, and leave a comment on the Youtube page.

I so appreciate the support.  Let’s get started….JUST CLICK ON THIS LINK….

How to Be Uniquely YOU


Uniquely You

This is the graphic you will see at the top of my newly focused Youtube Channel.

Thank you, ladies for all of your encouragement, support and friendship!  I hope this helps you be Uniquely You!


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. This is so exciting,Pam. A dream come to fruition for you! How wonderful to be able to tap into the talents of your former students. I am a former English teacher and it is so satisfying to watch your students become successful adults. I can’t wait to watch this afternoon. Kudos!

  2. Thank you, Karen! Also thank you for sharing on the video page. I so appreciate the support!

  3. I watched your video this morning, and thought how very comfortable you seemed as your talked. I have yet to determine my five adjectives even though I have read your blog for years, but I will seriously work it out now. I’m reminded how often during our mask-wearing years how people will see me and call me by name. That makes me think what are they seeing that makes them recognize me, and I’m thinking that part of it MUST be how I dress. My size, my hair, my eyes, my clothes? Will think on it.

  4. Thanks Celia.,,let me know when you select your adjectives. I would love to hear what they are!

  5. So true, Paulette! I am doing it uniquely me!! Thank you for being here!

  6. I will watch tonight. So excited for you! I’ve seen videos of you in conversation with others and I think you will do well on YouTube.

  7. I just watched your video,Pam! It was very uplifting! So glad you are doing these videos. I have following your blog for a couple of years now and have found alot of useful tips for beauty,fashion and even recipes! I have defined my adjectives as Classic,Tailored,Trendy
    Feminine and Casual! It has helped me make better choices when shopping for new clothes or “shopping my closet”.
    Thanks for everything you do!

  8. Thank you, Denise! I love your adjectives…that is a great group to work with. Thank you for watching the video and reading the blog!

  9. Pamela, I love your video! I am going thru some major life changes at this time. I have been thinking a lot about me. Your video with instructions about the five adjectives was just what I needed! I’ve loved your blog and really enjoyed the video. I find your recipes delicious too. Keep including your handsome husband, I’ve shown his style to my wonderful husband to get some style ideas too! Thank you so much Pamela, I look forward to seeing more. Sincerely, Tamara

  10. Tamara, Thank you for the encouragement…it means so much to know this is helping. I will talk to Mr. B but sometimes he is shy! Thank you for being here…

  11. Great video. I was interested when you discussed the fact that you are not a straight up bohemian, and it made me realize that when we are slotted into these groups of style types, perhaps there is more to it than a system catagory. I do have feminine romanitc traits and have my entire life when I look back at pictures, but there are times when a bit of dramatic is screaming to come out as well. Your choice of how to wear bohemian and romantic touches works for you, and we still see the real Pam when you dress in your colours. Good luck with the videos, you did really well.

  12. Thanks so much Diane…I hope you will come along this new venture with me. Both Feminine and romantic are great adjectives to build you five upon. My desire to express that I am creative often comes out in some dramatic style!

  13. Congratulations on your new UTube video! Wonderful direction, easy to follow and understand your style experiences, concepts and adjectives. As I have followed you for some time I have selected my five adjectives. They are creative, charismatic, sophiscated, romantic and elegant. I have begun using them as I “shop in my closet” and online. The Foundation Five are helping me downsize my closet gratefully! Well done Pam! Thank you for being inspiring!

  14. Fun adjectives, Kathy. I love putting creative and charismatic in the same mix. Good job! Thank you for your kind, encouraging comment!

  15. Congratulations on your new endeavour. I’m sure it will be a success for you. I have been reading you through Covid and know that two of my words are classic and casual but have been stuck as to what else to add so now I have a process to search for the other three.

  16. Pam, what a wonderful video! You are a polished presenter . Your blog is so helpful, but seeing you speak on a video is even more inspirational. I look forward to more. Thank you! I’m having trouble reining in my style to 5 adjectives, since I have a variety of traits and things I like. I’ll keep working on it with your good help.

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