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Would you Wear It

Wow…it’s Thursday!  This week is flying by….so welcome today to a session of Would You Wear It – This & That.

In these special Would You Wear It posts,  I give you some items I have seen while out and about and see if you would or would not wear them.

Today, I am going one step beyond a few and posing specific situations with the items so see if you would wear them.

The first picture is a lovely handbag from Marshall’s…I have always liked the designer Nanette Lepore.

So, please tell us this…would you wear a scarf on a handbag as a bag accessory?

Would You Wear It

Next….would you wear a theme season bag…such as palms for summer?


Would You Wear It

SOMA has some lovely prints in their current sleepwear collections.

Recently, in this Chico’s post we showed Leigh Ann wearing a SOMA sleep shirt with her daily outfit.

So, look at this Cool Nights Short Sleeve Notch Collar in Wildflower Dream Ivory and tell us….would you wear it out with your daily clothing?

Would You Wear It

OK…let’s stay in the same retail family and head over to Chico’s.

Here is a matching top and bottom outfit….WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

This outfit is done with the Geometric-Print Wide-Leg Pantand the Geometric-Print Peplum Blouse.

Would You Wear it

There are many garments in eyelet and lace this time of year.

This is the LC Lauren Conrad Square Neck Lace Peasant Top at Kohl’s.

Would You Wear It?  Please explain your answer…..

Would You Wear It

This past fall and winter…we saw many garments with large graphics on the chest.

This sweater is from LOFT.  They currently have for spring large bees, large strawberries, and large lady bugs.

OK…the topic is large graphics on your chest….WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Of course, you may answer one or all…but we would love to know your thoughts!

That is it for this & that!! Now, please let us know your thoughts…of course you are not required to answer all, but this is a fun exercise where we learn from one another.


Would You Wear It

My healthy food favorite product of the day is Smoked Salmon!

I have enjoyed it lately on toast from Food for Life Ezekiel Bread and avocado.

Good for breakfast or lunch…as I had here with broccoli!  I also put a little of Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb seasoning in the avocado.

Thanks for joining us today…let us know what you think?  Would You Wear It?


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Good morning Pam! The handbags, yes. I do tie scarves on for interest, and something like the palms on a tote bag, yes. I do not wear slogans or phrases telling me and/or others how to act or think, but florals are a yes. The clothing items are all a “no.” The ivory pj top as everyday wear would completely wash me out, and I don’t care for the pattern. That Chico’s outfit is really something. The top calls (screams) attention to the hip area making the upper portion look out of balance. I don’t wear crops and don’t care for the look of wide crops, and the pattern placement just looks like the pants shrunk. The eyelet top is too reminiscent of the late 60’s/early 70’s and is not a look I’d go back to. Eyelet can be okay as an accent, for me, but I would not wear it in an entire garment. The salmon looks good, and I do love the red tote bag!

  2. Good morning! I thought of you as the bad weather passed through parts of Texas earlier in the week, but figured you were too far west to be greatly affected. As to your items of interest today, I like the bright pink handbag, and would wear a scarf on one as an accessory if I had smaller scarves. I might buy the palm handbag but only if going on a vacation to the beach. The Soma shirt appears very thin and long so I’d probably not be wearing it other than to sleep in. The black and white top and bottom from Chico’s is too much pattern to me especially if worn together. However, I might wear them separately as they show online. I’d prefer the pants with a sold black top, but the top is a bit busy to me. I would wear the tops with the large graphics, especially the striped with a bee, and the white with a lady bug. I am already looking for some eyelet item, but with a different shape at the neck, and a pure white color. Eyelet in pure white looks so crisp and Spring-like to me. Some interesting choices this morning!

  3. I would defintely eat some smoked salmon!

    I have tied scarves around the handle or strap of a handbag. Not a $100 scarf, but something I picked up at Goodwill. I don’t like things that dangle like fringe so I wrap them around the handle. It does leave them all wrinkled up, and there is a risk it will come untied and get lost — which makes them a good use for a Goodwill scarf.
    The green fern tote is cute. Totes like that sometimes have short lives with me. Something gets wet or spilled in it, it gets rained on. I’ll pay enough to get one with handles that are sturdy, but not so much that I mind tossing it after a mishap.
    I would not wear the patterned top with the patterned pants. But, I like that patterned top.

  4. Well, I feel like I have been on a shopping trip. That was fun. I don’t usually put a scarf on my purse, mostly because I like to wear my accents as jewellery. I love the Soma top as outerwear, and most certainly would wear that. I will have to check that one out. I would tuck it in and slightly blouse the look over light jeans. I also like the navy dress, but the other outfit is a big no for me for many reasons, colour, length and placement of the patterns. Eyelet is a no as well as I have not worn that for decades and not planning to return to that look. As for the embelishment on the chest, I prefer to have eyes drawn up a bit higher and that would be the first place one would look. As I already mentioned, I like to be able to add my jewellery or scarf to bring the emphasis up to my face not my chest. This was fun with so much to peruse this morning.

  5. So many things to comment on, today! Yes, to the scarf on the handbag (I like added color and texture). No to the palm tote, as I don’t have a need for totes much. PJs as a top, haha, I have one in my wardrobe right now that I bought for that very thing. The Chico’s outfits look too heavy to me for summer, plus I wouldn’t wear B&W, anyway. The eyelet top, yes! So cute! The sweater–I would wear a print on my chest, but grey and yellow, in this instance, don’t look good together IMO. Have a great day–yes, to salmon!

  6. Yes to the scarf on bag, though it can feel a bit contrived. Printed summer totes: I used to, but found them limiting, and I didn’t think they elevated my outfits. More of a beach vacation look. I always had to swap out purses too much, so lately I just carry a straw bag more of the time. Pj top as day wear. Of course! This one might be too pale for me and wash me out. I find if I wear thin loungewear as street wear it soon loses what little heft and structure it had, but until then, why not? I often wear items from the lingerie department as beach cover ups. The black and white outfit is soooo not me. Not my vibe, calling attention to -all- the wrong places, black again (sigh). Lace: no, my look is more tailored and even sporty. A square neckline doesn’t flatter my bust line either. Graphic sweater: soft pass. I do not like hectoring reminders splashed across my chest and find them slightly rude (maybe the person I’m exhorting to “be kind” already is the nicest person on the planet!). A picture of something? Maybe. It sounds a little sweet for me, but could be playful and a little fun. I would not spend serious money on something like that, but if I received it as a gift, I might wear it.

  7. I have and will again wear scarves on my purse. Living in a four seasons area it often happens when I’ve needed a scarf for warmth in the morning but by afternoon the sweater/coat/ jacket hasn’t been needed or I’ve needed it outside but not in ( ie. in a restaurant ).
    I like eyelet and will look for a piece that is white and has a lining like this one appears to have or or perhaps a piece that just has eyelet trim.
    I would wear the PJ top out if it were silk and if the v was not so deep. Being rayon I would fear it would wrinkle and look like PJs before I got home.
    I’d pass on the other pieces and unfortunately the salmon even though I know it is good for you.

  8. I need to buy some of that Ezekiel’s bread – looks delicious and hearty under the avocado and salmon, and I love steamed or roasted broccoli with anything! I like both the bold fuschia and the fern print totes, but have similar pieces already. I have one navy M.K. purse that came with an attached (woven through top edge all around and tied at the side) navy and white scarf, which I love, so yes I would use a scarf on my bag. The black and white pieces are not of interest to me, and I probably would not choose the pajama top as regular wear. Leigh did great with it though, and had another piece on top. I tend to steer clear of words and placed imagery on my tops, so that’s also a no. Happy Thursday! 🌻

  9. Well, that’s a lot to unpack.
    Scarf on bag – sure! French chic!
    Tropical tote – cute, but color/print wouldn’t “go” with everything.
    Pajama top as street wear – yes, I’ve done it.
    Pink eyelet – embarrassed to say I have two, almost identical, pink eyelet tops. Love eyelet.
    Print outfit – too matchy-matchy.
    Graphic tops – say I’m quirky, don’t take myself too seriously!

  10. Happy Thursday — where did the week go?
    – Scarf on a bag = yes. I have several smaller scarves that could use and would not be upset at losing. (At the moment, I am carrying spring scarves everywhere as there’s a stiff wind up here.
    – Print handbag/totes = yes … but not this one. I got a MOMA tote for Xmas and take it everywhere. I don’t need many bags.
    – PJs as clothes = no
    – Eyelet = generally, yes
    – Animal shirt = no. I wouldn’t wear the Talbot’s sweater with lemons either
    YES to smoked salmon and avocado — feeling decadent; add bacon.

  11. Prior to the wearing of masks; a) often tied a scarf to a handbag to add some pattern ‘n color to an outfit. As to the rest: b) a palm print handbag would not be a worthwhile investment for myself since our summers are short as it is c) using a piece of sleepwear for street wear; I never have but if appropriate in design, why not? d) the matching top n’ bottoms a ‘no’ to it as far too busy for my personal taste e) re the peasant top eyelet blouse have been there and done that when much younger, in which case it would be a pass for myself f) large graphics on my chest; depends upon the garment type and the graphic itself. For example why I keyboard, I’m wearing one of Farm Rio’s tunic length, all over animal print sweatshirts (with a pair of leggings) which is colorful and graphic. -Brenda-

  12. Interesting choices today! I like the bright pink handbag & the scarf. It is such a fun look. I might use a themed tote. It would depend on theme & the price. I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on one, & this particular bag just doesn’t appeal to me even though the price is right. I wouldn’t wear the SOMA top because it looks flimsy, & I prefer more structure in my tops. The Chico’s outfit is a no. The style & pattern would not be flattering to me. I like lace & eyelet, but the Lauren Conrad top is a no. I agree with Karen that it reminds me of something I wore back in the day, & I’m not interested in revisiting those days. No to the large graphics across my chest. That’s not a good look for me.

  13. I hope you escaped the tornados and other storm related damage Pam. Prayers.
    I love the two totes and yes, on a solid color tote ir tiger larger bag would tie a colorful scarf. I’ve done that with my large taupe and lighter beige handbags.
    Unfortunately The clothing here does not appeal to me. I would not stop nor try on.

  14. Hi Paulette! The bad weather was north and I am south…but it is that time of year that Texans have to take the watches & warnings seriously. I hate these storms so much. Thanks for thinking of me.

  15. As always, thanks to Pam and Leigh for doing the legwork for us! It really makes a difference to see the clothes on “real” people. I am having trouble embracing quite a few of the trends this spring, but I’ve never been anywhere close to trendy. Classic style may be boring but it is usually has a longer life and feels more like me.
    Scarf on bag – I have done this on rare occasions, usually to add interest to a solid color outfit.
    Tropical tote – Looks flimsy, and the light color would show dirt, so that’s a no for me.
    Pajama top as street wear – I loved the leopard SOMA top on Leigh with that pink/coral utility jacket at Chico’s last weekend, but this one seems pretty flimsy and looks more like PJs to me.
    B&W print outfit – this one is a no for me all around. I don’t wear black and white, and the print is way too busy. That said, it looks like it might work well for traveling in comfort. I would love the solid black dress
    and pearls shown next to it, but I’m not adding any new black items and I have about a dozen versions of that dress in various colors – very much in keeping with my classic style.
    Pink eyelet – I don’t wear pink, square necks or puffy sleeves, but my daughter would love this piece. I love fabrics with texture, so eyelet may be something I explore this spring, but I like textured lace a lot better.
    Graphic tops – I have a few that I wear sparingly, but don’t like the colors or designs in these. My favorite is an older ivory linen tee from Loft with an abstract maroon block design. I wear it with a matching long cardigan, a denim jacket or blazer. I am an Aggie mom, and I originally bought this for trips to campus when I needed something casual but cute and maroon. Still wearing it fifteen years later and getting compliments every time.
    Other than the fantastic “autumn” colors that JJill is doing this spring, I may sit this season out for new purchases. The trends I’m seeing in Fort Worth are smocking, ruffles, pastels and bare midriffs. (Even on women our age!) I am thankful to be at a point in my wardrobe journey that I don’t feel like I have to wear something I don’t care for just because the internet said! Thanks again to Pam and Leigh for being our real life models – it’s always fun to see what y’all find!

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