Chico’s Spring: Travel Perfect

Chico's Spring: Perfect for Travel

Happy final Friday in March!  Today, I am collaborating with Chico’s to show you spring collection pieces which are travel perfect.

I am actually out at the JW Marriott Center where preparations for the Valero Texas Open are in full swing…golf swing that is!

No matter how far you travel…local or around the world, comfort and style are often the most important to make a garment perfect for travel.


Perfect for travel

This entire Chico’s outfit is wrinkle-free and worry-free…not to mention super comfy with style.

This is the beautiful Button-Front Ruana Wrap in gorgeous colors…and I perhaps should’ve sized down…however the flow of this garment is so flattering no matter the size.

The arms in this ruana and the button front make it easy to wear…there was wind this day and the the button front kept all in place and worry-free.

The color is called envy green and I am loving the print!   I would also wear this with my swimsuit on the beach or by the pool.

It is paired with the Microfiber Tank also in Envy Green…but this tank is available in 13 beautiful spring colors.

I am wearing these with the Girlfriend Roll Hem Crops which I packed once and are wrinkle-free.

Travel Perfect

The icing on this cake is the beautiful Goldtone Long Tassel Necklace...which matches perfect and is so nice for those of us who love the warm colors.

Perfect for Travel

Though I am not wearing it today, I had to show you this fun bracelet which was in the spring collection and is now sold out.

I will travel with it and wear it often.  So much fun in Chico’s jewelry right now and these pieces really make your travel wardrobe special.

Just another reminder…when you like something now, you need to get it and not wait too long.  Some items sell out quickly.

The bumps on my arms really are chill bumps!  It was cold the day we took this picture!

Here are more pieces in the current collection which would be travel perfect!

This spring collection is lovely and travel perfect…I hope you will give it your time and make plans for some outdoor fun!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own.



  1. I am really liking green this spring, maybe it’s our on-going bleak weather, but it’s some greens, like yours, are so bright and cheerful! I like that the ruana buttons to keep it closed. That bracelet (that is sold out!) is so pretty with all the colors. Maybe they will restock… some stores do. Just so pretty! The location is pretty too. I’m really in the mood for some sun and warmer temperatures. We have at least another month to go but I’m ready!

  2. I am also loving greens this year and this Ruana is gorgeous! I hope it warms up soon for you, Karen!

  3. You look absolutely fabulous in this outfit and I love the setting, even if it was a little chilly. Beautiful photos. Every element of the outfit works in terms of style and colour on you – shoes, cropped pants, tanks, Ruana and the necklace. No wonder you look so happy, comfortable and confident.

  4. Thank you! I love to go to fabulous hotels…even if the visit was short and I love this outfit!

  5. This outfit is so pretty on you, Pam, you look like warm Spring sunshine!
    I love the colors in the ruana top, and that it is forgiving and flattering. The top cascades effortlessly, and pairs nicely with the crop pants.

  6. I like the fact that Chico’s usually sizes it’s ruanas , and often makes them reversible which give you extra wearing possibilities. The green one you are wearing is such a pretty green though warm for me, and I like the addition of buttons to keep it closed. I have learned the hard way to not wait to order something as I usually do, watching for it to go on sale. I’ve lost two necklaces recently in this way because once I convinced myself to buy, they were sold out overnight. 😩 Then I convince myself that I didn’t really need whatever it was. Now that you have a perfect travel outfit, hopefully you can travel a bit as the weather warms.

  7. I agree on not waiting too long, because it’s obvious stock is low. I’ve also found that many brands are “restocking,” which I take to mean their cargo was stuck in transit. So if something is sold out, it’s worth checking back, unlike in previous years. I like you in all the spice tones, but you also look terrific in those blues and greens. They are a cool, fresh option I’ve been adding as well for spring and summer. More and more, I’m using navy as my base, and these blue-greens are great with it, far more lovely than when I paired them with black.

  8. This top would be lovely with navy! I will wear that soon…thanks for sharing, Linda!

  9. Those colors look so beautiful on you! You look beautiful! Enjoy the golf match. I can’t wait for it to warm up a bit in Boston so I can play. Last golf match I went to I had the pleasure of being right in front of Tiger Woods as he was teeing off. What a thrill!

  10. This outfit is amazing! How have I missed these cropped girlfriend jeans? Would love them in white too!
    Yes green in all shades is popping up in our stores too!
    Love your hair!

  11. I love the backdrop for your photos today! Thanks for sharing such a lovely spot with us. Can hardly wait for the last of our snow to melt so that we can get out on our own golf course again!

    I also love the ruana and the gorgeous necklace! I’m reminded of a somewhat similar top that I’ve had in storage for the past few seasons. Perhaps this spring is the time to bring it out and start wearing it again.

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