Would You Wear It – This & That

Would You Wear It - This & That

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  Thank you for joining me here every day!  Today, I have a pop-up Would You Wear It with a little bit of this and a little bit of that!

These are fashion trends out on the market and I want to see what you think…so as always, please explain your answers.

If you are new here,  I do WOULD YOU WEAR IT posts so that we can learn from each other…it is like shopping with friends and discovering their opinions!

You can always select one or all to comment on.

So, let’s get started….


Would You Wear It

Now, resist temptation, and forget these jackets are at a retailer with a younger target audience, and forget you see a cropped tank underneath.

These are at EXPRESS from the Bold & Bright collection.

Brightly colored jackets are showing up in a variety of places…so, WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

More colored jackets on the market….


Would You Wear It

This flash from the past seems to be returning….to wear a tee shirt underneath a strappy dress or sundress.

So, ladies,  WOULD YOU WEAR IT?


Would You Wear It

Would You Wear It

This Mynah Womens One Piece Swimsuit at JC Penney’s caught Leigh Ann’s attention and she pointed it out to me.

I am showing you the front and back for your consideration to answer….Would You Wear It?

Here are more swimsuits from JCP:


Would You Wear It

Would You Wear It

We also spotted these handbags in the Brighton store.  There were many different versions of the BURLAP tote bag…just follow this link to see them all.

The second clutch is a part of the FASHIONISTA COLLECTION also at Brighton.

What do you think of these…Would You Wear It?


Shopping with Leigh 7 Me

There are so, so many fun sneakers on the market.  But, what I want to know is how many of you would wear sneakers with casual dresses.

Sneakers are huge…bigger than ever…here are some more fun ones to consider….

Now, with dresses? Would You Wear It!

Remember, you do not have to comment on all of these items…but if you have time, we would love your thoughts!

Thank you again for joining in…..and….make sure you always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I’ll start at the bottom. Sneakers and dresses are a huge no for me. I prefer to look elegant in dresses and sneakers just don’t fit that look, for me.
    Handbags with messages, again, no. It’s not my place to wear messages telling people how to act or what to think. To meet seems silly and veers into frumpy, because pictures generally accompany the messages. The swimsuits…no. I wear them to swim in. If I was wearing a suit like this, it would have a beautiful scarf tied around as a skirt and it would be only to sit poolside, not swim. All kinds of things could go wrong depending on where you are swimming, the ocean with strong waves for example! The jackets…yes, depending. Definitely not as shown, but I like jewel tones. Not that one that looks like a costume for St. Patrick’s day, but the ones in the slideshow, definitely would wear.

  2. Bright jacket + white t-shirt + dark jeans = Yes! I would definitely wear the jacket in hot pink.
    The bathing suit is really cute. I love the color and the cut outs. I would need to try it on but I like the coverage of a 1 piece. I like fun sneakers with jeans and long shorts. I would not wear them with a dress or skirt but everyone else does.

  3. Good Morning! I don’t know what office the green suit is going to work in, even here in South Florida where the rules are super loose, maybe if you’re working in a retail environment . pretty color, though.
    yes to the bright jackets…I love bright!
    no to the t shirt under the dress. just not a fan.
    the off the shoulder swimsuit…nope, that’s a malfunction just waiting to happen…I still preach my swim shorts and tankini tops. I always feel dignified and no constant adjustments.
    the msg bag…hmm, maybe.
    sneakers with a dress…nope, not for me…

  4. Yes to sneakers with dresses, definite yes to bright jackets! Maybe to message bag, would depend on the message. No to off shoulder swim suit…how could you swim?

    1. A casual dress, slip-on or white sneakers, a denim jacket and one of the burlap totes for the Saturday farmers market? Cute, comfortable and current – absolutely yes for me!

  5. The bright green suit outfit is a bit too much for me, but I would wear the blazer, or any of the bright blazers in the slide show in my winter colors. However, I always wear a neutral color on the bottom…black, gray, white, blue. I’m not a suit wearer, and never have been although I often do column dress. I bought an orchid mist-colored jacket from Talbots last year similar to the denim one in slideshow, and enjoy wearing it. And I want to buy another pair of sneakers with some color other than white. In answer to your question, I might wear my sneakers IF I ever wore casual dresses, but certainly would not wear if dressier.

  6. I love the brightly colored jackets, I would definitely wear one, depending on the color. I’m not a fan of the tee shirt under the strappy dress, except on the younger crowd. Sneakers with a casual dress, definitely, I think anyone can pull this off. The handbags with messages I think are too trendy and I wouldn’t get a lot of use from one.

  7. I’d definitely say NO to the swimsuit – off the shoulder and trying to swim in our ocean? That just would not work.
    I love the slip on orange/white sneaker, but with shorts or a jean skirt not a dress. It just seems off to invest in a pretty dress and then add sneakers? Not for me.
    I love the bright blazers but the color would have to compliment my complexion so I’m thinking pink, deep medium blue and lavender or teal (bright navy(?) I love the tweed looks but feel they’re more seen in the fall into winter seasons I think.

  8. I love brighter colors but not neon (unless I’m riding my bike). There are some beautiful greens this year. Not a fan of shirts under strappy sundresses but would wear under some sleeveless dresses. I’m okay with sneakers and a casual skirt, especially with cobbled streets. No, to the swimsuit: either a ‘malfunction’ or a horrendous tan; and no, to most messages on bags, sweatshirts, etc. Funny how we’re fine with messages on tee-shirts and ostentatious ads on handbags and luggage.

  9. Sneakers with a dress … it took a while to get used to this one, but yes, I wear it. Few trends use what I already own, and are comfortable and age appropriate. The swimsuit would probably flatter me as I have narrower shoulders and nice upper arms, but I always swim when at the pool or beach, so it would be uncomfortable. The slinky dress over a tee shirt is not something I liked the first time around, when the slip dress was a true slip purchased in the lingerie department (!), and I think the tee ruins the silky line of the fabrics over it. Messaging handbags: the graphic tee is a rather enduring fad, but I see no need to expand it. I’m not a billboard nor a motivational speaker. And to hector people to “be kind” or “be thankful” seems rude. The burlap tote is an interesting idea. I’ve run into several blogs showing commercial (as in museums or other giveaway spots) totes used as purses, and I’m told they are featured in the new Sex in the City remake. I’m not sure I will participate, but I might. Bright blazers … sure, but I don’t wear blazers much anymore. I do have quilted jackets from Talbots in dark purple, and in bright marigold.

  10. I have to laugh about the sneakers with dresses look. I believe that trend started in the big cities with women walking the hard crowded sidewalks from the subway or lunch spot in sneakers with their power suits and boardroom looks. And then we’d see it as a visual joke with cartoon old ladies in sneakers and dresses. Now it seems to have come mainstream. But I’m not jumping in and swimming with it, myself. It’s an unfinished look to me.
    Love the bright jackets, they look fun and summery and would amp up whites, navies and blacks worn underneath. As far as the cutout looks for swimming……………that ship has sailed for me. In fact, I don’t think that ship was ever in port in my life!

  11. I guess I am just too conservative for most of these. Would wear a bright jacket with jeans and tshirt though.

  12. Hey, Pam, you’ve found some interesting styles for us to ponder! I’d say “no” to the bright blazers–as I age I prefer softer colors as they seem more flattering. A “maybe” on wearing a t-shirt under a dress, it would have to be a sundress, though. “No” to the message handbags, as they seem overly casual for day-to-day. The off-the-shoulder swimsuit looks uncomfortable, like it would restrict arm movement. Another “maybe” to the sneakers and skirts–I don’t mind the look at all, but would rather wear cute sandals or even booties.

  13. I never thought I would wear sneakers with dresses, but after breaking five bones in my foot, having to wear a boot for 8 weeks, and my doc FINALLY allowing me to transition to normal shoes via sneakers–oh yeah! I did keep them confined pretty much to more casual dresses (t-shirt dresses, some cotton maxis) but it sure gave me more choices of what to wear. Now I’ll keep that in my rotation purely for comfort in casual settings.

  14. Love the bright blazers. So versatile. Great with jeans or over a white dress for summer. No on t-shirts with strappy dresses. Better for the younger crowd. Same for sneakers with dresses. If I were 40 years younger, it would be a big YES for the blue swimsuit. Looks very 40’s Hollywood, which I love.

  15. Yes to the blazers,no to the t-shirts and dresses. I am so glad they are making sneaks with zippers. A boon to my foot problems! Bright colors-depends on where and when it is appropriate! I don’t swim anymore so the swim suit issue is not a problem. But If it did get one ,perhaps the blue one with the interesting back design. Keep on looking and posting Always fun!

  16. I love the bright blazers! In my 20s I wore crop tops, however, now I would sub a contrasting bright sleeveless tee or a white tee/tank add white jeans and a classic sandal and voila, I feel 10-years younger and age appropriate. Personally, I wear sneakers with casual skirts/dresses— although NOT heavy trainers. I like a platform “woven” sneaker with a tiered midi denim skirt or a keds-like tennis shoe with a classic short tee/polo dress. Thank you SOOO much for featuring some youthful colors and silhouettes! This post has challenged me to consider retailers and styles I don’t normally gravitate towards anymore. Cheers!

  17. The bright colored jackets are a definite yes. Classic jackets or blazers in my color palette would be perfect for pepping up any outfit. Tee shirt under a strappy dress just looks silly to me. I guess it would be one way to get around wearing a strapless bra, but it reminds me of basketball players wearing tee shirts under their jerseys. Since I don’t swim, I have no opinion on the swimsuits, but some of them are very pretty. The totes are cute but a bit pricey for a novelty item. Although, my daughter did fall in love with a Christmas purse. As to the sneakers with dresses, it depends on the sneaker & the dress. An athletic shoe with a dress no. A dressy dress with a sneaker no. A shorter denim or other casual dress or skirt with a simple slip on or Keds type sneaker yes. For me, it’s all about wearing like with like stylewise.

  18. The fashion of wearing sneakers with dresses is wonderful…I can walk to the shops, do lots of window shopping and still feel great when I get home!! My podiatrist says that my feet are in great shape for my age, 76, and I know that’s because I’ve taken care of them and worn comfortable shoes when I was teaching and now mostly wear sneakers , ankle boots and sandals. Thank you for bring up this subject. I agree that the swimmers are not practical!!

  19. I don’t wear bright colors, but I’d try the green pant suit on in a different color (and with a different top — lol). It looks stylish and fun.

    I’d also try a pair of cute sneakers for summer. My feet are very wide and it is difficult to find both the right size and a style that doesn’t make my feet look even bigger.

    You certainly gave us an interesting group of outfits today, Pam. While they may not be for me, it’s fun to see some of these fashions.

  20. Bright colored blazers and sneakers with dresses? Yes! Tees under strappy drsses (been there, done that), off the shoulder swimsuits (decorative but not functional for my lifestyle) and message bags? Cute but I’ll pass at this stage of life.

  21. Yes to bright jackets (all seasons!), sneakers with dresses and skirts (not exclusively, also sandals, booties, flats, and pumps), no to one shoulder swimsuits (too busty and therefore too risky lol), no to messages in anything (loved Linda M’s comment that she is neither a billboard nor a motivational speaker hahaha), no to t-shirts with slip dresses, but I can see how practical that would be. I don’t generally eschew trends because of age or size (I am 61 and a size 22). Anything can look good if worn with confidence and style, as long as you feel good wearing it. I also do not want to be confined by age-appropriate mandates. There are things I would not wear because I do not like how they look on me or I do not feel comfortable in (ex shirt under slip dress and one-shouldered swimsuit). But I try to be kind and non-judgmental if someone else wears them, and I would definitely not stop wearing something because of someone else’s opinion on what is appropriate. 🙂

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