Shopping Talbots with Leigh & me

Shopping Talbots with Leigh & me

Happy Monday!  It’s about to be spring, so it’s time for a little shopping Talbots with Leigh & me.

We had fun shopping the Talbots location in North Star Mall in San Antonio….thanks to Yolanda, who is always helpful.

There were many new styles and on this day I was mostly combining tops with outerwear…and Leigh Ann, well she looks great in all things Talbots. 


Shopping Talbots

Here are a few reminders about our shopping posts:

  1. We are showing colors and items for the blog audience.  Most of what we tried on that day was not in our personal color palettes.
  2. Leigh Ann goes back and forth between Misses and Petites, but with Talbots the petites look best on her. 

This is the Terry Shift Gingham Dress and she liked it.

Shopping Talbots

This was my favorite outfit on her, and switching to the petite skirt made a huge difference on the length.

Leigh Ann is wearing SLUB TWILL BUTTON FRONT SKIRT in Sagebrush; Pebbled Dot Ruffle Shell in Ivory/Rattan; and a Petite Classic Denim Jacket in Sandy Dark Wash. 

This jacket is available for all in Misses, Plus, Petite Plus and Petite.

Shopping Talbots

Leigh Ann tried this Lace-up Sweater in Indigo Blue and in Raspberry….she liked the blue the best. 

It looked cute with these fun Perfect Crops in Paisley.       

Shopping Talbots

Now, she is perfect for warmer weather!  Leigh Ann is smiling in the Scoop Neck Tee in Polished Paisely, and  the Perfect Shorts 10.5″ in Newport Chambray.         

But, for those who want to wear these shorts in cooler weather try this look.

Shopping Talbots

Just add on top the Stripe Pique Pullover with a  Quilted Micro Vest.

Perfect for an evening in the spring or early summer.


Shopping Talbots

As I said, my goal this trip was to show you tops and toppers together since so many of you are in cooler climates.

Talbots has fun combinations to take us into spring.

Like this Girlfriend Cardigan in Twilight Blue  paired with the Layered Medallion Ruffle Trim in Ivory/Biscayne Blue. (It’s a lovely blouse)

The cardigan comes in four colors so there are many ways to have fun with it.

Shopping Talbots

Shopping Talbots

I wanted you to see this lovely jacket with the top and with a scarf.

This is the Double Knit Long Blazer in Petunia Pink and with the Botanical Paisley Oblong Scarf.

Shopping Talbots

For the tweed lovers among you, this jacket is such a lovely spring color.  This would be super cute with jeans and take them up a notch!

I am wearing the Tailored Tweed Blazer in Sea Salt/Aqua with Ruffle Trim Shell – Allover Floral In Aquamarine Floral.

Shopping Talbots

The final look for today features the Classic Cotton Pique Blazer in Coral Punch with the Ruffle Pintuck Blouse in Swirly Ditsy (how did they create that name!).

It is a pretty blouse though!


Shopping Talbots

I just had to share this fun mannequin with you from our shopping Talbots venture.

If I had a mannequin at home, I would do this with scarves…super cute!

Thanks for shopping Talbots with Leigh & Me…let us know if you have any questions!

The SPRING STYLE EVENT begins today at Talbot’s and your entire purchase will be 25% off.




Shopping talbots

My new video series on Youtube has officially started.  Thank you to everyone who joined in yesterday and I invite the rest of you to check it out.

Thank you for your patience as I share this often this week to make sure I get the word out!

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Let me know if there are topics you would like to have me discuss…..




By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Love the aqua color, and the mannequin makes me happy…finally someone who understood the job….make them pause, look closer at the garment, and maybe buy…..I hope their scarf sales rose.

  2. I agree, Sheryl, it was fun to see a display like this with creativity! Happy Monday!

  3. Such colorful outfits from Talbots! That cool punch blazer must be calling your name while the Twilight blue cardigan and that blouse are calling mine! Such pretty, pretty colors and patterns. And I love that multi-colored scarf…as if I need more scarves! I’m thinking I might need to drive down to Tallahassee to try on some pants since the ones I’ve bought online seem a bit large on me even though petite.

  4. Pamela, I enjoyed this post. I am a deep winter, huntswoman I like to get my “fashion statements” from color and texture. I learned something from you today and thank you for it! I have a few striped long-sleeve tees that I never felt looked quite right on me. But when Leigh added the white quilted vest to the striped tee, I was like YES! I would like to order it in white, but the link provided in your email only takes me to yellow and pink. Can you email me a link to the white one, so you can get credit for it? Thank you and love your blog. I will be watching your videos too.

  5. Talbots has been knocking it out of the park lately, but so far the spring collection is … all right. Part of this for me is that I prefer fall dressing. Nothing makes my heart thump like a new sweater. While I don’t wear pastels (few have ever flattered me), I find Talbots in the spring to have such bright color palettes. Too bright, sometimes. Now I realize that as an blue autumn and not a winter, I’ve gravitated all along to the dark, rich, spicy tones and not the cobalts, orchids, and potent lemon yellows of what Talbots usually shows for spring.

  6. I understand, Linda! Us autumns have to do a lot of creative navigating this time of year!

  7. Ahhh…my favorite store!! I love their girlfriend cardigans and do want one with the tipped edges. Love the blue color you are wearing! Like Leigh Ann, I usually get petites in their skirts and dresses to get the proper length. I just love that scarf!! Their spring catalog has such beautiful things!! Sweaters are perfect for our weather this time of year.

  8. Loving the spring colors! That Twilight/Biscayne blue (ditto on the botanical paisley scarf) was lovely on you and I agree, the button front skirt and denim jacket was perfection on Leigh Ann. I have some very similar pieces so I’m inspired me to get them out. Thanks for taking us along to Talbotts!

  9. I know that you’re an autumn, Pam, but that cobalt blue sweater looked really sharp on you! The scarf skirted mannequin was really fun and creative. Thanks for the great fashion show!

  10. That tailored tweed blazer in sea salt/aqua is stunning. I’ve got my eye on that. It’s a bit more than I can spend right now but I’ll definitely keep it on my wish list (anniversary, Easter, birthday present, who knows???).

    I have to say that all of the outfits and colors today were winners!

    What a fun post!

  11. I love Talbot’s for their classic styles, & these spring colors are just the thing to take me out of the winter doldrums. I like wearing blazers & cardigans with jeans & my denim jacket with olive & khaki. The denim head to toe look just doesn’t do it for me. The scarf skirted mannequin is so creative, & a great way to show case all those beautiful scarfs. Thanks for sharing!

  12. What a fun trip to Talbots! You do look beautiful in that cobalt shade, Pam (mentioned earlier by another viewer). That red blazer too! Very nice.
    And I loved the paisley elbow length sleeve tee and chambray shirts on Leigh Ann. That’s something I could be looking at if we ever warm up. Talbots clothes and colors never disappoint.

  13. Very much agree. Not sure if that sweater is one of your colors but if not it should be.

  14. Pam, as Kathye says, you really are lucky to have a friend and fellow shopper like Leigh Anne (and v.v.). I shop alone and would love to have someone who is honest with me about what looks good and what doesn’t. Thank you for showing so many looks! It was a fun trip to Talbots with none of the hassle. The scarf lady was beautiful to behold — an lovely fashion twist on a patchwork quilt.

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