4 Favorite Spring Jackets – Look #1

Favorite Spring Jacket

Happy April Sunday, all!  Today, is a little series featuring my 4 Favorite Spring Jackets.

With each favorite spring jacket, I will explain why I styled them the way that I did and share links, or similar links.

As I have written before, I love casual-style jacket looks with denim of any shade and that is what inspired these posts.

Also, today, I begin to select clothing for readers based on the information that was sent to me with style adjectives.

Look below for our first one…welcome Carlene!


Favorite Spring Jacket

I love this Montauk Twill Jacket in Ivory from Talbot’s

I will be able to do so much with it, but today’s look is very different for me….yet, I am so glad I tried it.

I have seen many women wearing cream on white or white on cream, and it was Annie Castano’s inspiration that gave me courage to style this.

It is at the moment one of my favorite looks in my wardrobe.  I would not have had the courage to do this without seeing others wearing this new take of neutral on neutral.

This jacket is available in four lovely shades including a bright orangey papaya color. 

But, the cream filled a need in my wardrobe after I sent my white jackets on their merry way. 

And Talbot’s offers a matching Pima Cotton-Blend Tank in Ivory

Their ivory color is a rich, buttercream-like color…just lovely.


Favorite Spring Jacket

I know regular readers are well aware that I love these a.n.a. High Rise Jeggings from JCP.

Not only does this outfit speak to my style adjectives of joyful, approachable, creative/artistic, polished, and current; but it also keeps me well within warm colors.

I can still wear white/white as long as it is not up against my face.

Favorite Spring Jackets

I decided to pop color with my favorite spring jacket with a gorgeous Echo Silk Scarf from Dillard’s.

It was made to go with one of my older, bolder Chico’s necklaces and vintage Chico’s bracelet with orange beads. 

I like the way the brown in the necklace matches the buttons on the jacket, and the necklace is made with ivory, green, brown and gold beads.

I just love an outfit made up of pieces that seem made to go together.


Favorite Spring Jacket

I discovered these sneakers early on at DSW and there are a few left.

Kalinda Sneaker- DSW

They have been favorites in my wardrobe ever since I found them.

I hope you have enjoyed the kickoff to sharing my 4 Favorite Spring Jackets…I will have a new one through Wednesday!

Now for helping others communicate their own Foundational Five Adjectives!


Favorite Spring Jackets

One of my main goals is to assist women to help discover a confident, uniquely-you style.

It starts by controlling what we say to the world about us with our choice of clothing.

I do that by “fashioning” looks that communicate five main adjectives with everything I wear.


With all of this in mind, I asked readers to send me their five adjectives and I would select clothing for them which I believe speaks to those adjectives.

I heard from many, so I will work through them as best I can and notify you by email when I am going to post your slideshow.

Today, meet Carlene from Wisconsin!  Carlene really helped me out by sending photos of herself in addition to the adjectives.

She has a lovely smile and is a mom and grandmother and another VIBRANT warm woman.  I bet we could be great friends!

With every look, Carlene wants to say to the world that she is CONFIDENT, TIMELESS, SPORTY, WARM and VIBRANT.

I believe the pieces in this slideshow would help Carlene to do just that.  One more note, I guessed from her pictures that she is a petite, so these are mostly for petites.

I also decided to go ahead and push Carlene toward a few prints that I believe she could wear for vibrant, warm confidence!

Carlene, this is for you…………………………and, yes, I think my favorite spring jacket is perfect in a vibrant color!

and shoes….

Can’t wait to hear how I did! Of course, anyone can add their names to the list…I have many to work my way through…but there are never TOO many! 

Would love to help if I can.


By Pamela Lutrell

I appreciate your support of this blog by shopping with my SHOPPING LINKS, and if you don’t see the retailer you need for anything, just send me an email and I will see if I have a link.

Email is over50feeling40@gmail.com.

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  1. You totally nailed me! You wouldn’t believe how many of these items (or very close substitutes) I already own! This was such fun, thank you!

  2. Your cream and white do look very pretty together. It’s kind of like wearing navy and black together…we didn’t think to do it until fashion influencers started showing it on models, and now it’s very acceptable. Your beautiful scarf, unusual necklace, and those interesting sneakers all definitely fit your creative and current adjectives. You make me think daily as to how I can put together an outfit that suits me.

    I have also noticed your fiesta wreath on your door. It is so colorful and happy-looking! You must smile every time you walk in that door!

  3. Thanks Celia…so happy to get you thinking about your own wardrobe! Leigh Ann and I made our wreaths together…I featured it in a post…and we had so much fun. The experience with a friend and the bright colors do make me smile when I am walking in the door!

  4. It is so sweet of you to assist other ladies with their style adjectives–it was fun scanning through Carlene’s picks. I think the Talbot’s tasseled loafers are my favorite item they have this season. 😉

    I was also thinking I enjoy seeing your bright Fiesta wreath behind you. Happy Palm Sunday, Pam!

  5. It is such a fun exercise to help others with their adjectives…I believe we all can learn from it about what our clothing speaks to the world about us! Those shoes are amazing for women who wear warm colors…and I just found out that Carlene already owned a pair!
    Have a blessed Palm Sunday, Kimberly! Hosanna!

  6. Hi Pam! Your selections for Carlene don’t load on my iPad. I’m wondering if anyone else is having this issue. I just see small dark circles spinning instead.

    I’m a long-time reader and enjoy your “Pam perspective” on aging with grace!

  7. Pam, ignore my previous comment. As soon as I posted it, Carlene’s pictures appeared. Gotta love technology! Lol

  8. Thanks Barb…they are loading on all my devices. You might shut your IPAD down and open it and again to see if that works. So sorry you are experiencing difficulties.

  9. You could have just taken your own pic today and filed it under my style adjectives. As soon as I saw it, I was oh my gosh, this is how I dress! (Well, I hope I do :)). I love various shades of cream/white in outfits, and in fact, I decorated my home in them. I’m starting to collect funky, colorful sneakers and love how much they add to basics and my very casual wardrobe. The scarf is absolutely perfect to style with hundreds of autumnal palette items. I kept both my white jeans and my white denim jacket. I try now to wear warmer, richer with them.

  10. I am so into the beautiful buttercreams that are out right now…all have different names…but the shades that give us options to white/white are lovely. Thanks Linda!

  11. I would never think to put cream and white together, but it looks so good on you, Pam. I learn so much from you.

  12. I learned this from others, Marcia. I do not think I would have tried it in the past, but I really like it now.

  13. Looking fantastic, Pam! I also like this cream and white together, and think of how beautiful the Pottery Barn layered white and cream bed linens are in their winter catalogues. What a perfect backdrop to fun, colorful accessories as well. Love your choices for Carlene, and that she found the clothing such a match to her style. I remember feeling similarly when you did my adjectives a couple years ago. 😊

  14. Thanks Connie…the exercise is always so much fun to do! I am glad you enjoyed it as well.

  15. I like your color combination today! I have worn cream and white together before it was a thing; I just like the way the different white tones work together. Kind of like beige and white which I love wearing together. The addition of the scarf keeps the whole thing bright… beautiful scarf! I enjoyed Carlene’s slide show. Very much my style too, and that orange dress is gorgeous! Many things there that I would wear, especially that dress!!

  16. The dress is gorgeous! It caught my eye immediately! I am glad to be on board now with wearing cream & white!

  17. You look stunning in the white and warm ivory but I’m not sure I could pull it off. I’m pale (pasty right now) and have light hair and the only way this might work is to add a pop ( or two ) of color as you’ve done with that gorgeous scarf you’re wearing. I’ve worn that lovely blue tone scarf I won in your spring contest so many times! It brightens so many of my going out clothes as I gravitate to neutrals in my wardrobe!
    I did do something a bit wild and crazy (for me) in shopping my closet behind myckiset recently. I took out lime green ankle pants, hot pink paisley print loose silky jacket and a tee in orange and wore that at a dinner I gave. People NEVER see me in pieces like this! Eyes rolled as they came in until I explained why I did this. (One woman thought it all came from Anthropologie or a similar arty boutique nearby) . No, all old stuff from my closet behind my closet.
    Hearing Carlene mention you “got” her style down is truly impressive, however and that she owns so many similar styles is equally impressive. Great blog!

  18. Thanks Paulette…I am so happy you love the scarf. It would be sitting here with no love since I changed my colors! It blesses me that it has found a new home. I love what you did and would love to see a picture of the outfit. So funny they thought you purchased it.

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