4 Favorite Spring Jackets – Look #4

Favorite Spring Jackets

Happy Wednesday! Today, I am brining to a conclusion this little series called 4 Favorite Spring Jackets – Look #4.

The four favorite spring jackets featured are new to my wardrobe and jackets I am wearing often right now.

This last one I really pondered over…I liked it so much, but it wasn’t exactly in my new Vibrant Autumn Color Palette.

I will discuss that…but also want to remind you that at the end of the post, I tackle Foundational Five Style Adjectives for another reader!


Favorite Spring Jackets

The favorite spring jacket #2 from Target is the orange version of this #4 jacket!

This is the New Day Women’s Linen Blazer in blue & white stripes at Target

I liked the orange one so much that I ordered this Blue & White striped version.

I confess when it arrived, I almost did not unpack it thinking it needed a return for two reasons: the color, and I am losing some weight so these jackets are now even more oversized than when I first met them.

But, I obviously kept it…again for two reasons:  I have added more navy to my wardrobe and there are ways to warm this jacket up with my colors…the second?  I really like both these jackets!

Favorite Spring Jackets

The lining is actually better than many of the more expensive jackets I have tried on lately.

The linen wears well and it looks like more than a $37 jacket would.

The jackets as third pieces help me to meet my style adjectives of polished and current. 

They are also very comfortable in a warm climate. 

Favorite Spring Jackets

I styled it today over a column of navy topping off these pieces:

Ruffle Mixed Media Shell at Loft in Forever Navy

Sculpt Pull-On Jeggings at Talbot’s

My moon brooch is from Anthropologie and my gold cuff from Chico’s.  I decided to pick up the gold buttons with the accessories.

I have showed you my new gold UGG Teague Leather sandals before…really like them and they are not hard on my funky hammer toes!

Also, because someone asked, I styled every outfit (and wear every day) my FitBit Versa 3 Health and Fitness SmartWatch in pink clay


Favorite Spring Jackets

Today, meet Robin.   All I know about Robin is that she is a summer color palette and about my size.

Her Foundational Five adjectives are: Romantic, Feminine, Modern, Smart, and Peaceful.

When looking for garments, I ask myself does this piece speak these adjectives.  

I have never worked with peaceful or with a group that had romantic and modern in the same grouping.

Romantic styles often have a vintage vibe, but I looked at modern romantic trends such as eyelet this year.  I liked working with peaceful…  it actually made me feel peaceful to look at some of these.

So, Robin…these slideshows are for you!  First dress would look so cute with a light-colored denim jacket….

These first four days of the week have been so much fun, showing my favorite spring jackets and working with style adjectives!  I will return to that next week.

Tomorrow will be a Would You Wear It This & That!  Let me know what you think of Robin’s adjectives…and of the favorite spring jackets series, do you like series such as this?

See you then…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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Favorite Spring Jackets


  1. I was attracted to the striped jacket when you wore your orange one, but I did not realize that it was a navy stripe, and not black. I too am trying to increase my navy colored clothing and not wear as much black but was recently observing that all of my jackets are black. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I can still wear some clothes I’ve had for 20+ years so I feel guilty buying something new when my closet is packed. However, I am looking at what I own and trying to put together items that I do not normally wear together as you seem to often do. I think you did an excellent job picking out items for Robin. The different embellished sleeve structures and increased eyelet items easily fit the romantic but modern adjectives.

  2. Thanks Celia…have you selected five style adjectives…five messages you want to send with every outfit you wear? It will help you to glean the best from your current wardrobe. Let me know if you need help!

  3. Wow, I am so impressed with the Target jacket you showed. I am used to Talbot’s almost never lining casual jackets anymore — and charging a lot for them. I was going to pick up the Talbot’s jacket you showed earlier in the week, but I think I’ll try this one instead. Your explanation of why you chose it to wear over your column of color is really helpful, and I have the navy column covered in my closet already. This has been a great series.
    p.s. This seems to be the year for romantic modern. To be honest, I am buying some tiered skirts, which I think will hold up in future seasons, but am a little cautious about puff sleeves.

  4. Tiered skirts are very much on trend this year, Maeve…you will be able to find a nice selection. The quality of the two Target jackets I featured is very impressive.

  5. Pam, what a wonderful selection you made for Robin. I hope she enjoys her choices as much as I did yesterday. I have to admit I ordered a few items and can’t wait to see how they fit me (very important) and complement my existing wardrobe. Robin’s adjectives (and probably everyone’s adjectives) are such an eye opener for me. They really bring home the importance of having them and USING them in order to add cohesiveness to one’s personal closet. I can see the benefits of adding consistent style personality along with one’s best palette. You do a great job with that, for yourself as well as your readers. I found it interesting that you bought the latest jacket out of your season but found a way to work it in. Creative naughtiness! Thank you again for meeting your readers’ challenges.

  6. I really like the striped jacket over the column of navy. This is a great option for many color palettes, and provides a nice variation on something more “expected” if that makes sense. What I mean is that we can appear a certain way for so long that we become kind of predictable, and it’s good to mix that up. I think this look today would work for many of us, definitely including you. Very polished and current!
    I enjoyed the adjectives today, and really do like some of these choices. Even when we know our dominant adjectives, it’s fun to step outside our lines sometimes and have fun with something different. I can see doing that with things in this slideshow.

  7. LOL Deborah! I laughed at Creative Naughtiness!! This jacket looks great with a Vibrant Autumn scarf and a burnt orange tee! Because it is a navy stripe, I can make it work!

  8. I love working with the various adjectives. Finding pieces that speak all five is such a fun treasure hunt and I learn about the woman and her personality from them. I did not get a reply to the email where I told Robin I was posting today. I hope she discovers it is here and we will hear her feedback.

  9. Pam, you did it again!! I think these are perfect selections for Robin’s style adjectives. Even though at 5’2″ I usually don’t wear kimonos, I really love that lacy white one in the slide show. You look fantastic in your jacket and outfit. Thanks for these series. So fun !!

  10. I ordered some seersucker striped shorts from Penney’s from your slideshow yesterday for pickup at my local store as a way to use your link. I loved them (some shorts from my usual stores were $75, and these are almost as good for $18!). I too decided the navy/white combo was fine for my coloring, maybe because the stripes were fine and so the pure white contrast was not high. I liked the bold warmth of the gold accessories with your look; so often we see silver. Strong thumbs up to these series. I also like the ones where you take the same piece and show it in different outfits.

  11. Thanks Linda! Now that I know I am a vibrant autumn, I wear gold, bronze and rose gold as my jewelry of choice. I have retired my silver pieces but use the mixed metal ones. Thanks for letting me know you liked the series!

  12. Pamela, I’ve really been enjoying your jackets. I love this one but I’m unsure if this silhouette would look good on me. I’ll have to try it!!! Thank you!! I’m the lover of plainer clothing and great accessories!!!! Maybe this jacket is too busy for me?!!

  13. I love this series of style matching someone’s color palette and adjectives! I’m learning a lot. My twenty-something daughter is a modern-romantic and neither of us knew it LOL. (Like you mentioned, typical retro boho made her feel heavy and inauthentic.) We just knew that her style and coloring are opposite of mine. She’s now exploring her other style adjectives and having such fun! I’m a deep winter; Joyful, Approachable, Comfortable, Polished, Current

  14. This was the jacket I tried to buy—orange/coral are not my colors. Sadly it was sold out yesterday online and in store. I hope they restock.

  15. Yes, I too have enjoyed this mini-series on jackets. Reading the blog daily has made my wardrobe choices more fun and intentional, and I cannot tell you how much more meaningful it is to browse your clothing and accessories carousels than the old fashion magazines from when I was younger. I rarely felt included, if that makes sense. Here I know it is 100% for me and our stage of life, and I so look forward to it.

  16. Love what you said here, Connie and it makes so much sense. A blog can really pinpoint and personalize content for us. Thank you for your words.

  17. Me too! So sorry that it is sold out. I hope Target has gotten the message that we like these types of garments!

  18. It might be…it is also designed to be oversized and that does not work for many women….so glad you have enjoyed the series.

  19. These adjectives would be fun as a deep winter…enjoy. I wish I had received more direction my 20s…she should rejoice.

  20. I saw this jacket when I checked to see if the blazer came in another color besides orange, as that is not my color. I really like it. It would look great with white jeans, too.

  21. Hi Pamela, I think you so look pretty and fresh in today’s striped jacket over navy. Love that pin, too. My favorite look of the 4 jackets this week was the coral Target jacket – I love the navy print top and turquoise necklace with the coral. I also liked the red JCP jacket. The style picks for your reader’s adjectives have been fun. You really rose to the occasion today with your picks for Robin’s challenging combination of adjectives! I hope she’ll like the items you selected. It has me thinking about my own true adjectives- Classic, Understated, Polished, Intelligent and Kind. I also have an additional group which would describe a younger less tired me and which I’m trying to get back to and incorporate somehow! Happy, Fresh, Vibrant, Independent, Friendly. I think color is the answer.

  22. I love your second group, Brenda! Color definitely helps with happy, fresh and vibrant….and independent gives you a way to incorporate creativity with styles and accessories.
    This is a fun grouping to work with and communicate to the world every day. Thanks for sharing it!

  23. I just wanted to wrap up my day by saying that it was so much fun this week to see you focus on the one item I always feel less confident about: the third piece. I always want that third piece to be special and add personality. You really did a fantastic job explaining and showcasing your favorites. Thank you again for helping me out with my adjectives. Two of the few items that I purchased could be considered a third piece-the Boden cream sweater ( so different from the chain stores) and Nordstrom Rack’s stone chore jacket. I can’t wait to see them in person! Thanks, Pam, for showing me so many options that tick my boxes.

  24. Just heard from Robin! She wrote:
    Thank you, Pam, for my slideshow. I think you captured my look and my 5 adjectives perfectly. I especially like the dress, which is going in my shopping cart immediately! I so appreciate your blog and your positive attitude. Sending blessings to you. Robin

  25. I love seeing what you do with the adjectives! It’s so educational. I realize that I have bought a lot of romantic clothes because I think they are pretty (they are!) but it isn’t what I want to project. No wonder I’m not happy with my closet! But now that I have my own adjectives, I see better days ahead!

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