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Would You Wear It

Happy Thursday, everyone!  This has been a very fun week on the blog, so let’s keep the fun going with a Would You Wear It – This & That post.

On this day, I post various items I have seen while out and about and ask Would You Wear It?

Please explain your answers…and tell us exactly why you believe you would or would not wear the item.

Let’s begin with our lead picture today….Would You Wear dresses that tie at the chest?

This is the Embroidered Sweetheart Maxi Dress from Anthropologie.


Would You Wear It

There is a lot going on in fashion world this year with SLEEVES!

Our first picture features navy striped sleeves with bows around a block of navy. 

This is the Tommy Hilfiger Cotton Mixed-Media Top.


Would You Wear It

This blouse features different stripes on the cuffs of a striped top.

It is also at Macy’s from Tommy Hilfiger. 

I could not find this exact blouse, but many online are cuffed up toward the elbow.  But Macy’s carries many Hilfiger tops for women.

Would you wear it

What about the size of the sleeves.  Look at this top at Nordstrom….Would You Wear It?

Participating in a trend like sleeve treatments is one way to stay current…and this is a trend for fashion this year.

Here are more unique sleeve designs…..





Would You Wear It

When I was leaving Macy’s, I noticed the styling of these two mannequins.

What do you think? Would You Wear It with the cardigan wrapped around your waist as there are?

Please comment on any of the pieces in this display or offer suggestions for different styling of the display.

I just have to say again what a wonderful audience you are…it makes it fun to create for your everyday and to find ways to inspire and assist you in this crazy world.

Thank you for being here…..now WOULD YOU WEAR IT???


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Ties at the chest are a no go with a bra! Cardigans around the waist can be useful for concealing the bum, but not a premeditated piece for me.

    I would do the puffy sleeved top because it’s also collarless & cropped (better proportions for my curved face & pear shape) but only if it came in better colours for a Deep Autumn!

  2. dress is cute, but so low, every time you bent over in the slightest you’d be flashing people. I wouldn’t wear sweaters tied that way, I think its going to stretch the sweater fibers out once you’ve sat a few times, plus I think it would add bulk to the bottom half of the wearer. the puffy sleeves and the sleeves that have a different print at cuffs are a no for me…im so used to working at a desk, that I still think of knocking over papers or dipping your sleeves in your lunch with that kind of style.

  3. The dress is clearly for a junior. I’m not a junior.

    Embellished sleeves. I’m not into frou frou, and some of those would drag in your soup.

  4. The dress is pretty, but the tie seems to purposely call attention to the chest and the plunging neckline contributes to that. It’s pretty, but due to drawing attention to the chest, is a “no” for me. The sleeve fad/trend is one I’m not participating in. Personally, I think it expands/widens the upper body in a way that would not flatter me, again, speaking for myself. It looks costumey to me. Also, for ladies who are well endowed (I’m not!!!), The sleeves can call unwanted attention to the chest making it more pronounced. This is where it matters where the puffy sleeves end. Putting a cardigan around the waist looks cute here because the mannequins are reed thin. This is a look that needs to be considered individually because it can emphasize an area that a lot of ladies don’t want to emphasize. Rather than camouflage that area, it calls attention. These particular outfits are a no for me. I do like the dress, but would not feel comfortable with the neckline.

  5. If the first dress was sleeveless and a blue print, I would try it on. I like the neckline and the length. It would look cute with a demin jacket.
    I love Tommy Hilfiger clothing. I have TH dresses that are on repeat. The blouse with the striped sleeves has too much contrast for me. The Nordstrom top with the balloon sleeves NO! I am not a fan of statement sleeves.
    I only tie a sweater at my waist when I’m running and overheated. Happy Thursday!

  6. Don’t know about the cardigan tied at the waist but I just bought the olive linen shirt! Adorbs! Thanks for taking a stroll through Macy’s.

  7. Well … I would not wear the tie at the bust, though I think it’s a pretty dress, especially for someone with a smaller bust line than mine. As Karen says, really enlarged sleeves not only broaden the chest, but can broaden and widen the waist as well. I need no help with that! I one top with less exaggerated puffiness, a couple of flutter/batwing sleeves, and a cardigan that has a pleated bell effect at the wrists. It’s enough, because while puffed sleeves go in and out of style, their exaggeration is into fad territory, I think. So anything purchased will look extremely dated very soon. I did like the cuffs in a different fabric. Talbots does that very well, and they are cute when folded back. I love the look of the cardigan tied at the waist or shoulders. It looks effortless and a little sporty, which is part of my style. I don’t do it deliberately, but I do do it when I’m unsure of the weather.

  8. I love both Tommy tops. Would wear the stripe with white pants, and the menswear stripe with anything. The contrasting cuffs up it a notch for me. I do love all my Tommy shirts though, even if I sometimes have to iron them to make them look good.
    The dress is pretty low necked for me, if I’m not comfortable in a look it shows. Would not tie my sweater around my waist, but would wear it over my shoulders. More bulk is not needed at waistline for me, and I’m not big..

  9. I like the two outfits with the sweaters tied at waist, especially the green camp shirt. If you need a sweater at some point when you’re out and about and then need to take it off, tying at the waist makes sense. I agree, though, that you might not want to make a habit of this to avoid stretching the sweater. I do this with sweaters and sweatshirts. The other alternative for me is to drape the sweater over my handbag, through the handles. Of course, the bag size and handle length make all the difference.

  10. I do like the variety of sleeves currently available but thinking about it, I would normally be covering them with my third piece of clothing as I get cold so they might never be seen. However, if they are long-sleeved, I would/could wear without a third piece. The dress is definitely a no for same reasons as others have noted. I often wear my hoodie wrapped around my waist when I walk daily but only because where I walk in a cemetery, it is often more windy and cooler than around my house. But I would not wrap my bottom if I were going elsewhere…again for same reasons as already expressed.

  11. The dress is a no for me, even in my colours it would have a nightgown look in my eyes. I know I can wear a slight puff on a sleeve but larger ones would have to be tried on because proportion would be very important. The navy with striped sleeves appeals to me but I would not buy it without trying it on. I’m just happy to see something replacing the dreaded drop sleeve that I can not wear at all.

  12. Oh, my! What I really want is that peacock in my garden, with live moss and flowers on it!

    I frequently tie a cardigan or jacket around my waist if I’ve gotten too warm and need to take it off. I’m going to try to remember to tie it the way it’s shown in the mannequins, rather than any whicha way over my clothes, the way I usually do.

    I might wear a bathing suit or cover-up that tied at the bust, but not regular clothes. I also wouldn’t wear any of the other tops featured, and for the same reason as avoiding a tie at the bust — I’m already busty and prefer to wear simple, streamlined styles up top.

    I adored puffed sleeves and wore them when I was quite young in the 80s — they reminded me of Anne Shirley — but I’ve tried them on in the last year or so and it’s not a good look for me anymore.

  13. The dress is cut too low for my ample chest, & I would be worried about the tie coming undone. I have owned a couple of tops with ties on the sleeves, & there were always coming untied, so that’s a no. I would wear the stripped Tommy Hilfiger blouse. It looks as if the cuff is a knit, so pushing the sleeves up would be easy. The puffy sleeved top would make me look like I should be playing linebacker for the Colts. The cardigan tied around my waist & hanging down my backside would drive me crazy. I did like the Chicos tee with the lace trim that was in the slide show.

  14. Well, I am reiterating what everyone else has said. Too much fabric, too much décolletage, too much focus on the chest. Where do we want the eye to look? Some attention to sleeves would be fine with me, but not with all that excess fabric that so many pieces are touting. The dress is really interesting, if only there was …less. It might look smashing on a younger, tall girl with a more flamboyant dress personality. I do want to comment on the striped Tommy shirt. Although I think the stripes may be too bold for many, it is heartening to see the tailoring: using the bias cut on an honest to goodness placket and the collar; I would have sewn on bias cuffs as well. Wearing a sweater around a middle can look preppy, but I would never do it intentionally, only if need be. I remember though that Donna Karan did that look for a few seasons, incorporating a waist wrap look right into the dress. I do love that green linen shirt as I loved the deep brown one last week! With a pair of jeans and cute flats, maybe a contrasting belt or funky jewelry, that could be easy and elegant summer evening dressing for me.

  15. Glad to hear there is another Anne of Green Gables here! I learned many life lessons from Anne “with an ‘e’”!

  16. Only the green blouse works for me. All the rest are too busy. The dress, while interesting, isn’t for us large busted women. Flare jeans? Those look a little too short with the flare. Wearing a sweater/shirt/hoodie around the wait works when the weather changes and you don’t want to wear or carry it.

  17. At first glance I though thus midi dress was bedroom wear. Yikes.
    The puffy sleeve revival is really not me, though if I saw a particular blouse where the sleeve is not terribly exaggerated, I might jump on board. Maybe.
    Sorry for late response here!

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