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Today's News

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Welcome to Today’s News for Women Over 50.

Just in case you are joining in on Wednesdays for the first time, this is a special feature to help you stay informed with Today’s News, particularly in lifestyle areas.

I curate headlines I believe will be of interest to many of you, and put them together in one place.

Thus, this becomes a weekly, positive newsletter just for you.

So, get a morning beverage and a cozy chair and join in for Today’s News.


Today's news

I always begin with the areas many of you are looking for the most.

Sometimes I will include fashion articles that are interesting, but not necessary about fashion many of us would wear!

The Guardian reports, “On pointe: Fashion leaps for ballet look after bagginess of lockdowns”

From InStyle Magazine, “You’ll never run out of solutions for how to tie a scarf with this easy guide.”

In She Finds, “The anti-aging contour trick that every woman should be trying to get a firmer, youthful neck.”

From Woman’s World, “5 makeup tips that lift and brighten tired eyes”

Southern Living shares “These haircuts are going to be huge in 2022”

AARP brings us: “10 Best things you should buy used”


Today's News


Let’s start off with Better Homes & Gardens, “10 best evergreen trees for privacy and year round greenery”

Also at BH & G“Say hello to spring with a cheerful DIY lemon wreath”

From MindBodyGreen, “Professional organizers share their favorite way to get organized for spring”


Today's News

Always love to find article about healthy eating and with cooking ideas.  It is honestly hard to pick which ones…but let’s give it a go!

From Victoria Magazine,  “Salad Niçoise”…need I say more?

Eat This, Not That shares “Eating habits secretly increasing your abdominal fat, say dietitians”

Very Well Fit writes,  “Increasing Omega-3s could add five years to your life”

Finally from Taste of Home, “60 traditional Easter desserts to make this year”


Today's News

From Prevention Magazine, “How to look younger and age gracefully, according to experts”

The Hill reports,  “Thirty minutes of exercise may reduce depression symptoms, study says”

Travel Awaits shares, “Farmers’ Almanac predicts a scorching summer for most of U.S., Canada, here’s the breakdown”

Also from Travel Awaits, “7 amazing bird-watching spots in Michigan”

Finally, today from Fit & Well, “This anti-aging resistance band workout can build muscle in 20 minutes”


Today's News

I just wanted to give a shout out to jewelry designer, Kendra Scott, for the best Fiesta decorations at the mall!!

They have such a fun display at The Shops at La Cantera.  Her jewelry is very popular here.

I thought you might enjoy a little more taste of Fiesta here.

Please comment on any of the articles in Today’s news…and feel free to leave your thoughts….I hope your springtime is blooming.


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I really enjoy your Today’s News feature…such a great variety of useful articles. The time, effort and imagination you bring to your blog is much appreciated and helpful.

  2. Thank you, Kathleen. I love doing this and your encouragement is everything. Thanks so much!

  3. First time being here with the news and I loved it!!! Thank you for all your hard work!!! So appreciated!!!

  4. Always something fun to read! Your link to the Michigan bird article is wrong, but I found it by searching. The picture that goes with the title is right where we are going in October for hiking and leaf peeping. In fact, we can walk to the restaurant they mentioned, and to the lighthouse. And never mind the birding, the upper part of Michigan’s lower peninsula (Petoskey) might be my favorite place on earth. For those who can make the drive, you could explore coastal Michigan for years. Many towns have a wonderful nautical vibe, with street fairs, boutiques, and harbors to explore.

  5. Lots of interesting articles today! I took some extra time and read through them all. You certainly do find fun as well as useful articles. I’m always interested in hairstyles because I try to change mine fairly regularly, and this article gave me something to discuss with the young lady who keeps my hair presentable!!

  6. Interesting articles as always. I have high hopes that the athletic wear all day everywhere trend has run its course, & we will finally be seeing some real clothes again. Since I have worn some form of a bob for many years, it was good to see so many of them featured for spring. Lemons seem to be popping up everywhere this spring. The April Talbot’s catalog featured a lot of lemon items, & I’ve seen many housewares & decorative items featuring them.

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