Would You Wear It – This & That

Would You Wear It

Happy Tuesday, all!  Today is a continuing series called Would You Wear It – This & That.

I started this additional Would You Wear It last month and several seem to like it…so I am going to keep it going for awhile.

It gives us an opportunity to look at different types of designs that are currently on the market.

I do want to remind you that it is becoming more and more difficult to find items in the stores online.

Several brands are featuring some designs only in-store as well as some only online.

These items still make for a good discussion about what women over 50 will and will not wear.


Would You Wear It

In walking through Macy’s recently, I saw several garments with this very larger Calvin Klein signature on the right side front.

Of course, I immediately wondered… WOULD YOU WEAR IT?  

Calvin Klein Signature Logo Button Down

Calvin Klein Signature Logo Tee


Would You Wear It

I have seen this many places lately…wearing animals…not animal print…but ANIMAL IMAGES!

Here are a few of the items I have seen….

The first handbag is a Brahmin Melbourne Collection Leopard Printed Caroline Crocodile-Embossed Satchel Bag.

If you would wear it, there is also a crossbody and another design of Satchel bag.

Would You Wear It


Would You Wear It

I cannot find either of these pants online…but just had to ask about them while the discussion is around wearing prints with animals!

Would You Wear It?

Both were found at Dillard’s.

Would You Wear It

Let’s throw birds into this discussion…we often see garments this time of year with parrots, toucans, and tropical creations in the prints.

These are from Anthropologie.


Would you Wear It

We have seen many rattan bags so far this season with leather or leather-like handles.

But this one is reversed with rattan handles….The Anthropologie Half Moon Bag.

So, ladies………………………..


Thinking of handbags?  Here are a few I have seen on the market recently…

I look forward to reading your thoughts on these items for WOULD YOU WEAR IT – This & That!

Let us know what you think….and throughout this day, make sure you….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Nothing for me today. I like Calvin Klein clothing but I’m not walking around like a human billboard. Animal prints no and handbags with uncomfortable handles don’t work for me. Crossbody and shoulder bags are my thing. Happy Tuesday.

  2. Good morning, Pam! This is an easy one. My only “no’s” would be the on the side logo and the grey leggings. Both grey and leggings are something I don’t wear. The Brahmin bag is darling. I’m also like the horse pants, too.

  3. Hi Pam! Of the items shown, only the rattan handbags would be something I’d consider. I don’t have nor do I purchase anything with a designer’s name on it. Not even handbags, just won’t do it. I guess I don’t see the point to advertise like that. Animal figures on clothing? I have not seen this in stores yet but will have to pay more attention. I’ll definitely be sitting that trend out. Sometimes it seems like designers feel that they have to keep reinventing themselves, as well as reviving the past. Maybe they do. I have always preferred classic clothing styles, and more and more it becomes apparent to me why this is so. What do you do with pants covered with horses when this is no longer a fad? I remember back in the 1950’s when it used to be popular having curtains and even lamps depicting animals. I think this reminds me of that, so long story short, just no!

  4. Good Morning All. I like the half moon bag. Unfortunately for me, all other items would be a no. I tend to stay away from “logo” items and animal prints. Just a personal preference!

  5. You hit upon something I wear all the time!! I have about 7 Calvin Klein tee shirts in black with the logo in different designs. I like them because I wear black a lot to try to slim down my body. The shirts are long enough to hide my belly! lol. I would never wear leggings/pants with a design. I don’t want to draw attention to my hips. I am struggling to lose some weight (I am in my 70s) and it seems to be impossible. I love Brahmin bags but would not buy the one shown. Again, no patterns!

  6. Oh, I love the two handbags you featured. Brahmin is my go-to for handbags. I love the animal print but the colors aren’t deep enough for me. Maybe there will be an autumn version. The Half moon bag is gorgeous but I use only crossbody bags. I have painted a Brahmin cobalt blue a bronze and now I am painting a silvery blue bag mustard. Better than donating!
    Although I would love a pair of neat plaid pants, I would pass on these patterns. I can see the floral on the right personality.
    Calvin Klein needs us to advertise for them? Just can’t understand that look.
    Great post!

  7. I am just not someone who will walk around with purses, shoes, or clothing giving free advertisement to designers. A small, discreet logo on a purse is okay (hard to avoid) but a bold name across a piece of clothing is a no. I am just not fond of animals and birds as part of a print, so these items would all be a no. One exception is the rattan handled purse. The rattan adds a nice little bit of interest and I would use the crossbody strap. Unfortunately I looked the purse up online and saw that there are no interior pockets…that is a deal breaker for me.

  8. Good Morning! on the subject of handbags, I must have enough strap to sling it on my shoulder. I want/need to have my hands free.
    on the prints with animals…hmm, im on the fence. I do always like those Chicos prints that have a big peacock on the back. but usually its just pajamas that have anything else featured.
    the big CK logo…..nope. ive been shopping for a new belt lately, seems everyone wants to put someones initials on the buckle….theres just something about when people have to wave their money in your face that’s distasteful to me.

  9. Good morning, ladies. First, I would not opt to wear a large designer logo on my clothing. Sometimes, the logos are discreetly placed on outerwear, and I will accept wearing those items. I live in Michigan, and trying to find a logo-free heavy winter parka is nearly impossible. I bite the bullet and buy what fits and is comfortable, even with a small logo.

    I try to avoid prints of all designs on my pants. However, I might wear a flowy skirt with a large print. Large prints in pants, for me, tend to accentuate my curves too much. I prefer solid colors for my pants. Now, if you put that blue parrot pants fabric in a blouse I would buy it in an instant. I am a birder, and I really love wearing fun bird prints in tops and accessories. I have a summer purse, beach bag and lunch tote in a tropical bird print from Vera Bradley that makes me happy whenever I use them. I do like that crocodile / leopard bag. It would be a limited use item, so I would not buy it. A little splash of colorful print in a top or accessory is my style. Thanks for this post. It gets me excited to bring out my bird print purse, and Longaberger woven basket purse. It looks to be back in style.
    Janet in Michigan

  10. That would be a NO from me on the clothing with a designer’s name on it. And the same for the animal prints that are big like the horses on the pants. However, I am not as opposed to smaller animal prints . I have never been a fan of purses with designer logos nor any clothing with these logos. To me I think clothing with name or logos says “ Look at me! I bought this expensive shirt or purse!”. But I’m sure many do not agree as I often see such purses in particular.

  11. Interesting mix. I’m one who likes these posts! Designer names/logos: hard pass. It has kept me from buying some otherwise great-fitting Michael Kors pieces as he does this too much. Brahmin bag is gorgeous. As a gift, I’d use it for sure, as a purchase not versatile enough. I don’t mind animals (or birds) on bags. Which leads me to tigers on my bottom: I’m not a small woman, and I shudder to think of those poor animals stretched, or moving out of their lines as I walked … they would be an epic fail on me. The printed linen pants would be fun on a beach vacation, but I don’t wear prints on the bottom, as I find tabletop dressing to be the easiest way to get the most out of my wardrobe. I liked the half moon purse for going out, but I question the durability of raffia handles. I always carry a tote as my daily purse.

  12. Hi, I am with everyone else — no big logos; no horsy prints. Moreover, I remember when Calvin Klein was featuring little girls in sexy ways. I have been boycotting him for decades and am not going to change my mind now. He makes nice clothes, but I can absolutely live w/o them.

  13. Linda’s comment about the poor animals has me laughing out loud! Like so many I also feel anti-logo, especially as the C.K. one in this case IS the focal point. Generally speaking I am not drawn to any of these animal print trends, but if anything might wear one as a scarf at most. The Brahmin bag’s print is cute but I don’t buy purses or shoes with reptile patterns so that is also a No. The rattan and straw bags shown are terrific, as are some other choices shown in the deeper dive clicking in to Anthropology. I see them as resort wear, so functionality is not a big deal for carrying a room key, my phone, and some sunscreen. 😎

  14. Certainly a good assortment but as others have said, “Not for me.” I checked my closet and it contains no pieces with a name, no animals, no rattan. Pretty boring, maybe I need to expand my choices.

  15. I agree with you Celia, one hundred percent! I have never worn clothing with a designer name as a design element. I also do not like it as an obvious detail on purses or shoes. What designer thought big print horse pants was a good idea?! I laughed, just what one needs across the behind. I did think the leopard animal purse was pretty. Not enough to buy though.

  16. Is Calvin going to pay me to advertise for him? Then, that’s a no. I recently bought a bright, bird print shirt for a trip to Florida. It was quirky and fit my style and the locale. The circle shaped bag doesn’t appeal to me.

  17. I couldn’t wear any of this or that!!!! Not me!! The rattan handle bag style wise was ok but not quality I want in handbags!!!

  18. I will have to pass on all these. Like many others, I don’t wish to advertise for any designer. I am not a fan of print of any kind on my pants or bags as I prefer the versatility of classic solids. The round handbag just looks quite cumbersome & not particularly practical.

  19. Today poses quite a conundrum for me.

    I love the Brahmin bag. I can’t even explain it as I don’t like animal images on anything, although I like animal print. There is something about this bag that is so lovely (the colors? the textures?). Gorgeous (except for the price)!!

    Don’t care for the CK shirt. No logos for me — big or little.

    No for the pants. I like animal prints, but not animal images. Go figure!

    Fun post today, Pam!

  20. I’m afraid I am in the same camp as Karen (above) as prefer not to advertise designer names or logos. As to the Brahman handbag(s) regardless it/ they are quality, their price tag in Cdn. currency is just not worth it to myself as I do not want a purse I have to pamper. Last but least; regarding overall printed animal or fowl themed garments it might be something I would choose as ‘a fun addition’ to my wardrobe provided if I was much, much younger than I am or if I lived in a warmer climate, but otherwise I pass. Do like the half moon leather ‘n rattan bag (style and neutral color) but would have to try it on for fit (scale) and function (compartments).

  21. I like the two bags you’re showing, Pam- the rattan and I think I’d prefer the crossbody Brahmin leopard group bag. Cute!
    The clothing just doesn’t appeal to me today.

  22. As so many others have said, I wouldn’t wear any items that make me feel like a billboard. I wouldn’t even wear my own name or initials emblazoned on my clothes or accessories. I’ve long felt that wearing obvious designer clothing and accessories sends a message that the wearer isn’t confident in her own choices and has to rely on sending the message that she has the money to spend on logos. Money doesn’t equate with style and classiness.

  23. I have quirky young adult kiddo on the spectrum who has a nice collection of vintage Hawaiian shirts that he has painstakingly accumulated by combing the local thrift stores for years. He loves to wear them during the summer any chance he gets. The rest of the year, he’s in blah sweatpants paired with tees from old rock bands. But in summer, look out–wild shirts, Bermuda shorts, Panama hats, and cool sunglasses. No interest in the current fashion fads–just these vintage finds. He really pulls this stuff off (and looks like he should be a cruise ship director), but I don’t. So the crazy tropical print pants for me–NO. I have some wild tropical print scarves my kiddo found for me that I wear with sleeveless summer dresses and sandals. (He told me I shouldn’t be so boring, right? LOL). But printed pants, or even wild printed sundresses–I’ll leave them for the younger crowd. As for the blah button-down shirt and tee with Calvin’s name on it–is that really supposed to make these unremarkable items interesting by turning the wearer into a walking billboard? No thanks. And that bag looks huge…I have a couple of small bags that go everywhere. So NOPE.

  24. What a fun post! I am just beginning to figure out my five adjectives and this helps me see that I might be more classic and conservative in my taste than I realized. Although I don’t see myself in the bird print pants, I might go for a few small birds on a floral shirt, and I like the green shopper purse. 🙂

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