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Good morning, all!  Welcome to Today’s News for Women over 50.

This is the day of the week that I curate headlines together which you may find of interests, into Today’s News.

It is your own personal weekly newsletter meant to bring news of interest and edification to your life.

So grab a warm beverage…a comfy space…and let’s go to the headlines…..


Today's News

DeseretNewsVintage in Vogue, The Newest Trends in Fashion are Nothing New at All

Who What Wear: My Mom Is 71 and Loves Zara – Here are 6 Trends We are Both Wearing

VogueHow to Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable

CNN: What Do Clean Beauty and Green Beauty Actually Mean?

New York PostJCPenney Owners Offer To Buy Kohl’s


Today's News

AARP: 13 Things to Throw Away Right Now

Eating Well6 Polite Things You Do When Getting Food Delivery That Are Actually Rude

Better Homes & GardensThe Most Common Stinky Smells in Your Home and How to Get Rid of Them


Today's News

Well + Good6 Anti-Inflammatory Herbs & Spices That Will Give Roasted Veggies New Life (And Major Health Benefits)

Better Homes & Gardens: 21 High Protein Breakfast Ideas for a Morning Brain Boost

Eat This, Not That One Major Effect of Eating Clementines, Says a Dietician

MindBodyGreen:   The Refreshing Cashew Butter Smoothie Can Restore Collagen & Keep You Full

Tasting Table: Chicken Salad is More Nutritious Than You Might Have Thought


Today's News

Well + Good: What It Feels Like to Walk 15 Minutes a Day

InsiderBrisk Walking May Shave 16 Years Off Your Biological Age by Midlife

Today Show6 Fitness Trends That are a Waste of Time and Money

MBGhealthWhy Magnesium Levels Decline with Age and What to do About It


Today's News

Southern Living:  Tell Grandma to Get Her Good Luggage, We’ve Got 18 Trips for the Whole Family

Travel Awaits: 12 Charming Texas Hill Country Cabins from Fredericksburg to New Braunfels

NOTE:  As I wrote on Monday, we just returned from taking the whole family to Concan, TX over the weekend and with ages 1-68, we had a great time…so many fun things to do!!

That is it for Today’s News…and I welcome comments, critiques, or additions on any or all of the articles.  As with fashion, we always learn from one another.

Thank you so much for being here…I appreciate every reader!!


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Well, Pamela, you did it again! I was looking at tourist info about Texas yesterday, thinking ahead to next May. You must have read my mind with the articles you featured today. Another very interesting collection of articles to broaden our knowledge and pique our interest. Thank you!

  2. So happy you found useful information! Always happy to help you if you have questions about Texas travel.

  3. Pam, thanks again for a very comprehensive grouping of articles. I enjoyed the Zara article– such beautiful ladies. Can’t wait to roast some veggies with the anti-inflammatory herbs. It will be dried herbs for now, but I’m attempting to grow fresh in the garden. Thank you and have a super day!

  4. Love these articles Pam! Especially like the mother/daughter one at Zara as my daughter and I love to shop together. Does that girl have a blog or website? I am interested if she does other mother/daughter articles.

  5. I always look forward to Wednesday’s, and this week’s selection is great. I still have a lot to read and am so interested in the eco / sustainable news. The article on mother-daughter shopping was fun too. Although my daughter and I don’t shop at the same stores, we used to shop together — good memories.

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