What I Wore: Date Night

What I Wore

Happy Tuesday!  I have one more WHAT I WORE post for you featuring DATE NIGHT!

Before Mr. B and I headed out for the big family weekend, we got in a date night last Thursday.

It was a time to go out to a lovely restaurant and attend the theater production of Donna Summer: The Musical.


What I Wore

I thought some of you might like this particular picture, because you can see a lovely lady wearing sneakers with her dress in the background.

I prefer wearing pants to dresses and really have my entire life over 50, but I am getting to where I want to add more to my wardrobe.

Now to discuss WHAT I WORE:

On this night, I took my style adjectives (joyful, polished, approachable, creative, current) to my closet, full of my preferred autumn palette, to mix something together for the evening.

I am so glad I decided to keep this silk Eileen Fisher coat in my wardrobe when everything changed over…the lovely brown works.

I have worn this coat off and on for special events for years…..it keeps me POLISHED.  

It has proven itself to have much potential…as Carol mentioned in the comments last Saturday….to be either a high end piece or casual chic.

The beautiful blue-green top from Chico’s is so perfect for my wardrobe and takes the look up a notch.

How did I look CURRENT?  With the white jeggings from JC Penneys!  Though they are quite casual, I believe the mix of casual chic works here.

Accessories included a snakeskin clutch, the lovely thrifted necklace, and ballet flats add the touch of CREATIVE for me.

For me, WHAT I WORE to the event was more about staying true to my style adjectives than weather I was in a dress or pants….


What I wore

I am standing in the gorgeous St. Anthony’s Hotel in downtown San Antonio. 

What I Wore

What I Wore

Inside of the hotel, is the acclaimed restaurant REBELLE.

My favorite dish isn’t featured in the pictures but it was a side dish of baked spinach and truffle sauce….amazing!!


What I Wore

Before I close out WHAT I WORE today, let’s take a look back at last week because I need to make sure we are all on the same page.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been assisting readers with interpreting their style adjectives. 

I believe deciding and controlling the messages you want to send about you with your style is the way we develop a personal, unique style that everyone around identifies as uniquely you.

Last week began with Sally including the word “French” in her adjectives; then I actually heard from a reader in Italy (Cinzia); and Linda mentioned her interest in Scandinavian style in her new retired style.

What I Wore

This is where the different influences from other countries and from our surroundings originated.  I was not doing a series on style from other countries….but on style adjectives.

If another reader mentions her desire to communicate she is influenced by another country, I will try to include it in the pieces I select for her and in the content.

Otherwise, I will not be writing specifically about another country.

The series is and always has been about individual women and what they want to tell the world about their unique style using five style adjectives.

If you still have questions about this series, then please ask below.

I will go back to featuring readers and their adjectives sometime this week…I am still gathering myself together after such a busy weekend!

Now, here are some pieces you may want to check out……

Thank you for joining in today for WHAT I WORE for Date Night!  Feel free to join in the conversation below and I will see you tomorrow with some headlines curated just for you!


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. What a lovely evening and a beautiful outfit that you chose! The hotel is definitely gorgeous and I’m sure makes you feel really pampered to dine in such a place! I do like that EF coat that you wore, and think this was such a classy ensemble! Food looks delicious too! I’ll probably be in the minority on the woman in the green dress, but I just think a pair of pumps, even with a low heel, would have elevated her look and been more appropriate. You, however, look great!!

  2. Thanks Karen! I felt very confident in this look…I know I wear the white jeggings often, but I like the way they fit so much!

  3. I agree with Karen, that length of dress, just needs at least a little heel, unless its a sundress and your flip-flopping around an island or cruise ship…..if you know there’s going to be a lot of walking and your feet will suffer, that’s when you chose slacks. now, I think an above the knee skirt or dress you can pair with some pretty flats or ballet type slippers.
    you looked great, that jacket was just right!

  4. You look wonderful! What a great outfit, and the hotel is gorgeous. Question : Have you ever thought about growing out your bangs? is that worth considering? Do you have photos from the past when you did not have bangs? I’m thinking the bangs close in your face, and hide your beautiful visage! Your lovely thick hair and glasses cover your face, so maybe the bangs are worth growing out, or pinning to the side. hugs

  5. Many have tried to get me to grow out my bangs, Susan. I have worn bangs most of my life. As of right now, they stay…they are me. Maybe one day I will do it and maybe one day I will go gray…but for right now…this is me.
    I will always wear glasses but occasionally I change the style. I appreciate your sentiment though. I am not going to say I will never do it…because there is always a chance I will do something different.
    Recently I received a very ugly comment about my big hair and plastic glasses. I did not post it because it was only meant for me and did not edify anyone else. I understand some would do my style differently.

  6. Your look today can only be described as luscious. I love the coat and the richness of the colors set against the white. And yes, I agree the denim makes it more modern/current. I think this is especially important when we get our “special” clothes out, as we tend to keep them a long time and they can look dated if we are not careful. The few dresses I own are casual tank or tee shirt dresses I wear on vacation or when it’s scalding hot and humid. My style is a bit sporty (befitting adjectives Casual and Active), and I feel silly in a feminine, floral dress, though they look lovely on others.

  7. In defence of the lady in the background maybe she just had foot surgery, or Plantar fasciitis. However it still looks like she chose some gold toned shoes to dress up the look. Not saying pumps wouldn’t have looked better. That said Pam you look beautiful and comfortable with your choices.

  8. Thank you, Mary Ruth! One of the reasons I have embraced the sneaker trend is comfort for my funky feet! I actually chose the ballet flats I have on for comfort because we were walking a bit that evening.

  9. Maybe it’s just me, but I came on vacation with a fresh set of blisters on my two hammer toes (tried to break in a new pair of flats just before the trip, but they rubbed me raw) . . . Anyway, I had to wear bandaids, socks and tennis shoes on our air travel day and felt under-dressed the whole day for having shoes that felt unflattering and not dressy enough. So maybe the lady in her dress might also have been having some foot issue, and tennies were necessary. 🤷‍♀️ Pam, that shade of green is beautiful on you! Glad you had a good time.

  10. Date night — what a concept! You look really gorgeous. I think because you excel at taking different pieces from many sources and assembling them into a beautiful presentation. Nothing matchy, matchy, but everything works. I think the sneakers with that lovely dress look awful, and she lost any balance she might have had. A big misstep

  11. I really liked your look. I would also wear flats or I even like to dressed up sneakers on the other lady. I’m now retired and do like a relaxed classic look if there is one. That is what I most feel comfortable in.

  12. Oh, I just read the idea about growing out your bangs. So sad about the negative comments you had received. As a happy bangs-wearer, I cannot foresee ever letting them go. There was a brief period as a young teen in the mid-seventies when I wore my hair long, straight, and parted down the middle, and while that was fine for me then, that wouldn’t do at all now. My bangs help bring attention to my eyes, and feel genuinely like a part of me.

  13. Love the outfit your wore on date night! Everything works so well together. You are glowing! Fun that the other woman was captured in a photo so we could check out her outfit.

  14. Pamela, you totally hit the mark embracing both your colors and style adjectives! These sleeker, more-architectural lines suit you beautifully. Happy you and Mr B enjoyed a memorable evening in a gorgeous setting!

    Side suggestion for website: Please consider moving photo captions from far below each photo to immediately above each photo. Currently I see a photo, scroll far down for caption, then scroll back up to revisit photo. My pet peeve with many blogs, so perhaps a tech limitation. I can’t be the only reader experiencing this. As a journalist and top blogger, perhaps you can better unite photos with captions. Would be so appreciated!

  15. Pamela. You looked fabulous!! In defense of people that only wear long skirts a flat that is dressy is completely appropriate these days!! Even women in the fashion industry that can wear heels are wearing flats these days!!! Women can be so judge mental!! We all need to show Grace!!!

  16. Hi Pamela, I love this polished date night look! I especially like the color combo with the EF brown silk jacket over the teal blouse. The colors look very nice with your hair color too. The addition of the necklace pulls it all together with the cream color pants. I would love to copy this look. I used to wear a lot of brown when my hair was still blonde, not sure how it will work with my hair, now that it’s silver.

  17. Thank you Connie. It could be foot issues, but this type of look is in style and on trend in many places…now I wish I had talked to her!

  18. Thank you Maeve…I rarely am matchy matchy…one of the ways I communicate my creative adjective is to enjoy mixing things up a bit!

  19. I love this coat and am so glad I allowed myself to be talked into it…something the man who was the fashion editor for the local newspaper did for me…Thanks to Michael!

  20. I did not even know that had happened until I looked at the images the next day! But I thought the audience might enjoy it. Thanks Deanna.

  21. Hi Char…I will do my best on the layout…but often how it falls has to do with my ad company. I love architectural lines!

  22. Hi Natalie…Thanks for your comments and for the one I did not show about my hair…you are so sweet and supportive. But please do not be hard on the ladies who do not care for the sneaker/dress style. I was the one who opened the discussion and we can often learn from each other in those discussions. I do not think they were being harsh. I am so glad to have you here and can tell you have a sweet spirit.

  23. I bet many browns would still look great with your silver hair. I plan to to still wear the color when I go that direction!

  24. Those rich, saturated colors are beautiful. The subtle sheen of the jacket, the necklace & clutch elevate the look for evening. Altogether a look that proves that dressing up doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

  25. I am late commenting today but wanted to say that you looked like a 10+ on date night. As a fellow autumn, I love that EF coat! I am a bang person, too, and a wearer of glasses now. But…that is me. I totally get it. As to the woman. I give her extra credit for braving the potential criticism of wearing a lovely dress with sneakers. Foot issues shouldn’t hold one back from dressing up and going out in style. What fun to embrace what you can and enjoy life. Cheers.

  26. I am late reading the replies. I always enjoy the input from other readers. I love the outfit you chose. I had to come back and look at it again. Regarding the woman in tennis shoes: in my opinion, she looks lovely and the metallic color was a clever way to add style. I have super picky feet, and even low-heeled pumps would be very painful for me on those hard floors. Better to wear the lovely dress with comfortable shoes than not to wear it at all.

  27. Personally, I like your ‘big hair & plastic glasses’ – to me, it communicates modernity & vitality! (since voluminous hair looks healthier to me than limp locks)… I may be *slightly* biased though, since I also sport the same look 😉

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