What I Wore + a new video

What I wore

Happy Good Friday, everyone!  Today is another “episode” of What I Wore + a new video.

Last week, our local Goodwill San Antonio opened a new section of a special Goodwill Accents boutique.

Leigh Ann and I were invited to the opening.


What I Wore

I am really enjoying my Chico’s Button-Front Ruana Wrap.

I like the way it looks on…the sleeves…and the button front (which has been especially helpful in our wind lately)

It is a lovely garment.   The entire outfit for this event included…..

Chico’s Micro-Fiber Tank in Envy Green

Chico’s Green Goldtone Long Tassel Necklace

JCPenney’s a.n.a. high rise jeggings in white

Kohl’s Clark Cloudstepper FlipFlops in Taupe

I own several colors of the Cloudstepper sandals and when the temps go up in the 90s, my sandals come out.

Why so many flip flops…remember, I have hammer toes to contend with!

What I wore

I also added this Chico’s bracelet from past collections to compliment the outfit.


What I wore

The new Goodwill San Antonio Accents Boutique is amazing.

What I Wore

They have brand new luxury lines in several sizes …just like most retail stores we shop in.

Leigh Ann & I were both quite impressed.  We guessed a retailer must be donating these clothes….but that is just a guess.

This new designer line is added to the already fun accessories-only boutique….and we did come home with accessories…I will show you soon!

What I wore

It is always fun to go thrift shopping and we love what Goodwill San Antonio is doing in our community.

In honor of that, and in order to help others…I have a new video out….with my thrift shopping tips….

Thrift shopping for those who have the words like artsy….creative…dramatic…in your style adjectives can be the perfect place to help you style UNIQUELY-YOU.




What I wore

For those who acknowledge the importance of today, I wish you a lovely and meaningful time.

It is full of deep significance to me.

What I Wore

Now, I know many of you do not partake in thrift shopping, but for those who do I hope you enjoy the video. 

For the rest, thank you for joining me for What I Wore…I will have more What I Wore posts coming up next week!

I will be here tomorrow for Would You Wear It with Jennifer and I have fun plans throughout next week with some posts featuring you…the readers!

KEEP SMILING AND STAY HOPEFUL…It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming!

By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I would wear both green tops and what’s underneath. The solid green (linen?) shirt looks especially nice with the top underneath.

  2. Pam, if the video was part of your blog today, it does not seem to be attached. On my iPad there is a black rectangle where it appears the video should have been imbedded. Nevertheless, like you I’m always looking for a good bargain, waiting until retail stores have sales, or hunting for thrift stores. Your Goodwill store is definitely more than a step or two above other Goodwills, and that new addition is certainly interesting. I was part of a Tenebrae Service of Shadows Service last night at church which was so emotional as this is a special time for Christians as well as Jews who are observing Passover. Hoping you and family enjoy a special weekend.

  3. Hi Celia, Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it. Just refresh your browser and you will be able to see the video on the blog. I love Passover as well as Good Friday…thanks for mentioning it.
    And thanks for being here….

  4. Great video Pam. I love to thrift shop, but I must say none of ours look as spectacular as yours. I do take my list when I go, but am always open for that unexpected find. Have blessed and wonderful Easter.

  5. Love your thrift shop discussions! How lucky are you. Another reason for me to visit San Antonio. My husband used to go on business, but always during my school year. Maybe one day. I love that simple little dress you are holding up. Great video. Thank you for mentioning Good Friday.

  6. This is way beyond any Goodwill I’ve ever seen! Just amazing! I’m going now to watch your video, so glad you are continuing with them! Good Friday has huge significance for me too. I’ll be going to church in a few hours to spend time in the quiet thinking about all that was done for me. Just incredible.

  7. Our Goodwill stores are -nothing- like these! Wow! What a great idea for our planet. I love your look today; that top so suits your style adjectives. I too like the Cloudsteppers, but do try the Arla Gilson from Clark’s… the best flip flop ever made. Unlike you, I wear mine as soon as we have no hard frost on the windshield in the morning (just kidding …barely). I think at this age we all have funky feet, and my solution these days is … funky shoes!!!

  8. I would love to personally show you the best Goodwills…hope you can made a trip soon.

  9. Today is good day to ponder on the price Jesus paid…but I do love that old sermon line…it’s Friday but Sunday is coming!

  10. I wish our Goodwill stores were as organized as your store is. They were rather disorganized before the pandemic & have gotten worse. Good Friday is a day for pondering & remembering the price that was paid by our Savior. Sunday is coming indeed.

  11. Your shopping look is very springy and joyful today. I really need to get to Penny’s and try some of those A.N.A. high rise jeggings on. They really don’t look like jeggings of old. They look more like a straight leg jean. Just perfect for you. I wonder how they would be on my “chunkier” legs. I admire every outfit you put together with them. Really enjoyed your video on thrifting. I’m going to adopt your phrase that thrifting is a “hobby”. I agree!!

  12. Thanks Deanna…I would recommend you try on the Ana jeggings when you can. You might be surprised!

  13. Pam, your new colors and wardrobe additions are so flattering but I must say ruanas don’t do you justice, me or most women either! I think they add pounds which, unless one is very slender, most of us don’t need!
    That outfit you wore to the Thrift, on the other hand, was just dynamite!

  14. I hear your opinion Lois. This particular Ruana is more flattering than most. I like it. I like the other outfit too and lately wear more fitted styles.

  15. Those Cloudsteppers are life savers for my feet, too! I wore two blisters into the tops of my hammer toes last week wearing a cute new pair of flats and have been living in my Cloudsteppers ever since. Didn’t realize they came in taupe. Mine are in white, and navy.

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