What I Wore last week

What I Wore

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a joyous weekend.  Today I wanted to show you What I Wore in my regular life last week!

I am showing you a couple of the Target pieces from yesterday’s post.


What I wore

This New Day Women’s Linen Blazer from Target is going to have a very low cost per wear, because I really love it ….especially at $34.99.

I have always loved blazers with jeans.  Last week, I styled it with an older Chico’s Travelers V Neck Tank in brown; and my Chico’s jeggings.

It looks great with a silk scarf from Dillard’s, and fun necklace from Soft Surroundings…that have been in my closet.

And I also added my Naturalizer leopard flats…which are a heavier fabric and will possibly retire soon until cooler weather returns.


What I Wore

This is the red version of the Knox Rose Women’s Short Sleeve Eyelet Shirt from Target that I showed to you yesterday in olive.

I purposefully selected it for a very casual, backyard Fiesta Party!

What I Wore

These are Fiesta Decorations and you can see how they resemble eyelet.

Eyelet is very current this year and can be found at most retailers in some design or other.

One of the reasons I like an occasional Target/Lower cost top, is if some little spill or accident happens at a party from the hand of a child or pet, then I do not get as upset as I would in a more expensive top.

THIS EYELET DRESS is so cute, but if a grandchild ran toward me with a red popsicle, I might run the other direction!  But this dress is worthy of consideration for a less casual event.

What I Wore

I wore it with this Multicolor Coiled Bracelet from Chico’s which sold out at lightening speed!

I am so glad I acted quickly and got this one before it was gone.

Also, my rose gold FitFlops are new…I do wear many versions of sandals beginning now….it is already back up in the 90s for temps. 

What I Wore

During Fiesta, San Antonio wears many medals …in different ways.

This is my first 2022 Medal from Goodwill San Antonio.

Medal collecting is a big deal and for an event that is over 100 years old…there are lots of medals around.

Some will display them on sashes; or homemade necklaces; or special Fiesta jackets.  They are always fun and colorful.  But I am not into the collecting hobby.


What I Wore

I wore this outfit for running errands early last week, when it was still chilly in the mornings.

I am loving my ecru denim jacket this year from Chico’s and that is why you have seen me in it often for WHAT I WORE pictures.

I paired it last week with the bee ruffle top I recently purchased at LOFT.  It is a navy base, very cool and comfy fabric and I like the whimsical side of it.

Once again, I am wearing my jeggings and my older sneakers with gold on the toes.  They were originally from DSW.


What I wore

I just had to tell the readers in warmer climates about these panties.

I am into anything that is a great cooling product…I have a cooling pillow and wear SOMA COOL NIGHTS SLEEPWEAR…and Chico’s Touch of Cool collection.

Well, these new Wacoal Cooling Panties at Dillard’s are awesome…they feel so great on…I wear the KEEP YOUR COOL BRIEF PANTY.

But, I also want to try the KEEP YOUR COOL SHAPING BRIEF….the ones I recently purchased feel amazing!


Uniquely you


I am excited to have so many of you send me your Foundational Five adjectives so that I can produce a slideshow just for you.

However, it many take me a few days to go through the emails and organize them into a plan for the blog…I will notify you by email when your slideshow is going to be live.

Anyone is welcome to still participate…I explained it in THIS POST.

Also, a very special thank you to all of you who have commented and sent encouraging notes about the YOUTUBE CHANNEL.  I appreciate hearing from you and hope to continue making them.

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By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Your linen blazer from Target looks like refreshing orange sherbet and is so pretty with your column of color. And lucky you to snap up that beautiful coiled bracelet before it was gone. Are you finding those Fitflop shoes to be comfortable? I’ve read where others buy them often for their comfort and wearability. After reading readers responses concerning Target yesterday, I’m thinking I need to go there to look for reasonable items that are trending as well as smaller items like the scarves similar to the one you have around your neck in one picture.

  2. I do like the Fit Flops and have owned several pair over the years. When I desire some height with warmer weather clothing, I like to wear my Fit Flops.

  3. I love these posts because we can see how you styled what you bought. You asked the other day if there is a perceptual difference between “fashion” and “clothes.” I was thinking as I looked at these outfits that you -bought- clothes and you -created- fashion. So, I think I would say fashion is styling, at least in part. If you think of it, could you include your handbags in these outfit posts?

  4. I like Linda’s observation and agree. Also really liking your pretty new blazer. We lack a Target here, but I could see wearing that over a column of white and feeling very ready for summer. Pam, I shared last month that I was praying for my friend and her health. Great news: surgery was a success and she is back home, doing well. Prognosis going forward is very positive. Thank you for your kindness.

  5. I’m new here as of Friday and I just want to say that I love your outfits and your hair is gorgeous!!! I would like to see your handbags that you wear with your outfits as well!!

  6. Welcome Natalie…so happy to have you hear. I will add the handbags to the pictures. Thank you for joining in!

  7. YAY! I am so happy for your friend…this is great news. Thanks for sharing it Connie!

  8. I like the Knox Rose Eyelet top & was wandering if you would share how you felt the about the sizing. I am not familiar with this particular Target brand. I have some similarly styled long sleeved tops & thought this might make a nice addition for spring & summer.

  9. I did size up on that top and glad that I did. It is an XXL… I always tell myself that great fit is what matters…not what the label says!

  10. That’s a great blazer and a beautiful, rich color. Always interesting to see how you dressed for your days! Wacoal has been my only brand of underwear for years now…I love their laser cut on the legs that are invisible under clothes. I have these cooling ones, just got them at Dillard’s, but they have the elastic around the legs so they’re not my favorites, but I’ll have to check out the cooling factor if it ever warms up here! I was late checking out your Target visit but you both found some cute things. I picked up an off-white Universal Threads jean jacket last year and it’s every bit as well made as my more expensive ones. Not saying that’s the standard experience, but it sure is true of this particular jacket. Your stores are really impressive with the inventory and dressing rooms!

  11. I just love your look in the coral jacket outfit and in the long floral duster (final frame). For me, your best best color is deep coral/ orange shades. Also your special green you showed us this past week! Gorgeous!

  12. I totally agree about tops — there’s always a need for a less expensive one, and sometimes they turn out to be my go-tos for a variety of routine activities. The red eyelet top is really nice. You asked about retailers … well, given my upper arms are not what they used to be, I am really liking elbow-length sleeves and generally purchase at Talbots. I got an Appleseed’s catalog in the mail today and saw a couple of elbow-sleeved polo shirts I like. A lot of their Spring clothes are WAY too bright for me, but if you had a link there, I’d purchase through it.

  13. Another fan of blazers with jeans here, and I love that new orange one you picked up! I think that is a look I can carry with me into retirement, as I doubt I will ever stop wanting to wear blazers for anything remotely business related. I get so many good ideas seeing how you style your everyday outfits, and since I hope to retire in the coming year I am taking lots of notes.
    Also, I have some of the same foot issues you have. In October, 2020 I had foot surgery to fix a bunion, hammer toe, two Morton’s neuromas and a bone spur. It was not very successful, so now I have an even harder time finding shoes that work. I am a full time event coordinator at a major university and also serve as the wedding coordinator for my church, so I have to be able to be on my feet a LOT. Please share any shoes you find that work for fussy feet; maybe there are enough of us that they deserve their own post? I’m having decent luck with Naturalizer, Vaneli, Born and a “waterproof leather” sandal from Chacos in the Maya style. They are discontinued in stores but still available on line. They offer good arch support and the heel is a little lower than the toes so it takes the weight off the bad part of my foot. Vionic is another brand that has some good options. Hope that may be useful info for you. Have fun at Fiesta – it’s on my bucket list for the first year after my retirement!

  14. Glad you are here now…I have written about almost all of these brands before. I will do a post just for the funky feet gals among us! Will probably happen the end of next week.

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