Would You Wear It – Spring Clothes

Would You Wear It

Happy April Saturday, ladies!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Spring Clothes!

This is the day I team up with Jennifer of A Well Styled Life and we bring you two fashion displays for your scrutiny!

During most of my time as a fashion blogger, the word “fashion” has been used for all clothing posts.

But, in the last two years the word marketers encourage us to use is “Clothing” or “Clothes.”

The reason?  Most women do not identify with fashion, but always with clothes.

Marketing is an Interesting business and I would have loved to listen to the focus groups discussing the difference between fashion and clothes.

Does it matter to you?  Please share in addition to answering….


Would You Wear It

So, please look at these clothes! There is a little bit of everything in this display for spring.

As a consumer, what clothing pieces would you wear…and which ones would you not wear.

Please explain your answers in detail, so other women can learn from them.

Just think of shopping with a group of friends and explaining why you do like or not like a garment.

Would You Wear It

As a consumer and critic of fashion, tell us, ladies……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


This display is from LOFT, and here are some other spring clothing pieces they have today….

Remember, LOFT is one of those retailers that Leigh Ann and I have been very impressed with this year for quality and prices.




Chico's Spring: Perfect for Travel

The favorite look from readers this week featured a lovely Chico’s button-front ruana.  

You can find all you need to know in this post: CHICO’S SPRING: TRAVEL PERFECT!


Would You Wear It

Would You Wear It

These are spring break pictures from my family and both warmed my heart this week.

The top is my youngest son hugging his three nephews (my grandsons) on a ski trip; and the second another set of grandchildren on a camping trip at sunset.

I hope they will remind all of us to HUG OFTEN!

Now please leave a comment on my WOULD YOU WEAR IT display and then go over to a WELL STYLED LIFE and comment on Jennifer’s….and make sure today that you hug someone and ….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Happy Saturday Pam! To start I’d wear any of tge jeans shown ( if they fit!) I love the white tunic in front and would try that on for fit and comfort too. I’d wear a long ish bright necklace with it- maybe in reds or coral? Something a bit funky perhaps?
    I love the red striped top with v neck too! Cute! The other pieces here….not as drawn to. So might walk on by.

  2. I won’t be running to Loft. 🙁 Nothing exciting here. I thought the clothes were Target.

  3. I kinda wish a retailer would let me loose on the mannequins, just once, id do it for free….I find the display so jarring….green print next to red strips, winter white paired with bright white….I don’t think any of it is for me.
    I love the family pictures!

  4. I have to say no to these particular items. First of all, huge no to the flared crops. They really mess up my overall proportions and it’s a trend I’m passing on. They chop up my body in a way that makes me look even shorter and just aren’t flattering on me. The color of the dress is fine, but the print deep sixes it for me. The overall display doesn’t draw me in, just looks disjointed, like they were trying to show too much at once. The tops seem to be heavy on dropped shoulders which make me look frumpy and slouchy. While I do love spring clothes and colors (and can’t wait till it stops snowing!!!), these things just don’t appeal to me.

  5. I like all of the display except the print blouse on the left. The print is too muted for my taste. If I still wore dresses, I’d try on the dress as it looks comfortable and is a good green for me. What I’m really attracted to are the pants with their different hems. Since you modeled those pants from JCP with the cut hems, I’ve been on the lookout for some pants with unusual hems. As to your question about clothes vs fashion, to me “clothes” refer to anything you put on to cover your nakedness while “fashion” refers to clothing you wear that fit your body in an attractive way and make you look pleasing to yourself and others.

  6. I actually bought the white dotted shirt in the front a few weeks ago. Love it, and it will go with everything. I would wear all of these outfits. The dress would look so cute with nude sandals and a short necklace.

  7. Nothing here, even as individual pieces, that I would even try on. A sad display…I agree with Sheryl.

  8. I find the display blah, too. My local Loft does uninspiring displays that do not me to buy at all. I was just in Loft with my daughter last week. In general, I find their clothing is more age appropriate for her. But I did buy a navy pullover with a large embroidered flower detail which I know I will wear all spring and on rainy summer days. As to this display, I would most likely try on the red stripes top and the navy white stripes pullover that was hanging over the shoulder of one outfit. While the dress is cute, I am sure it would not look good on me.

  9. I would wear any of the jeans. I bought a pair of (restrained) flared crops the other day, and have decided I like them on me. I like a distressed or unfinished hem too, which I think puts me in the minority here. Now that I’m back in stores in person, I’ve been trying on a lot of the new silhouettes in pants, and am liking a slim straight leg as well. I love stripes, and would not mind the cardigan, buttoned as shown, but maybe in a warmer-colored version. Dropped shoulders can be unflattering, but often I can wear them, so I would try the sweater on and see where the seam fell. I don’t wear dresses anymore, and find this print a little “fast fashion” looking. The gathered tops I think would be flattering and versatile on most women, but I never like them on me, I think because they don’t fit all my style adjectives. I think of clothes as fabric to cover me, something to launder, and something frumpy. I think of fashion as elegant or fun or stylish. To wash the car I would wear clothes. To go to a wedding, I’d look for a fashionable outfit. While marketing is indeed a fascinating subject, they don’t always get it right, and I often wonder where they live and who they are -really- talking to.

  10. Happy Saturday! Nothing appeals to me except the jeans, if they had finished hems, which sadly they do not. I’d prefer them worn with a crisp white shirt, a small neck scarf and some hoop earrings.

  11. Fashion to me now is what we used to call “fads”. That word has completely disappeared, to be replaced with “fast fashion”, a pejorative term.

    The word used by the “slow fashion”, “sustainable wardrobe”, “capsule wardrobe” movement is “style”. Decades ago, most of us bought fewer pieces of clothing, of better quality. These were items that did not go out of style with each season.

    There you have it, in my view. As my brother once described it, “You never go out of style, because you’re never in style.” Timeless simplicity endures. Flights of fashion fancy never last very long.

  12. Maybe because none of these looks are in my style range or colors, I would pass them by. I did ,however, see a pair of slim chinos in the slide show that looked promising! I might pair them with a simple top and one of those striped cardigans if the color was in the autumn palette. Horizontal stripes can be tricky though. ( A good reason to engage your advice about the mirrors!) A pair of off- white sneakers or colorful pointed flats could complete a cool summer night outfit for me.
    Interesting about ‘fashion’ vs ‘clothing’. I had a heated discussion with a male cousin about his disdain of ‘fashion’. I finally realized that he associated ‘fashion’ with certain overexposed celebrities and red carpet extremes. As soon as I started talking about ‘style’ and how everyone has their own, he calmed down and the conversation ended amiably. Interesting how certain words can spike various connotations.
    Great post!

  13. I would pas on everything except the white dot blouse (maybe, would have to try on!!) and the green dress I believe would be a go for me for sure!! I love the bright Spring colors and the print is modern for myself!! I’m in my mid-50’s!!

  14. I like the green flowered dress for spring, as I like small florals. I also like the top with small florals. I do not like stripes that go sideways so the red striped sweater would not be for me.

  15. I’m drawn to the white dotted top … it looks so pretty and seems like it would be flattering. I also like the printed floral top on the very left — but would like to see how the sleeves look.

    I must agree with Sheryl … this display is very jarring and not very appealing. I’d like to see a more cohesive display that combines like-colors or like-styles … something with a bit of design.

    Your family photos are very sweet!!! You are so blessed with your lovely family!

  16. The only thing I would wear would be the bright pink/red? striped sweater. I would wear it open as a cardigan with tee shirt or tank underneath it. The rest of the items are not my style or color or would be an unflattering fit. I love the pictures of your grands. Kiddos can really display the power of a hug.

  17. As I prefer classic cuts/styles the only garments I might consider (and that is a big might) are the sweaters. Otherwise I’m afraid the rest are just not ‘my’ cup-of-tea. The photos of your Grandchildren (and son) are sweet and priceless. -Brenda-

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