5 ways to cover arms: #4 Ruanas

5 ways to cover arms

Happy May Monday, everyone!  Let’s return to 5 ways to cover arms for women over 50 in the warmer weather!

Number four is about ruanas.

Basically, a ruana is a covering which resembles a poncho…and there are ruanas specifically designed for warmer weather.


5 ways to cover arms with ruanas

I love a ruana for special occasions in particular.  They are not really a wear around the house topper.

I also love them to express my “creative” adjective…many come in beautiful colors and prints.

Today, I am wearing a topper I have owned for years from a brand called Artful Home.  It is a fun artisan piece and if you love “artisan” you will love their brand.

The lack of structure takes this from being a jacket to a ruana.  Also, remember ruanas can have sleeves…though they are rare.

I styled it with a sleeveless top from Loft, and Zenergy pants from Chico’s.   These pants are cool, comfy and polished.  They also do not wrinkle…Zenergy is a great casual label.

I just purchased a new ruana from Talbot’s and it is gorgeous…I will style it soon…but check it out here….this is a wear to special occasions ruana….the off white with gold flecks is beautiful!

Now, to today’s slideshow (includes all price points)  of more lovely ruanas….NOTE: I SIZE DOWN ON RUANAS WHEN POSSIBLE…MAKES A DIFFERENCE….

JJILL: Paisley Border Ruana

There is a very fine line between a kimono and a ruana….but tomorrow we will discuss kimonos!




This are just a few things to keep in mind when you get that semi-formal invitation!  Hope you enjoy!

I am always looking for video ideas, so if you have an idea you would like to hear me discuss…please share it or send me an email!

Any fans of ruanas out there…would love to hear your favorite ways to style one.  Thanks for being here and always be sure you…..


By Pamela Lutrell

ways to cover arms

I am so excited…I literally tossed out old pumpkins into my yard at the end of November, and now I have three pumpkin plants growing!!

Would love to have home grown pumpkins this fall…we will see if I can keep them alive.

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  1. I love ruanas and could use one for summer. We do have cool evenings and a ruana is perfect. Yours is very pretty! I get the Artful Home catalogs and often admire the creative outfits, generally for others who have that “artful” or creative style, like you Pam!! Their jewelry is very creative also! How very cool that your pumpkins decided to spring into new life! I’m sure you can keep them growing happily, and what fun in the fall to share that story when others see your pumpkins!

  2. You would love the ruanas at Talbot’s Karen…that one is so beautiful. I so hope I have at least one in the fall. I planted a lemon tree yesterday!

  3. Love the pumpkins. We used to do that at our previous house. My SIL would say that after you have as many pumpkins as you need, cut the end of the vine off so more energy goes into them.
    I have never tried a Ruana. Thanks for the inspiration! You look great wearing yours. Loved your new video. Have a great week.

  4. I meant to add that I am enjoying that artsy website thank you for sharing it.

  5. I’m back today from a wonderful three weeks in Maine and Vermont (bucket lists fulfilled … cottage by the sea, covered bridges, quintessential NE inn). Vermont is very outdoorsy in style, and Maine the most conservative place fashion wise I’ve ever seen. I never even saw costume jewelry on anyone as soon as we got north of Portland. As for today’s style, I love the color on you, and you styled it beautifully.

  6. Have fun with it, Kimberly. There are so many lovely ruanas on the market right now. I personally think the difference is with the sleeves. Kimono sleeves are very distinct and it seems that ruanas often are more of a wrap.

  7. Thank sounds amazing, Linda. It is always difficult t re-enter life after a great trip. A cottage by the sea…I will dream of that the rest of the day.
    Welcome back!

  8. It is a fun website and though expensive, there garments do last a long time and for me, have had a low cost per wear.

  9. Pamela, I love ruanas but haven’t any. I own and wear several kimono’s. Looking forward to tomorrows post!! It’s so exciting that your pumpkins sprouted!!! I also wanted to let you know that the cream Chanel jacket you suggested I wear is so me!!!!

  10. How fun that your pumpkins have come up voluntarily. I have a reversible ruana that I use in fall/winter, but it would be nice to have one for summer to use at church because the temperature varies from week to week. I will be taking a look at the ones at Talbot’s.

  11. You always look great in a ruana. I’ve tried them on, but they don’t have enough structure and I feel like I am trying to be someone I’m not.

    I just watched your “what to wear to a semi-formal event” video. We have a wedding on Saturday. The original invite (online links were sent with all the wedding info) stated “elegant casual”. It has been updated to semi-formal. I don’t wear dresses, skirts, or jumpsuits. Right now my personal adjectives would all be negative and I just can’t seem to change the narrative. I’ve lost a sense of who I am since I retired, my oldest grandson died, and Covid isolation.
    I don’t have cocktail attire and don’t want to purchase anything new. I plan to wear black pants and a dressier blouse. I have abstract florals in black/white, bright pinks, or cobalt/turquoise. They all need another piece for me to feel comfortable The only completer pieces I have that aren’t black are fushia or cobalt lightweight cardigans. Is it okay to wear a floral print top and a solid sweater or is that too casual?

  12. I strongly believe that the garments you feel confident wearing will work. I think the pants and a cardigan with color would be lovely. You will be surprised how great you look if you wear something that makes you smile in the mirror before you leave. Old rules are out the window! Now, we see all levels at semi-formal events. Hang in there, Kate. I hope I can help you to find your new style in retirement which reflects some joy. I know it has been hard, but it is possible to find that joy amidst the difficulties. Wearing color will help…go for the fushia…why not?

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