5 ways to cover arms: #5 Kimonos!

5 ways to cover arms

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Today, I am concluding the series on 5 ways to cover arms for women over 50 in warm weather.

I think the type of topper I wear most often to cover arms in the summer is the kimono.

The official definition of a kimono is interesting, because American style has taken it a bit farther: “a long, loose robe with wide sleeves and tied with a sash, originally worn as a formal garment in Japan and now also used elsewhere as a robe.”

While I do own several, some are not in my new vibrant autumn color palette, so I am keeping my eyes open for a few new ones.


5 ways to cover arms

You can see in this old photo that I have been wearing kimonos a long time.

I like to use them to express my creativity in design and color…and most of you know that I love a fun statement piece!

The biggest lesson I have learned through my kimono story is to SIZE DOWN when possible.  Once I started to do that, I liked these garments even more.


5 ways to cover arms

Kimonos really are my favorite to cover arms, and I find them easily at all price points in a variety of prints and lovely neutrals.

They are also so much fun to pair up with a creative piece of jewelry like I am showing today.

So, again, here are kimonos at different price points for your consideration…..I started it off with a couple which would look lovely on petites!


5 ways to cover arms

As I was going through some emotional healing last week, Leigh Ann was in COVID quantine.

We are both excited to be out today…going to lunch…and looking for adventure.

It is so great to be TOGETHER AGAIN!!

Though the 5 ways to cover arms series is over, I still look for other ways we can cover our arms and will show them when I have them!!  

Let me know any comments or questions and make sure than despite challenges that you……


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Yes, I too love my kimonos and ruanas , but am always on the lookout for more. You may remember my saying that I bought a reversible one from Chico’s several years ago that has a yellow side, and a magenta and yellow side after I saw you wearing it. However, I still have not worn it, but keep thinking I will. I had planned to wear it with a navy turtleneck this past winter but went too few places. I keep thinking how you said “ Wear it!” so you speak to me often about this or that, and not just this unworn kimono/ruana! LOL! Is your kimono today from Talbots…I think you said earlier that you were going to show us a new one from Talbots. It and your jewelry are very pretty, and interesting.

  2. Kimonos are such great pieces to add interest to outfits. They can really dress up neutrals. Of course, my favorite in the slideshow is the white one from Anthropologie that is no longer available. This weekend is the annual shopping trip out of town with my sister, and I’ll be checking out Anthro to see what’s in the store. Being “not tall”, I’m looking specifically for the styles you show for petites. While I do enjoy my longer ones, it seems that I’d probably wear the shorter ones more, so that will go on my list. This is a good choice for hot days in the summer because kimonos are often in whisper light fabrics. Very pretty!!

  3. Love my one and only kimono! It’s from Soft Surrounding catalog a year ago. Greenish/ivory – love it! Your blog has opened up an entire new world of possibilities in fashion- actually, in life on all levels! I don’t see many women wearing ruanas or kimonos in my area, but I love them.
    Hope you and Leigh Ann continue to shop, lunch and just enjoy each other’s company.

  4. I love kimonos and Downton Abbey sure had some beauties. Having said that, I have never worn a kimono or a ruana. I could see having a pretty one in fall colors with a very slim silhouette underneath. That might appeal to my natural classic vibe. Thank you for the advice about sizing down for these loose styles. I am not really the flowy type, but sizing down might work. I have enjoyed this week’s series. Glad to hear you and Leigh Ann are out and about!

  5. Pam, you look lovely! So glad you and LeighAnn are together. I truly understand how special it is to be with friends. I have that same tea pot you pictured above! Thank you for your ideas and for taking care of us shorter fashionistas!

  6. Thank you Celia…it is fun to sometimes be the voice in your head. It sounds like such a pretty piece that I want you to enjoy it.

  7. Wow…so bummed that sold out quickly but I understand, I thought it was beautiful. I will keep my eyes open for pieces like that for petites.

  8. I think we were them so often where I live because of the heat and they provide a nice alternative. Always love to hear from you, Paulette.

  9. I completely agree that it is not a classic piece unless perhaps a lovely neutral one over another neutral top. The ones at Talbots are lovely and there is one perfect for autumns.

  10. I will keep watching out for you lovely petite ladies and make sure to post my finds.

  11. I just jumped on the ruana, kimono trend this year and have a few lovely ones I enjoy wearing. The only problem I have found is that most of them are polyester and they are just too hot to wear in our Scottsdale, AZ summer heat. I only wear cotton in the summer for survival:). I enjoy your blog, Pam. Thank you for all you do to help us 50+ look our best! Have a blessed day!

  12. Your series on arm-covering layering pieces speaks fun! Toppers are both practical (necessary with A/C)…flattering (especially when we size down)…and an expression of personality. They meet my criteria, yet I see few worn in central Arizona except poolside and occasionally church. You and Leigh Ann make a great team and certainly appreciate and affirm one another! Thanks for sharing with your readers what I consider real life.

  13. Thanks for being here, Cynthya. I also prefer cotton and linen ruanas and kimonos….also tencel or bamboo!

  14. Thanks Char! I wear mine to church occasionally…especially as it heats up. We are so concerned about having triple digits this early…summer will be long.

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