JJILL with Leigh & Me + a giveaway

JJILL with Leigh & Me

Happy May 1….and Happy 30th Birthday to my handsome son Josh!  Today I feature JJILL with Leigh & Me, and a Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Leigh Ann and I did mass quantities of shopping last week, so this stop by JJILL was a quick one!

I am happy to report that one of the reasons we did not stay long is the store was the busiest we have seen it in a long time.

There was a line for the dressing rooms.

That makes it more difficult for us to do what we do…try on clothing for you and photograph the looks.

We do not want to make the paying customers mad for the brand.

So, today is a short one!


JJILL with Leigh & Me

I LOVE the new teal color at JJILL!

In the top photo, I am wearing Wearever Two-Pocket T Shirt Dress in teal. 

Leigh Ann is in the very nice Positano Tie-Waist Dress in Porcelain Multi.  She sized down to an XS.

In the second image,  I tried on this Wearever Double-Face Jersey Center Seam Tunic in teal.  If my arms looked better, I would’ve considered it…with white pants!

JJILL with Leigh & me

JJILL with Leigh & Me

On the day we were shopping, I saw a couple of ladies try on matching outfits like this in a couple of stores.

So, Leigh Ann wanted to show you what they these pieces look like together……Bohemian Embroidered-Hem Crops and Easy V-Neck Dolman Tee in Barley Multi.

There is also a similar scarf in this color scheme…..The Geometric-Embroidered Scarf.

JJILL with Leigh & Me

Here is a great blue for the cool color ladies in the audience.

It is the Linen Midi Shirtdress in amalfi coast.  I would consider it in the daisy color ….more for my palette.


JJILL with Leigh & Me

Speaking of my autumn palette, this top was displayed with white pants and it looked amazing.

So I decided to try it on.

This is the Pure Jill Hemp & Cotton Knit Seamed Tunic in chocolate with their Canyon Clay Pendant.

The tunic is in all sizes included plus and petite and in other colors.

Sorry that it was such a short trip, but we will return soon.  Again, every store we went to that day was busy and that is good news!

We will get back there soon!

Here are a few more highlights currently at JJILL:


JJILL with Leigh & Me

I am excited today to bring to the mothers and grandmothers in my audience a special MOTHER’S DAY GIVEAWAY.

I have loved wearing this Chico’s adjustable bee necklace…it easily goes short or long.

Recently in the store, Leigh Ann spied another one on sale and said …let’s give it away!!

Great idea!  It seems to be sold out online, but I did find this Goldtone Necklace Converter

That can be handy and they also have it in Silver.

Sorry…back to the giveaway!.. I do old school giveaways and draw names from a hat!  So if you want your name in the hat…just tell me below.

Our past contest winner, Paulette, sent me a picture in the scarf she won and she says she wears it often!! Love making you smile!

I will announce the necklace winner on Mother’s Day!!

JJILL with Leigh & Me

I have really enjoyed wearing mine…in both lengths…and am anxious to gift this one to one of YOU!

I will allow names in the hat all week, and then draw the winner next Saturday!.

JJILL with Leigh & Me

As I said, my youngest son turns 30 today…he is the one we celebrated last weekend.

I am so proud of him….he is loved dearly by his nephews and nieces…and has grown to be a wonderful man!

We love you, Josh!

Thanks for stopping by JJILL with Leigh & Me…let me know if you have questions…and I hope to see entries today for the necklace giveaway!!


By Pamela Lutrell

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JJILL with Leigh & Me


  1. Hi Pam, thank you for showing us the try on sessions they are very helpful. I appreciate everything you do for us.
    Please put my name in the hat I would love to have the necklace.

  2. Good Morning Pam~

    I love the necklace! Maybe my Irish luck will bring it my way. Thank you!

  3. So excited for all the blues in J Jill 💙 Please, please put my name in the hat for the lovely necklace! What a lovely birthday and mother’s day gift it would be! Thank you for keeping us informed

  4. I would love to win the necklace. My 20 month old granddaughter’s name begins wi B and we refer to her as 🐝 when we text. So I’m always looking for jewelry with a 🐝on it!

  5. What a bee-utiful necklace! I would love to be added to the hat, Pamela! 🙂
    Happy birthday to Josh. It looks like he and his family were visiting Colorado? What a wonderful memory picture! Thank you for always brightening my day, Pamela. I appreciate all that you do.
    God bless you and your family.

  6. I saw some autumn possibilities at Jjill for my colors. Thank you for shopping/modeling on a busy day. Happy Sunday. Please put my name in the hat. (Deborah means “queen bee!)

  7. Please throw my name in the hat –
    Loved the blue linen dress – I’m a summer

  8. Please add my name to the giveaway list. Love that teal color on you!

  9. Good morning, Pamela. I look forward to your shopping with Leigh posts. I love the clothes you modeled and the rich teal tunic is stunning. I love the embroidered tee and matching crops Leigh is wearing. Well done! Also, please include me in your drawing for the Bee necklace. Have a great week!

  10. Pam:
    Love your blog! Happy 30th birthday to son! Please put my name in the hat too.
    Thank you,

  11. Hi Pam! I’ve admired your bee necklace in the past & would love to be in the drawing. Thank you for all your hard work keeping us over 50 ladies current & stylish.

  12. What a lovely giveaway! Would you please add my name to the list? Thanks!!

  13. Hi Pam! Happy Birthday to your son! My son, Adam, turns 30 today also! I’d love to win the necklace! Thank you for doing the giveaway!

  14. Happy birthday to your son, Josh! Please add my name to the hat. Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  15. Please enter my name to win the bee necklace. My Mom just passed 8 weeks ago and we used to love shopping at Chicos together. What a great memory! I love your blog, and I really appreciate the “try-ons.” It gives us a great idea of fit. Thank you so much for your work and creativity.

  16. Love you in the teal dress and top. I actually bought the dress last week in a blue and brick Jacobean print. So comfortable and snatched it up on sale. Please include my name for the giveaway necklace.

  17. I love the look of the hemp and cotton knit tunic. I may have to go in and try that on tomorrow to see how it looks on me. I wonder how the fabric feels. Please add my name to the hat for the beautiful bee necklace. Have a great week!

  18. The fabrics felt very nice! I always pay attention to how it feels. Your name as well as all other names today are now in the hat!! Also Deanna…I think their sale ends today!

  19. Pam, I first want to tell you how beautiful your hair looks in these photos today. In the picture where you are wearing the teal tunic and the one in the blue midi dress, you must have been standing directly under a light because your hair appears to literally glow. The curls are just so very pretty, and I’m envious of them! My hair is short, salt-and-pepper gray, with not much wave. I hope your son has a most happy birthday today although the big celebration was last weekend. So nice to know that people are shopping again. I have only been to grocery stores for two years so have not been in clothing stores. Please add my name to the hat! And have a blessed Sunday!

  20. The necklace is lovely and I would love to receive it. I do so enjoy your blog and your positive attitude. Thanks!

  21. Happy weekend, and thanks for the fly-by at J Jill. I share your pain when it comes to upper arms -:) I love the line dress — the one you showed in blue. I’m small so I’m debating this as J Jill has a shorter denim dress. Do you think this one could be worm with a belt or was there too much fabric?
    You and Leigh Ann are the best! I’d love to be entered for your giveaway. Thanks, Maeve

  22. Happy Sunday Pam! I always like your J Jill posts. For me J Jill is very similar to Eileen Fisher (which I love) but a better price point. Please put my name in the hat for the beautiful necklace. Thank you!

  23. Hi Maeve, I really believe it has too much fabric for a belt. It is a lovely piece.

  24. Please include me in your drawing. Happy Mother’s Day and thank you!

  25. Enjoy reading your blog. I really like when you post being out and about in San Antonio… I have gotten several ideas for places to visit when we travel to San Antonio to see our son. So thank you for that.
    The necklace is pretty. Please enter my name,

  26. Hi Pam,
    Please add my name to your list. Have a great Mother`s Day,

  27. Hi Pamela
    I would love to have my name in the hat for the bee necklace. Happy Mother’s Day to you. Also Happy 30th to your son.
    Glenda B

  28. Thanks for taking us shopping with you and Leigh; love the dressing room posts and JJill is a favorite brand. Please enter me in the bee necklace drawing; a nice piece. And Happy Birthday to Josh!

  29. Hi Pamela, Would love to have my name in the hat, thanks! I’m just starting to look for Bee for Brenda jewelry. 🙂

  30. Pamela,
    I’ve always eyeballed that bee necklace—- please throw my name in the hat!!
    Thanks for making your posts so fun 😀

  31. That necklace is the bee’s knees! The color green is in my palette and I love how it looks!
    Please put my name in the hat!

  32. Please enter my name. Love this unusual necklace. I live in Texas too! Read you every day because I can relate so well to you and your style.

  33. I love how you have the confidence to dress true to yourself!
    Please put my name in the giveaway!

  34. I’d love to win this beautiful necklace! I have a birthday coming up, so it would be a great gift to myself.

  35. Thanks Charlotte…like is too short, not to be true to yourself!

  36. Pamela, I love your daily blog and styles! I’d like to win that necklace. Thanks!

  37. Please put my name in your hat for your give away. I have really been enjoying your blog lately. I particularly love seeing you in your new Autumn colors. I have to confess that I did not like the black, black, black you used to do. You look so much happier now!

  38. I would also like to put my name in the hat please. My youngest son is a Josh and turns 28 next month. I love this blog because we have so much in common and your enthusiasm is inspiring. Thank you for starting my day most mornings. It makes me smile and move forward with confidence.

  39. A pretty necklace like that would be a great treat for myself! I just read your blog on the meaning of semi-formal. It contained some much needed advice! It’s confusing as to what to wear sometimes. Thanks!

  40. I know…it can be confusing…but I am not getting panicky over it like I use to! Glad it offered some help, Peggy.

  41. Please include my name in the give away! I love seeing all your shopping adventures around San Antonio as that is where I shop also! Love you in all the Autumn colors.

  42. Thanks for initiating another giveaway, Leanne and Pam! Please add my name to the mix! Thanks a bunch!

  43. I’m a JJill shopper, and Leigh Ann couldn’t look nicer, but the matched tunic/pants set in the photo looks like pajamas to me.

  44. I would love to win the necklace💕and I always read your blog…one of my favorites.

  45. I have been out of town and catching up now. Yes please enter my name into your sons food all helmet! The bee necklace is lovely and so speaks to spring!! Wish me luck!! Love your blog!

  46. Like everyone else I am a huge Chico’s fan and would love to win the necklace. I currently live in Delaware and there isn’t a Chico’s in the state! It has really affected my love of Chico’s – it’s basically unavailable except for on line and I am not thrilled with on line. I usually keep what I order but there’s always a problem – should have gone bigger or smaller or the colour isn’t the same as on line or the fabric doesn’t feel as nice as I would have hoped. The necklace, though, is adorable.

  47. Would love to be included in the draw for the necklace! Always read your blog.

  48. I love your blog and your attitude and I love bees. I’m a bee collector. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks for being here.

  49. Love the try-on posts — very interesting. Please add my name to the hat for the bee necklace give-away. Thank you!

  50. I would love to be included in your drawing for your Chico’s adjustable bee necklace. I just recently signed up for your blog and look forward to your postings.

    Thanks so much,

  51. Wish I could siphon some of that heat Texas is expecting! But I’ll settle for my name in the hat for the drawing😁

  52. I would love the bee necklace!
    I so enjoy starting my morning reading your blog.

  53. Love JJill, and your try ones! Would like the bee necklace as well!

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