Would You Wear It – Spring Trends

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, friends!  Welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend Jennifer.

Today, I am focusing on three spring trends.  Summer will be here soon and it will be interesting to see what trends go forward into summer.

On this day,  we select fashion displays from our surroundings and ask you….Would You Wear It?

As always, please explain your answers as to why the fashions do or don’t work for you.


Would You Wear It

The trends you are looking at in this display are embroidered tops; sleeve embellishments; and stripes.

You see some version of these in every collection…they are styled with different types of pants.

In addition to answering WOULD YOU WEAR IT, you might also comment on the display itself and if you would do it differently to promote sales.

Would You Wear It

So, please, ladies look this display over and tell us………………………………………………………………………..


This display is from LOFT.   The slideshow features new arrivals…..Also, through tomorrow, you can save 40% off your purchase with the code FRIENDS.


Also,  one of the readers (Susan) mentioned how much she likes the pants at New York & Company…here is a link to New York & Company Pants!



Australia Chic

Last week I helped another reader with her style.  She lives in Australia and actually other women identified with the adjectives I selected for Sue.

In case you missed it, here is the post about an Australia Chic reader over 50.

Also popular on the blog was yesterday’s post with Talbot’s new collection with Leigh & Me…their Friends & Family Sale continues.

Tomorrow, I have a special MOTHER’S DAY GIVEAWAY for the mothers and grandmothers in the audience…join us then!

Now, what do you think about this display…WOULD YOU WEAR IT…tell us…then go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer your opinion on her display.


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Happy Weekend Pam! As I look over the three mannequin-outfits I can shout out- Yes, I can wear any of these….certainly would. I like to wear V neck tops and seek them out. I also like the center mannequin in three pieces especially that cute shirt shown with the dark jacket. Love it with deep red pant.
    There’s a lot of possibilities (versatility) here with the individual pieces and I always like that! Great display!

  2. I love different colors of jeans and do wear them. The red ones look great with the denim jacket. I don’t wear my jeans rolled or cropped, however. I’m a petite person and have tried both rolled and cropped and they truly make my legs look shorter than they are. It’s definitely not a good look for me and I’m fine with that. Ankle pants are where I stop and full length are always better. The small floral print with the white trim is a big “no” for me, the print and those sleeves remind me of the ’60’s and I’m over those looks. I like the color of the blue pants and would wear the color, not the length. I think the striped top with those looks really off, like it belongs to another season. To me, this is a color value clash and the beautiful blue shade would look much better with a similar color value, i.e., something light in color. Just my take on these items.

  3. I may be getting a bit too picky in my style, but not much here that would come home with me. I do like the blouse under the jacket, and have a skirt with small embroidery like that in pink. I do not like the drop shoulders or the shorter pants and would pass on the decoration on the sleeve just where I would not want attention brought to my loose skin there. I mostly would walk on past the display since I first look for colours in my season ( True Summer) before I look at styles. I can certainly see the display is set up to show the most options for a little mix and match capsule collection, so that is a good idea.

  4. The overall look of the display is very inviting to my eye. The jean jacket and red pants display is what I really focus on for myself, but I am substituting in different colors. (Autumn). The striped sweater looks a bit off season especially with light weight pants. I don’t wear capris, so I am visually adding a bit of length to the pants to make them more of an ankle look. That being said, Jjill offered ‘capri’ styled jeans in a soft fabrication last summer that had an unfinished edge of short fringe that made them look a tad more like ankle. I first passed on them, then tried them and bought two pairs. They weren’t as short as these and worked well for me. My mom used to say never leave a rock unturned. So right. It doesn’t take long to try something on and keep an open mind!

  5. I absolutely LOVE that green and white gingham skirt in the carousel!! Adorable!! As to the display, both the red pant outfit and the navy pant with ditsy print blouse are cute, and something I would try on if I were out shopping. The red pants and embroidered strawberry blouse is something I could wear to the farmer’s market, or out to lunch with a friend. Just looks super cheery, and though I can’t wear red on top, the blouse is fine since mostly cream background. The sleeve detail on the ditsy print blouse is also very cute and it looks like that flowy fabric would be kind to upper arms. Both the red and navy pants would get lots of wear. I enjoy ankle length pants for spring. The outfit with the pale pants and striped sweater are not for me. The wide solid band at the waist reminds me of sweaters from years past, and though I like stripes I prefer them in a tee or blouse and then partially covered with a cardigan or vest.

  6. Happy Saturday Pam! I’m likely to wear all 3 trends you mentioned in varying intensities. I love stripes, minimal sleeve embellishment interests me and I’m finding embroidered pieces interesting, especially in accessories!

  7. I like this display a lot. The center outfit is the most appealing, but as the top is tucked in, I think adding a belt would be a plus. I’d definitely try the striped sweater w/white pants. It can be cold here by the sea in New England, so the striped top seems seasonal, appropriate and slightly nautical. I have a wool sweater to wear with shorts on the beach or around a firepit at night — and summer cashmere is on-trend at the moment. The ditsy blouse is my least favorite – not really my style, but it’s cute with the pants – and I own other, more tailored tops I’d rather wear.

  8. First off, I do like the dresses featured in your link today. As to the display itself; I feel it has the making of a Capsule (casual style) wardrobe that is modern and has colour. With that said though; what I am finding in many cuts of bottoms is a slight flare to the lower hemline allowing one the option to roll up that doesn’t personally appeal to myself giving reason why with the three pairs of straight-leg chinos that I recently purchased, I ended up threading elastic through the lower hem allowance. (In other words created a hybrid style of a chino in fit, a cargo pant without huge pockets and joggers without the fuss of cuffing.) To conclude; as to the other pieces I might invest in the sweater as I feel it could also work as an overlay because of its design. i.e.: V-neck, dropped shoulders, long sleeved and relaxed fit. -Brenda-

  9. I would wear the top on the right. I like the small print and the flutter sleeves. This style works to balance my figure. I always appreciate sleeves, as armholes in sleeveless tops often gape. No cropped pants for me.

  10. I would wear the striped sweater. I like the stripes & the vee-neck. Although, it does look a bit off with the lightweight pants. I would wear the jean jacket & the blouse under it. They are classics. I don’t care for flutter sleeves, so I would pass on that top. I would substitute longer pants for all of the ones shown. Rolled & cropped pants do not flatter my short legs.

  11. I like all three looks. I’m going to look up those red pants. I think each outfit would be flattering to someone my age.

  12. Yes! I have some version of all these pieces. Last summer, I found white jeans that were slightly cropped and flared and bought 3 pairs. I have red jeans and navy and black chinos. Striped tops are my favorite. I have a couple of floral blouses. These seem to be classic pieces and looks to me. I love basics that you can mix up.

  13. I like these colors, the V necklines, the traditional shirt with the embroidered design, the top with the small floral print and minimal sleeve embellishment, the rise (waist) of the pants and a denim jacket as a 3rd piece. Not so fond of the crop length (but could sub in a full length pant) or the dark blue top (the drop shoulder, horizontal stripes and wide band of color across the hips). Nice designs, nice display!

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