Life is short….celebrate with color!

celebrate with color

Happy Monday!  It is time to move on, ladies…and realize…Life is short…so let’s celebrate with color!

I hope all of you had a blessed Mother’s Day and are ready to get on a fast track toward summer!


celebrate with color

With constant reminders as to how short life really is, it is now a perfect time to celebrate with color!

I can’t get enough of my favorite autumn palette right now or of listening to birds or smelling flowers…we must be purposeful to love each day as the gift it is. 

Also, life is too short to allow your challenges to hold you back…choose to smile and look your best daily…we are each a fabulous masterpiece!  Celebrate it!

Over the past 11 years, that desire to help you has not changed.  I have never wanted to have clones of me, but to have you be your unique best!

And, to help you be HAPPY WITH YOU!

I AM HAPPY WITH WHO I AM…and confidence is powerful…do not forget that.


celebrate with color

Spring and summer are the best times to enjoy bright beautiful colors!

Celebrate each day in your best colors….know what you look best in and don’t waste a day wearing other colors that are not your best…life is too short!

When someone tells me to wear a garment out of my color palette and says YOU WILL LOOK FINE…I always think…Why would I want to look fine??

When I can look fabulous!!  My youthful, healthy best.


celebrate with color

Today, I am celebrating color in my green Linen Blazer from Banana Republic; orange Universal Threads tee shirt (these are great!); and Talbot’s jeggings

The accessories are UGG slip on sneakers at Dillard’s; ECHO scarf from Dillard’s; and brooch from Anthropologie.   Purse is a Marshall’s find.


celebrate with color

No shrinking back…I will celebrate with color my life each day!

My style adjectives and best colors are two of my best assistants to keep that smile bright. 

Here are more beautiful colors currently on the market:

What is your favorite way to celebrate with color this time of year?  Please share and make sure that you…….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Life is short celebrate with color


  1. I used to enjoy wearing colours but as I gained weight I became self-conscious, I didn’t want to stand out in anyway so I started wearing mostly neutrals, especially black.

    Then I read a wonderful blog post about choosing your style adjectives based on how you want to present yourself. Hmmmmm…… one of my adjectives is “fun”. 😉 😉 😉

    So today, a dark and grey autumnal day, I wore my new glasses – two toned! Blue and purple ombré! And a blue tank top, with an overshirt of blue, green, red, and gold. I did have black pants, but my goodness I felt great! Thank you, Pamela, I am so glad I found your blog.

  2. I definitely like your bright combination of colors. The jacket is a color I can wear too, due to the saturation of that shade. Very pretty! I agree, it’s much easier to think of brighter, pretty colors in warm weather and I don’t hold back when it finally warms up here. My challenge, one I intend to work on, is incorporating more color into my cold weather wardrobe. We have seven months of cold here and I’m tired of dark colors dominating that long season. So while I have summer handled wardrobe wise, I need to work on the lengthy cold season. I think it will help me to get through feeling more uplifted, which I know is important. Because as you say, life is short. I’m looking at color with a different season in mind, if that makes sense!

  3. I have become bolder in my color choices and even been surprised by what works! Just start putting some looks together with color in mind and see where it leads!! Have fun with it!

  4. Pam, you are the first thing I look at each morning so I always start my day with a smile , looking at your smile! I love color too and though I may start with a neural background, I always wear something colorful…a blouse, a scarf, a sweater. I’ve found it so interesting how pink and orange together seem to be a current trend though one that is quite a contrast to me. But the more I see it, the more I like it and think of colors in my winter color wheel that would go together. I hope you had a blessed Mother’s Day too.

  5. I have started to like hot pink and orange together. Try it! You’ll be surprised how happy you will feel.

  6. I just love todays look! The bold green of your jacket with warm tee is all pulled together with your lovely scarf for a real “wow” effect! And it is a WOW!
    Yes color is here to stay I think! At least for our spring and summer months!
    Have a wonderful week Pam!

  7. Glad you have found a color combo you love…it is always fun to make those new discoveries.

  8. I love my palette….I just don’t see me ever wanting to wear any other colors! Thanks Kimberly!

  9. Pamela, I’m so glad you showed color today!! I do find it much easier to wear my Spring colors in the Spring and Summer seasons. I have begun to add poppy red, teal and medium purple to my Autumn and Winter wardrobes. This is a big deal to this neutrals girl!! You promised to do a wardrobe for me but you haveing posted it yet!!

  10. I will, Natalie…I promise. The attempted attack on me last week took me off my game a bit. But I am beginning to pick up speed. Will let you know when it goes live.

  11. I haven’t been to Banana Republic in a long time, but your green blazer makes me want to give them another look. I love how your pretty scarf ties everything together, & I really like your bag. As for color, red is one of go to colors in summer & winter. It always peps me up.

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