Would You Wear It – Summer Blues

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, ladies!  Welcome to Would You Wear It on two blogs, with me featuring summer blues.

It seems many of us are speeding right into summer temps …though a bit early…it is time to think Would You Wear It for summer?

On Saturdays, Jennifer and I post fashion displays from our communities to see what you think of the styles.

So let’s get this party started….


Would You Wear It

As I have showed you often, blue is everywhere in every type of print and fabric.  It is a huge color right now.

Look this display over and tell us if you would or would not wear these styles…please explain your answers.

The comments are read by many and we learn a lot from one another about what works for body shapes, and style preferences.

Also, if you would style the display differently, please share your ideas.

Would You Wear It

Now, tell us……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


These looks are from Chico’s….and here is more for you to see….


Would You Wear It

I do love my readers, and one of my favorite things to do is to occasionally meet up with them!

This is Sharon, and I met her recently at Starbuck’s.  She is one fiery petite woman over 50…enjoying life with friends and serving our community when she has opportunities.

I was inspired by her and loved her look!!  She is a SPRING, and went through our local House of Color representative and says it is one of the best things she has ever done.

She and a friend decided to do it together!  

It is always so helpful to hear what readers like and would like to see on the blog.

I am blessed by each and every reader!  Thanks for taking your time to meet me, Sharon!


Would You Wear It

This week, the readers loved these springtime tweed jackets the most….at least one is saving her money to add one to her wardrobe.  See what you think of these….

Now, it is time to comment on the WOULD YOU WEAR IT display…then to head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE for Jennifer’s….and by all means, make sure that you…..


UPDATE: So many of you have asked offline about my emotional healing process after the recent attack, and I so appreciate the concern.  I will update you in Sunday’s post.

By Pamela Lutrell

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Would you Wear It


  1. Blue seems to play a large role in my spring and summer wardrobe. I do like the striped top with the white ankle pants and would wear something like that. The dress is too blah for me, too long, not enough shape, just wouldn’t do anything for me personally. The straw bag is cute, and I’m once again in the market for a straw bag for summer. I like that it has some detail. I’ll be looking forward to your post tomorrow.

  2. I can tell the pictures are from Chico’s when the jewelery is BIG. I don’t like the tassels on the necklace or the bag.
    Sharon looks terrific! I would never think to put those colors together but they look fantastic!

  3. I like the vibrant striped top and would wear it with white jeans or capris. I also like the sea shell necklace, though I wouldn’t put it with that top. I think it interferes with the neckline and competes with the stripes. I’d probably pair it with a solid color and a lower scoop neck.

    I like the blue dress for someone taller and with different proportions than I have. And the necklace with it is too large in scale for me.

  4. Like the accessories,although not all together.Might wear the pants combo. Dress it just like so many other. It is not memorable! Best wishes for continued recovery. It can take a long time from something like what you experienced.

  5. I love the striped top. Those are my colors! Unfortunately Chicos does not fit plus size women. I so wish they would add a few more sizes as I absolutely love their line of clothing. Pamela, you always look so nice and I look forward to your posts every day.

  6. I like the striped top. I’m always on the lookout for tops with 3/4 length sleeves. This would look great with jeans and capris. I’d skip the necklace as it’s too big for my frame/taste, but would add a pair of Keds with similar colors (I have a large collection). The dress is cute but the loose shape likely wouldn’t flatter me.

  7. Oh I do love that colorful tee with white pants and would definitely wear that outfit exactly as is! My style for spring! It might work with sandals or little white slip on sneakers (canvas?)
    The dress needs a little belt I think- rope/leather style to keep with a summery feel. It’s a bit drab, but opening the neck a bit and adding a summery seashell, blue stone or other summer type necklace might help!

  8. Good morning. I like both of the items you showed, but neither are completely my personal style or colors. (I might buy the dress and hem it if it was in another color.) That being said, I would love to see the right women in those outfits, sitting with me having lunch or shopping. That must count as liking them!
    How I would love that cream tweed jacket. I cannot think of where I would wear it now, living in a beach town and retired. We used to visit NYC several times a year, but my mother in law, whom we visited there, recently passed away. That is where I would have paired it with dressy jeans for dinner out or dressed down for a museum visit. The cost per wear factor just isn’t there for me now. I recently ordered a moto jacket style from Kettlewell in deep olive, which will serve me well if it fits perfectly. It is time to be fussy and think about my reality. Thank you, Pam. I am also looking forward to tomorrow’s post. I hope you are well.

  9. I would wear both. I love the striped top. I’m 5’8” and the dress is a style I like, it’s a little plain and I would need accessories. I don’t care for either necklace they’re just to big for my taste.

  10. Blue is one of my colors! Love the dress but would need to try it to see how that length looks and feels. I like the straw bag but both necklaces would stay in the store. I like the colors in the sweater but rarely wear horizontal stripes. The pants are a nice neutral that I could enjoy wearing with other tops.

  11. I love all blues and can definitely see me in that dress but I would shorten and belt it. Happy Saturday my friend!

  12. Love the striped top. Would wear it half-tucked with jeans or chinos and navy loafers. Love the dress, too, even though I would need to shorten it a bit. Cute with red espadrilles. Thanks, Pam, and happy weekend!

  13. I would definitely wear these blues. I like the dress and the top might be something I look for.

  14. I like the dress because it is in a universally flattering color. It acts like a blank canvas; it could look different every time I wore it, with accessories. It looks comfortable for hot summer days, but would also work for late spring and early autumn. I appreciate the modesty, or as I call it, sun protection.

  15. A definite ‘no’ to the straw tote as have downsized in scale as well to the necklaces as feel I do not have the bust to carry them plus this season my choice on the most part for such is layered and more delicate in design. As to the garments; a ‘yes’ to them as their colors and styles appeal to my taste and lifestyle though the dress might prove to be a challenge to put on and take off (due to its length and if no stretch) and perhaps be cinched at the waist depending upon its fit. -Brenda-

  16. Blue is one of my favorite neutrals. I could see myself wearing the dress, but I’d have it shortened as I’m under 5’3″. I’d try to style it with a belt for lunch or dinner out. The sweater is pretty but it’s too tie-dye-ish and too long for me, so I’d give it a pass. I think it would be great on a taller woman. A ‘no’ to all the necklaces. I don’t really admire them, and they’re all to large for someone of my build.

  17. I would happily wear both outfits. The chambray blue linen dress is stylish on its own and can be dressed up or down with many types of cute shoes. I’m not much into large pieces of necklaces due to my short stature (5′) and large bust but other than that, this is right up my alley. I have several light weight print scarves that would go great as well. This type of top and pants are a staple for me. The top is so easy to wear with many types of bottoms and at 73 y.o. I love a 3/4 sleeve. Also, the longer length of the top is a must for me. Thanks for sharing 2 great spring/summer outfits.

  18. I wanted to reply to Charlene J…..I am also plus size and found quite a bit at Chicos,but most of it I have to purchase online,as my local Chico’s store doesn’t go past a size 3. There are some Chico’s stores that have size 4,right in the store.
    I also like JJill. They go up to size 24W, I believe.

  19. The dress, like so many other summer dresses, is too shapeless & too long to be flattering on me. I do like the color. I would wear the striped top & white pants. It is a very fresh summer look. The necklaces are too big for my taste, & I’m not a fan of tassels on anything. I also prefer more structure in my handbags, even straw bag.

  20. Hi Pam, I’m new here so I didn’t know about what happened to you. I’m truly sorry to hear about it. I’d really like to hear how you are dealing with it and if you have learned anything about prevention that would benefit your readers. As for the mannequin, I would wear the striped sweater with white jeans in half a beat. The chambray dress, like MJ said is like a blank canvas. Marcia mentioned something red, like shoes or belt which would really pop. But did you catch sight of the vibrant aqua marine top up on the wall? How that would pull the necklace, bag and dress together!

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