5 ways to cover arms over 50: #3 Linen Shirts

ways to cover arms

Happy Friday!! Welcome to another one of the ways to cover over 50 arms in warmer weather.  #3 is use a linen shirt!

So far, we have looked at linen shirtdresses, linen cardigans, and today linen shirts!

Today, just makes me want to smile with a very big smile because I really like this look, and because I help a sweet woman from Hong Kong with her style adjectives!

So, let’s get going……


ways to cover arms

As you can tell, I have become a big fan of all things linen over the years…especially living in a very warm climate.

Supposedly, May will go on record as the hottest May ever in San Antonio…so I will be wearing linen shirts often.

They do make a great warm weather topper to cover a sleeveless tank or top.

This shirt originally came from Banana Republic where they have great options for linen shirts.

I styled it today with two Talbots pieces:  Pima Cotton Blend Tank in Ivory:  and Relaxed Chinos in Cantalope.

One of my favorite scarves is in my hair and on a green base, you will find this cantalope color within the print.

My slip-on shoes from Hush Puppies are not new, but I do like the style and comfort!  This outfit just said “boat shoes” to me!

Again, I like the versatility of a linen shirt…it can be worn as a topper or just a shirt.

I wear Chico’s linen shirts like this as well…they have some fun prints for toppers right now!

Here are more options:


ways to cover arms

Today’s Reader Style Feature is a fun one!!

Zaeobi is the youngest reader who has asked me for help and she resides and works in Hong Kong!!  She is in her 30s!

Here is what I know:

“I’m in my 30s, originally from the UK but living in Hong Kong. Pear shaped 5ft3, olive skin & black-brown hair (Deep Autumn). I teach both adults & at university level in my 30s, so am currently struggling with how to project my style adjectives (below) in an age-appropriate way whilst still being taken seriously… 

I’m still deciding on how exactly to pinpoint my Style Adjectives, but they’re currently:
*Comfy Covered Colorful Chic*

An explanation:
~ COMFY – Natural fibres, non wrinkle & machine washable is a must!
~ COVERED – Everyone has different modesty levels, but I prefer just to show my forearms, ankles & décolletage (less risk of sunburn!)
~ COLORFUL – Head-to-toe neutrals may be slimming but they aren’t ‘me’. I’m a Deep Autumn, so I love a fiery orange, deep teal, rich saffron yellow & warm plum purple in particular! I tend to wear darker colors on my bottom half (pear shaped). 
~ CHIC – Fitted but not tight, timeless (rather than flashy) silhouettes, but with some style added by accessories.”

Hi Zaeobi!  Other than your adjectives, I really took to heart your desire to be taken seriously as a teacher.

One of the best garments for women to speak intelligence and strength is the blazer!  

A blazer or well structured jacket takes jeans and a tee to a whole new place.  You do not need to only wear them with trousers.

I have included for you some nice jackets/blazers which can be worn over a very colorful top or tee to speak to your colorful adjective.

Look at the first image in the slideshow.  A look like that can help to garner for you the respect you are seeking in the classroom.

Also, jackets and blazers speak chic and with denim they speak casual chic.  In warmer weather, you can wear it into the classroom, teach, and remove it when you go out.

ways to cover arms

These pieces (almost all in petites) are meant to inspire your style and show you how they can communicate your adjectives….and I would recommend add the word STRONG  to your other four.

Also, one more note, a site like Banana Republic does not style with modesty in mind in their images, however, they have some cool pieces like the two below for your age group.  

These pieces can be styled with modesty…so look past the models…to the actual garments and consider how you would wear them.  

It has been so much fun to hear from the ladies in other countries…thank you for sending your adjectives.  

Anyone can participate, just email me at over50feeling40@gmail.com….even your daughters!

Let me know if you have comments or questions, especially on ways to cover your arms…I will be here tomorrow with Jennifer for Would You Wear It!  See you then and join me as we…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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5 ways to cover your arms



  1. Your look today is my favorite! This is something I do so often that my linen shirt that I got last spring at JJill (also white) has more than paid for itself! I’m going to get a new one this year just to have an extra. I have orange pants from Soft Surroundings (those Superla Stretch ones) and love the way this outfit works! I love your hair that way, with the scarf pulling it back. Reminds me of your hairbands that you’ve shown before. This is just such a cool (literally) summer look, perfect!
    It’s fun to hear from a younger reader and just goes to show that your message is for all ages!

  2. Thanks Karen! Leigh Ann was the one who did my hair and I will do it again! Thanks so much!

  3. Thank you so much Pamela, for taking the time to distill my adjectives into concrete clothing items! Here’s hoping you’re feeling a little more centred after your scare last week, too.

    I agree that a blazer can be a quick way to dress up a look – I have a cropped orange one that’s been languishing in the back of my closet, but perhaps I should try it on for my next Zoom class?

    I’ll admit that ‘Strong’ is not something I always feel (especially these days, with a global pandemic) but I suppose that it is indeed some of what I’m trying to project by dressing more ‘authoritative’ at work. I may be young but that’s why I prefer to read blogs written with a more mature perspective – I find all sorts of nuggets of wisdom around dressing for the life I have & the person I am (rather than a fantasy one).

    Thanks for all that you do!

  4. You are so welcome! I am honored to have you as a reader and hope this exercise provided inspiration! Yes! Dig that blazer out and make sure it looks well kept and professional!

  5. Your linen outfits this week makes me remember a few linen shirts I think I saved way back during a closet purge. Hopefully, I can locate those soon as our temps are rising too, and highs will be near 100° soon. I did wear my linen pants last summer, and enjoyed a new pair I ordered from JJill on sale. Reading Zaeobi’s adjectives, I realized that “covered” could be one of mine although I had never thought of it. I too rarely have any skin showing other than forearms and neck with even feet covered.

  6. I have just started following you. Several of your posts reference a season (Autumn) when describing your clothing choices. Your color choices always look beautiful on you. How do you know what season you are and how can I find mine? It seems it would make shopping so much easier. Love your hair scarf today. I hear hair bands are in right now.

  7. Hi Barbara, So happy to have you join us here! I am one of many women who say that getting your colors done is life changing! It saves time, money, and I look healthier and younger in my best colors. I am going to send an email to you at the address you have here and give you some ideas to get you started. Yes, hair bands are in!! But, a great scarf works as well. Watch you email for my reponse.

  8. I love your cantalope colored pants. What a nice surprise to hear from Zaeobi. Her desire to present herself professionally reminded me very much of my same feelings back in my twenties and thirties. To be taken seriously and project confidence is important. I would also recommend a structured sweater-jacket for those days when she wants the comfort of a soft piece with the polish of a blazer. I wish her a long and happy career. 😊

  9. Love this column today! Many thanks — will be subscribing to your channel soon and these tips are great for warm weather — finally heading up north too.

  10. Loved todays column too. (Looks like we all did)! You look amazing and your hair- great idea for summer wear.
    It’s starting to warm up here in New England, with the humidity today playing games with my hair. Fortunately the way it’s cut looks pretty okay despite the frizz. I’m not fighting it anymore! Your scarf idea is something I must try.
    In the part two years or so I’ve invested in a few linen tops and plan to take them out to use now that we’ve jumped into a summer-weather pattern.
    Love your cantaloupe pants. Love your blog! Stay cool!

  11. Pam, Could you email me those ideas too? I really would like to have my colors/season “done” by an expert as I don’t seem to be able t do it on my own. Any suggestions to get me started ? I live in the D.C. metro area.
    Thanks for all you do to keep us focused on looking and feeling our best. I’m smiling, Michele

  12. As a super short petite ( 4’11”) I never wear long jackets or tops except for very long dusters. And they’re too hot in our humid summers. It’s difficult, sometime impossible to find a cool jacket in my size without a nipped in waist – my body is pretty straight- so I purchase cotton, linen blend, or loo thin jackets that hit at very high hip and remove the linings! It just takes a little patience and little scissors. I leave all the seams unfinished unless it’s a loose weave. Then the can be bound ( labor- intensive) or sewn with an overcast seam- my preference cuz it’s so fast. If the shoulders are reinforced or have pads I leave them for structure. Another option to stay cool with a more fitted silhouette is to size up.

  13. Thank you for the suggestion! It’s not quite a sweater but I do have a soft velvet blazer jacket that I keep on the back of my chair for a similar reason – easy to throw on for impromptu Zoom meetings whilst still being able to move freely!

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