Budget Saving Tuesday Tips: Makeup & Skincare

Budget saving tips

Welcome to the third installment of Budget Saving Tuesday with tips to stretch your budget.

Today, we are discussing makeup and skincare. 

I am not interviewing anyone, but sharing with you tips I have learned over the past eleven years of blogging.


Budget Saving Tuesday Tips

I have been honored to test and learn about all price points of makeup…and I do love an excellent consultant at a department store beauty counter.

However,  I think beginning with the pandemic, all of us have been forced to make changes in our expenses.

So, over the past two years, I have able to find quality products and trim down in the beauty portion of my budget.

Budget Saving Tuesday Tips

To begin with, I am still using Laura Geller Makeup for many reasons.

First off…I like it!  I like the coverage and the colors and the fact it is created for our age group.

It lasts a long time…I have not re-ordered these products since I began using them after the first of the year and I do use them most days.

The makeup is affordable and they often have specials running, so watch for them….sign up for the emails.

RIGHT NOW YOU CAN GET 40% OFF of blush, bronzer and highlighters with the code BH40!

The brushes are very good and incredibly affordable….the Blending Beauties Face Brush Set is now on sale for $25!

I highly recommend the makeup!  Laura Geller has completely transitioned me off liquid foundation!

I also want to remind you that Lancome and L’oreal are in the same company… “Lancôme is part of the L’Oréal Luxury Products division.”

Many times I have found a Lancome item I tried at the counter in a near perfect match in the Loreal aisle at the grocery….for half the costs!

This happened to me when I switched to wearing makeup for women who wear warmer colors and the eyeshadows were the same. 

The Lancome Set was $50, and the Loreal set with the same colors was $15 at the time I purchased it…may be higher now.

Budget Saving Tuesday Tips

I have almost used all of my Loreal eye colors and spotted this set. THE BAKED EYESHADOW WARDROBE WARM DELIGHTS in the SALE area of Laura Geller.

On the day I saw it, there was a special additional 20% off happening…so I ordered it!

The colors are perfect and there are more in the set than the Loreal I have been wearing….looking forward to its arrival.

Budget Saving Tuesday Tips

There are other lower priced makeup items I use that I like better than over the counter options.

Many of you know that I have used the Maybelline Snapscara in purple of several years….purple makes my hazel eyes pop.

I like Maybelline Mascara no matter the shade.  This shade, though, has been discontinued in store, so I have ordered it a couple of times on Amazon.

After the pandemic happened, I ceased using Bobbi Brown purple eyeliner and have now switched to Loreal Pencil Eyeliner.

I loved Bobbi Brown products and used them for years….but I believe that time is over.  I can get the same quality and much less ….that is budget saving!!


Budget Saving Tuesday Tips

First of all, allow me to share with you budget brands that I believe to be just as effective as the more expensive offerings.

This Gold Bond Ultimate Firming Age Defense lotion is excellent and I use it at least once a day.

I plan to also try the Gold Bond Ultimate Crepe Corrector Age Defense cream.

I have tried the more expensive lotions who make the same claims….and the Gold Bond lotions work just as well.

Budget Saving Tuesday Tip

Especially during the hot summer months, I need to use foot cream every night.

I have tried several products, but I like this one best….Blue-Emu Foot Therapy.


Budget Saving Tuesday Tip

I realize Vaseline is controversial with some of you, but I have been taking my eye makeup off with it for 49 years!

And the skin around my eyes looks pretty good for someone about to turn 69!

I feel about Vaseline the way the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding felt about Windex….it is good for so many things….my heal all product.

I often use it for a nightly hand salve…and we have completely replaced an antibiotic ointment with Vaseline…as recommended by our dematologists.

Right now, I am treating my sutures from my skincare procedure with it twice a day.

I will say that I like the original Vaseline better than generic products and I have tried a few.  I finally stopped buying them and returned to the real thing!

For any who think petroleum jelly will ruin your skin….I believe I am proof that it doesn’t.


Budget Saving Tuesday Tip

I believe women can waste a boatload of money on makeup and skincare constantly searching for the best!

My top tip today is that when you find something you know is working…stick with it…and don’t waste the money changing around.

I understand if you need to find something less expensive, but if you can afford what you are using…stick with it for now!

I am sticking with the Chamonix Skincare products because they work…I have used them for years…and they are worth it to me for now.

Also, I make no money supporting this brand or sharing it with you….I could direct you to brands where I do make money…but this is one I stand behind.

Budget Saving Tuesday Tip

I am often asked if I could recommend only two of their products, which would they be….in order…I recommend:



Both last about 6 weeks before a re-order is needed…the cream can be used twice a day if you like.

There you have it...Budget Saving Tuesday Tips: Makeup and Skincare…and I truly hope these posts are helping.

That is my intention.  We are all in the same boat and need to be helping each other out with the best ways to save within our budgets and I know many of you are on fixed incomes.

Let us know if you have additions…or questions…or comments….tomorrow will be more headlines just for you….now, make sure that you….


A smile is the best accessory you can wear!

By Pamela Lutrell

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Budget Saving Tuesday Tips



  1. These are great tips Pam! I only wear eye makeup, nothing on my face, but find L’Oreal to be a very good brand as you said. At most, in the winter, I use a tinted moisturizer when I’m going out with a little cream blush. I do find excellent, affordable options at my local natural products store. The way prices are going on literally everything, it’s wise to look for affordable, yet good quality options. The Vaseline…I guess I didn’t realize people have a problem with that. When I had Mohs surgery the surgeon gave me Aquaphor and I use that now exclusively like you use Vaseline for cuts, etc. and find it to be a great product, like Vaseline. She told me it’s important when healing to keep the area moist to prevent scarring, and she was right! Do you also use Vaseline to remove eye makeup? Seems that would help retain moisture in that area which is a good thing! Appreciate the budget tips!

  2. Yes I do use it to remove eye makeup and have for over 40 years. Began to remove eye make up every day with it in college!

  3. Pam, how did you decide on your colors with the Laura Geller products? Is it available in store somewhere or did you have to decide online? I have looked locally for the purple mascara and eyeliner, but have not been successful so would need to order online. I too am a big believer in the use of Vaseline although my dermatologist has not influenced my use. I have used it nightly for many years, and like you, have realized the difference in the name-brand and generic. Since wearing my mask for more than two years now, I have all but stopped using liquid makeup on my face and only apply makeup to my eyes and under eye shadows.

  4. Love the curls in the first picture Pam. Over the years, I have gone from the luxury brands to more reasonable priced ones, and to tell the truth, some of the well known brands like L’oreal and Maybelline and Olay are my everyday go to items. Neutrogena has been recomended by dermatologist, and she swears by the research that has gone into their products, and says there is no need to spend hundreds on product unless you like the fragrance etc. that they put in ( fragrance is a no go for me). I too just discovered that the vaseline is better than neosporin for a healing barrier. The Laura Geller products look interesting, but after checking the costs to Canada, I think I will stick with what I can get locally. Terrific money saving Tuesday post!

  5. Hi Celia, after I learned my colors were warm autumn colors, I went to a Lancôme beauty specialist at Dillards. She taught me what to look for…I was skeptical on the eye shadows and lips at first, but once I followed her advice, I saw how it worked with the clothes to brighten and complement the true me! I followed her direction by finding the L’Oréal products which looked just like the more expensive sister brand. Sometimes it helps to visit the beauty counters for knowledge alone!

  6. Oh… and Laura Geller has guidance online to help you pick their colors! Sorry just saw what you were really asking!

  7. Another great Budget Tuesday, Pam! May I add Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. Gently removes even waterproof mascara and doesn’t leave oily residue or irritate my sensitive eyes. I prefer it over luxury brands. Approx $6 for 3.8 oz.

  8. Vaseline has been recommended by my dermatologist for dry, cracking skin. My skin is super dry, and I recommend highly the Cerave cream in the tub (I get mine at Costco). I use this on my body and in the winter, my face. Jojoba oil is wonderful for dry cuticles and cracked fingertips; I also use this as a body oil and lip softener, but it’s also supposed to be good for dry, curly hair. Nipple cream makes an excellent overnight lip mask. I buy makeup at Ulta because they take opened packages for full refund if you are not satisfied. Since you can’t test most drugstore products, I used to waste money on them until finding this out. There are great dermatologists on YouTube that give budget skincare tips. Learning is free and saves you money. And two thumbs up for Laura Geller; her makeup looks wonderful, is generously sized, and you only use a little.

  9. Pam, this is a really great post! I do struggle with both these issues. I’m always searching for the best makeup and skin care. I am on a fixed income so what you said makes sense. I have tried Laura Geller products and also like them. I think I ordered them when you talked about the products in a previous blog.
    I’m going to look into the skin care line as well. Also I do like your Vaseline idea!
    Thank you for these suggestions because I think we all need some help these days.

  10. My skin has never looked better since quitting foundation. I cringe seeing young girls piling it on to perfect skin. L’Oreal is my favorite for eye makeup.

  11. Thanks for the terrific rundown on what you’re using. Like Linda, I use Cerave from Costco. My mother turned me on to it a few years ago, and she was right – it is wonderful for hands and feet. My skin isn’t prone to being dry (yet), but I use Garnier’s little jar of pale green face gel morning and night. It is about $7 and lasts me six weeks or so. I love the lack of scent and clean feel of it. I mix a pore blurring primer with a smidge of liquid foundation each morning to disguise some redness, but other than that just one shade of pale eye shadow, a quick swipe of mascara, and always my trusty eyebrow pencil to fill in. Lip balm or tint, and that’s it. As I age I find the simpler, the better, and that translates to being very affordable as well.

  12. My eye doc recommends a small amount of Vaseline jelly in the lash line at bedtime for dry eye. Seems to help, but interferes with bedtime reading…so I apply it just before turning out the lights. My husband’s skin surgeon also recommended applying it to stitches after the bandage was removed. Seemed to work!
    Of course, for hygienic reasons we purchase small, fresh jars of Vaseline and are careful to replace frequently.
    FYI, Pam, you’ve mentioned Jane Iredale cosmetics on this blog. Usually that’s out of my price range, but Soft Surroundings Outlet has discounted a good assortment…and then an additional 30% off with the code ALLONSALE, applied at checkout.

  13. I find Vicks Vapor rub to be the best overnight lip balm. Vaseline would probably be just as affective; I like the sinus clearing scent of Vicks, though.

  14. Thanks for sharing about Jane Iredale…good to know on the sale! I also use the Vaseline to remove my eye makeup after I am finished with any type of reading.

  15. Pamela, may I ask how you use the Vaseline to remove eye makeup? Do you apply it with your finger and then use a warm wash cloth to remove? Or do you use cotton balls or cotton squares to remove the Vaseline? Thanks for all your tips!

  16. Hi Debbie! I use a lot of white wash cloths and once a year buy a bundle at a low cost store like Tuesday Morning and replace them. I use them to wash my face twice a day and remove makeup with Vaseline. It was actually a lovely lady who represented a high end beauty line at Saks Fifth Ave. who told me years ago that white wash cloths were the best for removing makeup and face cleansing. I switched then and have been happy with the results.

  17. Great column. I love Gold Bond. They have several different options, so it’s sometimes hard to decide. GB works really well to soften heels actually, but Burts Bees Footcream is the best! BB lip balms are super too. I’d ask my doctor before putting petroleum products on my lips; it sounds dangerous to me.

  18. Great post, Pam. The “drug store” brands have certainly improved over the years. L’Oreal Age Perfect is great. And…..I started using Laura Geller makeup after you featured it last winter and LOVE it. My Derm swears by Cerave products. I especially like the Cerave Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 Face Sheer Tint. It is a lightweight tinted moisturizer that blends with all skin tones. It’s magic.

  19. Thanks for sharing, Marcia and so glad you love the Laura Geller makeup!

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