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Today's news

Welcome, ladies, for your news weekly prepared just for you….Today’s News for Women Over 50!

I spend time searching and curating news articles I believe will be interesting to the majority of readers.

If there are topics you would like to know more about, then please let me know.

I want this to be newsworthy to all of you wonderful women over 50!

Also, I want to note that as part of the Budget Saving section, I will occasionally bring you economic headlines…then you know what you are facing with your budget and for family.

So, with the heat these days in mind, some of you may want to get a cold beverage and a comfy patio chair to sit down and enjoy today’s news.


Today's News

yahoo! news:  Vintage fashion: senior models bridge South Korea age divides

Today Show:  Maye Musk covers 2022 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit at 74: Women in their 70s are gorgeous

yahoo! lifePlatinum Jubilee: Camilla borrowed robe from Charles for an on-stage appearance

Life Style Big News Beauty Boss:  How Laura Geller built her brand through the power of personal selling*

The Times:  Boho style now?  Leave the cowboy boots and bangles at home

Mind Body GreenHow I walk the dog with comfortably with wide feet

*For more on Laura Geller, please see my post from yesterday on Budget Saving Tuesday


Today's News

Kitchn The 10 recipes you need for the coastal grandmother summer of your dreams

Sally’s Baking Recipes: 1 batter for infinite muffin recipes

Very Well Fit:  10 superfoods to eat daily for optimal health

Southern Living: 55 fresh peach recipes to savor this summer

Eating Well: How to make a delicious veggie sandwich

Eat This, Not That: 8 old-fashioned nutrition guidelines you should never follow


Today's news

Better Homes & Gardens:  25 easy DIY projects you can tackle in just one hour

Better Homes & Gardens:  7 insect-repelling plants (I have one in a pot at my back door for this reason)

What’s Up? Media:  Say good-bye to these outdated home interior trends

House & Garden:  Why you should be buying arts & crafts furniture now

Homes & Gardens Decorating with vintage: 10 ways to add character to your home

Southern LivingWhy Southerners love this iconic hydrangea wallpaper…and we are seeing it everywhere



Today's news

Taste of Home I changed 3 grocery shopping habits and saved $4,800

Better Homes & Gardens:  15 tips to navigating a flea market like a pro

Good Housekeeping:  What is really behind the tampon shortage?  Here’s what to know

CNBC: How retirees can give to charity and create an income stream at the same time


Today's News

Travel Awaits 10 Best Bed and Breakfasts our readers love

NeuroscienceAn intriguing connection between diet, eye healthy and lifespan

Eat This, Not That:  5 ways to avoid dementia says Dr. Sanjay Gupta

AARP: Should you get that mole removed?

ForbesDoes aging in place work?  What we don’t know won’t hurt us

That is it for Today’s News on this Wednesday, June 15.  Please leave comments, questions, thoughts on any of these stories.  Thank you so much for being here!


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  1. I really enjoyed the DIY projects ideas. This held my interest, being a DIYer myself and kept me away from my obsession with dementia articles!! 😉 Recently I made a rather large quantity of beautiful linen napkins for all seasons of the year and it went really fast for truly a fraction of what they sell for. DIY is so rewarding!

  2. Great combination of articles, Pam. Thanks for the Sally muffin link. I love to bake and have been following the “Sally’s Baking Addiction” blog for years. Her recipes NEVER fail, and she provides extra tips like how to store items or make in advance, double the recipe, make substitutions, etc. Can’t wait to try some of the DIY projects, too.

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