Chico’s Coastal Style with Leigh & Me

Chico's Coastal Style

Happy Sunday, ladies!  Let’s keep talking the latest trend with the experts in it….Chico’s Coastal Style with Leigh & Me.

Beginning last month, I began to cover the coastal grandmother trend thoroughly, so today I go to the retailer who OWNS IT…Chico’s Coastal Style.

Of course, I took along my partner in style…Leigh Ann…in order to show you two different body types and how the clothes look! 

So, relax…imagine the waves hitting the beach and let’s get started.


Chico's Coastal Style

This outfit completely embraces coastal style in the soft neutrals and light fabrics.

I am wearing the alabaster Linen-Blend Embellished Tie-front top (also comes in petite) and I love the top.

These are the So Slimming Brigitte Capris in Soft Latte. (Petite). They have a cute button detail on the bottom.

If these had been in the store I would have tried the top with the Brigitte So Slimming Striped Capris or the So Slimming Brigitte Dot Capris (also in petite)

Chico's Coastal Style

Coastal style with panache, anyone?  

How about a shiny palm tree on the Pima Embellished Palm Tree Tee.

Chico's Coastal Style

For a lovely dinner looking out over the ocean, I added two pieces to the palm tree tee.

The Linen Eyelet Pull-On Crop Pants are lightweight easy beautiful pants.  So comfy and also available in navy.

The star of this look, of course, is the gorgeous Embroidered Ruana.  I did size down on this one to the S/M.

Chico's Coastal Style

Here is another pair of the So Slimming Brigitte Button Capris in Olive.

The Chico’s Coastal Style tops are all so much fun…here is another one, the Pima Foil Palm Tee.

This one has a rounded neckline.

Love how cute these are and looked for them in store….Beaded Hem Pull On Denim Capris

Chico's Coastal Style

Chico's Coastal Style

I thought both of these easy dresses are perfect to pull on after a day in the sun for relaxing around home, walking the beach or a casual dinner.

The first one is the Linen-Blend Button Seam Maxi Dress in Blue Veil

The second is the Tiered 3/4 Sleeve Sundress in Belladona Blue ( a lovely blue).


Chico's Coastal Style

This look got compliments from ladies going in and out of the dressing rooms!

Leigh Ann really liked the “off-the-shoulder” style of the blouse and the shorts were a big YES for her.

She is wearing the Poplin Off-Shoulder Top in red and it also is available in blue

She liked It tucked in, but liked it even more with part of the hem tucked through a belt loop on the So Slimming Girlfriend Tie Dye Shorts.

Chico's Coastal Style

She also liked this nod from Chico’s to coastal style.

She is wearing the Pull On Denim Shorts in Aria Aqua with the Animal Print Slub Tunic Tank in Skylight Blue.

Chico's Coastal Style

Leigh Ann actually laughed with pleasure when she discovered this to be a skort.

As a tennis player, she is a big fan of skorts.

She is wearing the Striped Pull On Denim Skort with the Touch of Cool Coral Reef Polished Tank in Paradise Lilly!

Chico's Coastal Style

Back to those soft neutrals of coastal style.

We both like these Convertible Poplin Cargo Crops for warmer climates….and they come in seven colors…Leigh Ann is wearing the natural tan.

She paired them with Linen Foil Palms Pull Over Tee with a V neckline.

Chico's Coastal Style

Leigh Ann spotted this colorful Folk Art Drama Kimono Duster when we first entered the store.

It looked so good with the dress from her personal wardrobe, but I do like the way Chico’s styles it online with jeans.


Chico's Coastal Style

Chico’s Coastal Style can be seen in so many ways…notice details and fabrics….





Coastal Style is turning out to be so much fun this year with pieces that will live forever in our wardrobes and keep us fresh.

Chico’s has been in my wardrobe for over 30 years and I trust the brand completely.

What do you think of Chico’s Coastal Style….have you embraced coastal yet?  Thanks for joining Leigh Ann and me on a shopping venture…enjoy your Sunday and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Chico's coastal style


  1. I love the coastal grandmother look. After living not far from the AL coast for nearly 40 years, this is nothing new to me. I am so glad to see the style given a name and embraced even though I retired and moved to my hometown in KY. However,!there are two major lakes in the area, so the style is spot on for here, too, even though styles go toward to the most casual. I love Chico’s, have been a fan for many years.

  2. Thanks, Cheryll…I believe you are right that the style can be embraced on or off the coast!

  3. The coastal selections you two have chosen look very cool and comfortable. I had not thought of tying the sides of the animal print slub tank as Leigh Ann did, and that tied front style seems popular this year, or at least, is at Chico’s. Your picture of the beautiful hibiscus made me think again of that red/orange/ yellow combination that seems to be popular this year.

  4. Hmmm… many of these just read “resort” or “summer” to me, not coastal as I’m seeing the style interpreted. That said, I love these try on sessions; it’s like shopping with girlfriends. I’m still seeing the off shoulder tops, but can’t figure out how to wear them without wearing a strapless bra, which is not my definition of hot weather comfortable. Are people just going braless with fashion tape, showing their bra straps, or do they actually drag out a strapless bra?

  5. I am always inspired by nature, Celia with ways to combine colors with my wardrobe! Happy Sunday!

  6. I am not sure about the answer. I do not wear off the shoulder for this reason, but I would guess the majority go with strapless bras!

  7. I am not a Chico’s shopper, but as you have showed some petite outfits that are appealing, maybe I may become one. We’ll see, I really like the tops you chose that have “elbow” sleeves but are such different styles that you don’t say, ‘oh, elbow sleeves” when you see them. They’re interesting and pretty. I don’t get the new version of skort, which is no longer shorts in the back but rather embedded shorts. This makes them look like a really short skirt, which is kind of weird – cute on Leigh Ann though. You all made the national news last night as a HOT area — stay cool.

  8. I loved the two outfits (with the tote) on both you and Leigh Ann! So cool and casual. My favorite though was the folk art kimono on Leigh Ann! I’m not sure where I’d wear it, but the colors are pure fun!

  9. We are accustomed to heat warnings, but excessive heat warnings haven’t been seen in a long while!

  10. In your alabaster tie front top and Leigh’s blue animal print tie front tank top the ties just hang down. I have two tie front tops and struggle with the way they look so unflattering. Do you or your readers have any trick or ideas for improving the look of front ties? I always enjoy reading your informative and positive attitude blogs.

  11. I like the ties when they are short. Leigh Ann sometimes sticks longer ones through belt loops is they are available. If I hear more, I will post the ideas. I would love to hear some as well!

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