Would You Wear It – Summer Olive

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, ladies!  Welcome to Would you wear it!  Today, I am showing summer olive outfits!

Saturdays are special days around here when my friend Jennifer and I find fashion displays throughout our communities that make us wonder what you think…

Would You Wear It?

So, let’s get started here in San Antonio…..


Would You Wear It

The colors of olive or military green have gone from traditional autumn colors in the fashion industry to all year long.

This display captured my attention with a couple of different ways to style the color.

Please explain your answers and don’t just say yes or no, but tell us why you would or would not wear the garments.

Look them over with a careful fashion consumer eye.

Would You wear it

So, tell us…………………………………………………………………..


This display is from Chico’s and here are the garments, plus a few more….



Would You Wear It

Here are a couple of updates on brands….these are Leigh Ann’s sandals which you can see she is wearing often.

They are a new comfort line to both of us called STROLE, and she says they are amazing and why she is wearing them every day.

If you are in need of a comfort sandal, you might check them out and this style is very pretty with the leather and gold metallic band.

Also, Eileen Fisher has released the pant they recommend for summer heat to replace denim….they look just as good as your jeans!  Check out the Organic Cotton Hemp Tapered pant here…..


Would You Wear It

Eat It?   I was asked for some simple summer lunch ideas and this is a favorite.

I put a chopped onion in a pan treated with cooking olive oil and good the onion first.

Then I add, leftover cooked chicken breast and a minced garlic….brown the chicken.

Then I add a bag of slaw veggies (cabbage, kale, carrot, etc.) and stir and cook this together.

I also put in a tablespoon of Italian herbs, and a sprinkling of garlic salt.

Finally, I stir in one tablespoon of Fat Free Honey Mustard Dressing.  (sometimes I toss in pineapple or berries)

Love it!  Now I am hungry.

Make sure you leave your thoughts on the WOULD YOU WEAR IT display…then head over to A Well Styled Life to see Jennifer’s….and make sure that you always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would you wear It



  1. Hi Pam! Yes to olive or military green any time of the year. It’s one of those neutrals that works with my own neutral skin tone. I really like the elbow sleeve top. The necklace is a little much with it and I’d go with an unadorned neck or something delicate, but the style of the top is flattering and would also work well under a third piece like a blazer. I never wear capris, so those are out for me. Big no! The white shirt is nice for warmer weather, although I would not know it as they have done, but would be more likely to wear it as a third piece, or just leave it loose and enjoy it not clinging to my skin in the heat of summer. It would look great styled over slim jeans or shorts, for those who wear them. The display is definitely well put together and attractive. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I like olive with cream, white or navy. I really like the seaming details on the olive crops. I like everything about the outfits shown except too much emboidery on the cream crops. I like small amounts of embroidery on jeans and would prefer the pants without the big leaves. Happy Saturday!

  3. I’m not a fan of olive green or khaki, but I would switch the olive cargo pants for black and wear with the white shirt as shown. Add some silver jewelry, black sandals and c’est tres chic!

  4. I really like the olive color, and I have probably half a dozen pieces in that color. the pullover top on the right I would wear, the white shirt on the left I would not, because of the pockets. Pockets on the chest make me self conscious. the crops with the palm trees are really cute, but crops just don’t work on me, cutting the line of sight right there, always, and ive tried on dozens of cute ones, always will make me look shorter and bigger. now, if they were in a capri style with a slimmer fit I would love them. I would also like to try the cargo pants on, because I think they could be rolled up to a length I like. on the memorial service question, I think anything clean, pressed, dignified is acceptable. although personally I would choose neutral classics. I guess it sorta depends on the person and their family that you are paying respects to, I think I would want people to wear the brightest, happiest, colors and prints to mine.

  5. As much as I like autumn colors in nature, I cannot wear them close to my face. However, I do like the simple style of the tee shirt and pants. I would wear the outfit in different colors, or at least the tee in a different color. I think of olive as almost a neutral like black, blue, tan. I really like the white linen shirt and have thought the last few days that I need to get out my button front shirts which are cooler than tees in our hot weather. The Strole brand shoe certainly looks attractive and reading the technology involved, sounds like a good shoe. I have some leftover rotisserie chicken so now I need to buy a slaw mix to try your recipe which sounds good and certainly is healthy. Interesting the honey mustard at the end. Any liquid like chicken stock so the slaw can steam or cook, or do you somewhat stir fry the meat and veggies?

  6. Olive is one of my colors! The elbow length sleeve tee would look great but would have to try on the capris to see where they ended as I am 5′ 8″. Most capris usually are a “no” for me as they end at the larger part of my calf. I would swap out the necklace for a longer one in a neutral color.
    The olive cargo pants would be a “yes” as I could roll the pant legs down. Love the more tailored look of these cargos! Both pants look to be a lighter weight which would be wearable in my southern climate. Already have a linen shirt similar to the white one but I do not wear it tied. Not flattering on my frame. I wear it tucked in or as a third piece as Karen mentioned.
    The chicken dish looks fantastic! Will be trying it, thanks for sharing!

  7. I love both outfits abd yes, would wear them! I’m nit usually a fan of embellishment on pants but these are cute! Abd with a solid green tee, seems just right!
    In summer heat I wear white tees and tops often, and this shirt appears cool. I don’t even object to the pockets.

  8. A huge yes to both of these outfits! Khaki green is one of my autumn colours that I wear all year long. Love the elbow length T-shirt, it would hide my sagging upper arms perfectly! The white shirt is lovely and looks very modern the way it is styled. The Capri pants are a wonderful alternative to shorts in the summer. I love everything about these two styled mannequins, thanks for sharing.

  9. Like Olive and the versatility of how it pairs with other colors. Would never wear capris and espec. would never wear pants that have details on them like this…not my style but no judgement for others who like them. I find some of Chicos pants fit me well but they are so pricey…

  10. A definite yes to both outfits, with just a slight reservation on the embroidered details on the crops. My reservation on the crops would be that the embroidery limits the crops to wearing them with olive and beige separates. I want my bottoms to be more versatile and coordinate with other colors in my navy and rosy pink summer palette. Sometimes you have to be bold and buy the style details! I love the dark olive cargo type pants. I have several pants and crops in that style. Both outfits fit wonderfully in my earthy style adjectives. I adore the military green and beige combo. I own a dark green and a beige jacket that would coordinate nicely with these outfits. I already own an olive green cotton sub tee. These outfits would be right at home in my closet. I probably would not tie the white shirt at the waist, preferring to wearing it in a flowy “shacket” style. This small capsule of pieces would be comfortable and stylish throughout our humid Michigan summer weather. The only definite no I have in this display is the big chunky necklace. I prefer to wear delicate pieces. If that necklace was in a smaller diameter bead I would wear it. Big and bold pieces don’t feel right on me. I can’t carry them off with confidence. I love Leigh’s sandals. They would be a perfect addition to today’s outfits.

  11. Olive is one of my favourite neutrals any time of year, but it is especially prominent in my summer wardrobe. I would wear the pants on the left, but not with a white shirt as white near my face drains me of colour. Instead, I would choose an off-white or light beige shirt which I would not tie at the waist. That draws attention to a part of my body that I would rather not accentuate. The top on the right would be a great addition to my wardrobe, but I’m unsure about the pants. I would prefer them without the pattern and I’d have to try them on to make sure that the length was right. I would not want them to end at the widest part of my calf.

  12. The pants on the left I would wear in a heartbeat if they were high ankle and not capri length (Capri is really bad on my 5’5” frame, with shorter legs). I would try them on and see if they hit me in a better place, as I’m likely not as tall as the mannequin. The pants look like effort was made in cut and pocket placement to make a cargo style flattering. The tee on the right is great … elbow length sleeves, wide vee neckline, excellent shade of olive for me as a deeper autumn. The necklace looks like it is too stiff to be worn comfortably and is too boho for my adjectives. The embroidered pants are a miss for me. I dislike embroidery placed that way. I feel it adds nothing, limits versatility, and makes the pants appear a little less expensive, as I associate it with fast fashion, which often uses cheaply done embroidery to catch your eye and spur an impulse purchase.

  13. I really like these outfits, and if they worked on me, I think they’d be great as part / most of a weekend getaway — for those of you who get away – LOL. I would cheerfully wear the olive as a column of color and the white shirt with the embroidered pants. I’m not a huge fan of embroidery on pants, but this take is pretty subtle. Add shorts, a black tee or shirt and a blazer, and you’re good to go for the weekend. Love Leigh Ann’s sandals and will have to check them out. Thanks for the recipe!!!

  14. I love the olive color, but unfortunately it’s not my best color next to my face. So the pants would be fine, but not the tee. In fact I have and wear often a similar pair of pants. The embroidered pants are not my style. I don’t wear decorated pants. I like them plain. I do think they’re pretty though. I also like the style of the tee.
    It’s nice to see styles that a person in my age bracket can wear and not look like they’re trying too hard.

  15. Yes to the white shirt, but why on earth do manufacturers insist on putting breast pockets on women’s shirts? What do they think we will put in them? I’m also not a fan of the embroidery on those pants.

  16. Though not usually a fan of embellished pants, I do like the modern and artistic design on the ones shown. Also I applaud the welt seaming on the cargo pant as adds a bit of interest however in both cases note, that their inseams are 24″ which for myself might read as a capri in length. As to both tops; they are something I would wear and Leigh Ann’s sandals definitely interest me namely because of the design/contour of their soles. (I currently own two pairs of sandals that has similar which are beginning to show they age so I will definitely take a peek at the link provided. As to date haven’t been able to find any that remotely resembled such and agree they are totally comfortable plus I find with their slight elevation they also go well with skirts and dresses.) -Brenda-

  17. I love the olive color but it does it love me! I like the vee neck tee shirt though the vee is very wide in this one. I think vee necks look good on all women. I only buy plain color jeans and pants so the embroidered ones don’t appeal to me. Like many of the ladies here, I do not wear Capri pants anymore except around the house. I don’t think they are flattering on me. The white blouse is nice but somehow manage to get make-up on white shirt collars so I don’t wear them often.

  18. Yes do love the olive green. I have a couple pants in that color and wear them often, I would definitely wear the white top and green pants. I would love to wear the green top. That is a great color and the neckline style is right in my wheelhouse, and even the necklace. I don’t care for additional designs on anything, so I would pass on the embellished off white pants. I would pair that top with plain white jeans or maybe chinos,. As a Fellow Texan, living in the ‘sweltering humidity’ of the Houston area, I do understand the need to try to feel cool, even in the heat. Am loving your posts. And giving me some ideas to get out of my rut of too simple and plain.

  19. Not my colour palette except for the white shirt which would be very versatile. I would wear the olive capri in a different colour for hiking or gardening. The embroidered ones are too retro, not a style I wish to revisit.

  20. The only thing I would wear is the white shirt, but I wouldn’t knot it as shown because I just don’t care for that look. I also am not a fan of breast pockets on women’s shirts. I don’t wear capris because they are not flattering to my short legs. Although I do wear olive on the bottom, it is not a good color near my face, so I wouldn’t wear the tee. I do like the neckline & the elbow length sleeves.

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