Would You Wear It – Lobsters & Stripes

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to Would You Wear It and today I feature Lobsters & Stripes!

On Saturdays, my friend, Jennifer of A Well Styled Life and I find displays in our towns that make us wonder…Would You Wear It?

We ask that you give a thoughtful, constructive answer to that question.


Would You Wear It

Please look my lovely display of three over, and give it careful consideration.

Tell us if you would or would not wear the looks, or if you would style them differently in order to wear them.

I do want to note that I touched the striped blouse and it felt amazing! Buttery soft….I even called Leigh Ann over to touch it.

Would You Wear It

So, please, look these ladies over head to toe and tell us…………………………………………………………………………………………………..


Would You Wear It

Lobsters seem to pop up every where in the summer!

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Would You Wear It

Yes, I want to know would you wear it, but also want you to feel your very best.

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Would You Wear It

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Would You Wear It

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  1. Good morning Pam! These styles are not for me, though I would wear stripes in a different way. Wearing clothing with animals/bugs/creatures has never appealed to me, but I know these kinds of things are trendy. I have found in recent years that dropped shoulders make me look like I’m slouching and for me that translates to frumpy (speaking for myself), and I notice that all the shoulders featured are dropped. I’m trying to avoid that rounded look, and that’s sometimes a challenge. I do like the contrast in the navy and red top, but the other two are a little bland for my skin tone. These are a pass for me. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I like the style of the striped top, but in another pattern or a solid maybe. the lobster prints don’t appeal to me. I prefer my shorts a little longer these days, but those are cute on younger women.

  3. Good morning, Pam. Although these colors are not for a fellow autumn, I am checking out the styles. The striped top would do me no favors. The too-short droopy shoulders on the striped sweater might look good on a toned body, but those stripes are pointing to the spot that I wouldn’t want a focus on. Although I love my Breton tops, the design of the stripes on this top would accent the bust I try to minimize. The lobsters? Well, I am from Maine and prefer them on my plate. Some people would find them cute, but cute is not one of my adjectives. They also would be very limiting in cost per wear. I could see someone wearing one to a clam bake and then folding it away, like a Christmas sweater. I don’t mean to be a pessimist; I love looking at your mannequins that I wouldn’t wear as much as those that offer a possibility. I saw two cute sweaters in the slide show, but, alas, not my colors But…fall is coming. And I also have to say that this summer, stores have been more generous to Autumns than usual! Have a good weekend. I look forward to catching up on your posts that I have missed this past week.

  4. I like the pale beige fringed (?) crop jeans at left and might wear the striped tee, but paired instead with my navy blue Bermuda shorts.
    The lobster sweater is fun but doubt I’d wear it very often. So I’d pass. The other top is just not me so I’d pass on it too.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Although I enjoy new trends in fashion, I would not wear tops with a lobster print. I think I would look like a walking advertisement for a seafood restaurant. I do like nautical color combo for summer. I am trying to be buy more solid colors in styles that will last beyond one season of wear.

  6. I would eat lobster — not wear it! I am not a fan of animals, fish, fruit, etc. on my clothing. The white jeans are fine. The shorts are too short for me. I prefer a more subtle striped shirt with sleeves. Happy Saturday!

  7. Sorry to say that the display has nothing to temp me. I do not wear clothes with animals etc. on them and the shoulder issue is very frustrating lately. I may find something I like the look of, then discover the dropped shoulder and put it right back. None of the bottoms would entice me to try on in these looks, so the whole thing is a pass for me today.

  8. I’m not a fan of the shaping on the striped top for me. Too little structure. The lobster motif is cute and preppy but also not my style. Happy Saturday!

  9. Pam, it was kind of you to provide me with a link yesterday even though that link does not compensate you. I subsequently made a purchase from Nordstrom and went through your link.

  10. Thanks, Pam, for sharing the Chico’s tee shirt sale. I ordered quite a few through your link.
    You can’t go wrong with these basics so I stocked up!

  11. Thanks Carolyn! They do have great tees! I appreciate all of the support so much. This audience is amazing!

  12. I have to agree with the majority here. These are not items that I would purchase or wear. The dropped shoulders coupled with short sleeves, not at my age. I still prefer simple solid colors and use my accessories to style up or down. When I was younger and not considering the costs vs wear, I would wear the lobster top, the colors are attractive, but not now.

  13. So, my opinion is different from the rest. I like a little quirkiness in my clothes – animals, fruit, etc. I don’t wear a lot of stripes, and the striped top shown is a little slouchy for my tastes. However, l love the white sweatshirt. I would wear it with navy shorts or jeans. The other top with the red lobster doesn’t appeal to me at all and the shorts are a little too short for my taste. Thanks for sharing.

  14. The display is cute and summery, but I would pass on the lobster motifs. I could see wearing the striped tee – it’s patriotic yet not limited to celebration days. A cute navy cardigan and sneakers would be my style, paired with navy capris.

  15. I like dropped shoulders because my bustline is smaller in proportion to my tummy, and I like soft, slouchy, striped shirts for summer. The navy and red lobster sweater is a bit costumey, but if I received it as a gift I would probably wear it here and there, with a pair of navy shorts on a breezy summer evening at an occasion such as a cookout. The other top I could not get to work with my coloring.

  16. Hi Pam,
    I would walk right by this display. The lobster print isn’t my style. It looks like I am about to be pinched by the big claws. I don’t want creepy crawly things on my clothes. LOL. The striped top appears too wide and has no unstructure. I am an outlier. I am a fan of the dropped shouler style. My reason is a medical one. I am a breast cancer survivor, and a relaxed dropped shoulder is very comfortable for me to wear due to my extensive mastectomy and reconstruction surgery, and lymphedema risk in my shoulder and upper arm area. Any top that binds around the shoulder area is uncomfortable for me to wear. Wearing a structured button-up blouse isn’t comfortable to wear for that reason.
    I went to Chico’s last weekend and bought a few of their relaxed linen tees. I have to try on all tops because of my unique fitting issues. Their linen tees are so comfortable. What a blessing to find them. Thanks again for your blog. I enjoy seeing the life and adventures of a Texas on-line friend. You make me smile.

  17. I like the stripes on the top, but the style & sleeve length wouldn’t be flattering to me. The lobster t-shirt is rather bland & too oversized. The lobster sweater is cute, but I can’t see myself wearing it more than once or twice.

  18. I’m certainly preppy so that navy sweater with orange lobster would have been in my wardrobe when we spent summers on the beach in Maine but probably not now, too distinctive in my clothing rotation I’m thinking! The stripped top is not structured enough for me but I bet a very slender person would look great wearing it.

  19. I would wear the sweater as I am fond of stripes, but i would choose darker wash boyfriend jeans. I would pass on all the lobster wear. I live in Texas, and I just don’t see me in lobsters.

  20. I absolutely, positively would wear the dark shirt with bright red lobster. But none of the others, sorry.

  21. Not fond of the large prints of lobsters. Besides being long sleeved. Way too warm for Fla. Liked shorts but too short for my taste. I do like the striped top and have a similar one.

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