Summer with Leigh & Me: Loft & Hot Dogs

Summer with Leigh & Me

Happy Father’s Day Sunday!  Welcome to another “episode” of Summer with Leigh & Me: Loft & Hot Dogs!

Summer with Leigh & Me are ways we share with you the fun of shopping retail and experiencing the joy of summertime!

Despite all of the challenges coming with summer this year, we are using the list from The Magnolia Journal to help us focus on the FUN!

So, let’s get started……


Summer with Leigh & Me

I know that when we stop by LOFT to see what is there that there will always be more for sizes like Leigh Ann!

While I own tops from LOFT, I often only find a few things for these try on sessions…but I will add that I have been happy with the few purchases I made there.

Today is the last day of a big sale that has been in progress.  Today get 50% off your purchase and with the code YAY, get free shipping.

As most items she tries on there, this Button V-Neck Dress in White dress looks great on Leigh Ann. 

Summer with Leigh & Me

I do really love this shade of green in the Harbor Tee, this is the brilliant emerald and is available in five shades.

I would recommend this top…especially at the 50% off.

the pants I would not recommend…so I decided not to link them.  


Summer with Leigh & Me

I have told you before that Leigh Ann is a tennis player and she looks it in this preppy style!

The Admiral Pocket Skirt is pretty cute and a great length for her at 5’2″.

Summer with Leigh & Me

She paired it perfectly with the Rainbow Trim Ribbed V-neck Cardigan

So cute!

Summer with Leigh & me

Finally, Leigh Ann tried on the Gingham Button V-Neck Dress.

We wished we had found in-store this Textured Dolman Pocket Shirtdress…looks so cute online.

I am wearing the Embroidered Pleated Yoke Blouse in a color called Hothouse…it also comes in Light Chambray Blue.

Summer with Leigh & Me

I know from yesterday that many of you are not fans of novelty tops.

Fourth of July is near, and we saw a woman in the dressing room area with this Lou & Grey Star V-Neck sweater on…it was really cute!

It would be fun for a July 4th party in a cooler climate than South Texas…and today is 50% off.

I will say that the Lou & Grey collections are my favorite from Loft for designs and quality. 


Summer with Leigh & Me

We continue to work our way through the Summer Flourish list in The Magnolia Journal.

Leigh Ann checked off “Eat a hot dog at a baseball game” recently.

Summer with Leigh & Me

Those little hands are her grandson’s also enjoying an American favorite.

Being from Ohio, their family members are huge Cleveland Guardians (formerly the Indians) fans and they caught this major league team in Denver.

I haven’t eaten a hot dog in a very long time, but confess one does sound good!   Baseball and hot dogs just go together. 


Summer with Leigh & me

She loved it that three generations were present at this game…puts a huge smile on the faces of the dads in her growing family.

Summer with Leigh & Me

Mr. B is pictured here with our sons…and the one in the baseball cap is an amazing father of three!  We are blessed.

So Happy Father’s Day to our families and to yours!  May any celebrations you attend today be super joyous!

Summer with Leigh & Me

Tomorrow, I will check off….try a new cuisine and include the recipe.

Hope to see you then…I also have another great summer dress to show you!


By Pamela Lutrell

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Summer with Leigh & Me


  1. Pam, you and Leigh Ann look like models in those outfits! That white dress is stunning on her. Happy Father’s Day to all families. Have fun with your loved ones.

  2. Hmmm… I have never shopped much at Loft, because when I’ve gone in there they never seem to have much in their larger range. Quality seems hit or miss, and trying to follow an endless sale cycle at yet another store is more than I want to do for this clothing. I do think they aim for a petite and more trend focused buyer.

  3. As I stated in this post, I would agree with you. So we are here for those other buyers…but isn’t that baseball game fun?!

  4. Hi Pam, You and Leigh Ann look so great in your cute dresses, golf skirts and summer outfits! Love that gorgeous green top with off white slacks! So very pretty.
    Happy Fathers Day to your spouses and your sons and keep enjoying those hot dogs! I like mine (gf rolls needed, boo) with minced red onion and dijon mustard some days and other times I prefer chili sauce, relish and melted cheese.

  5. I must say, you are looking quite slender these days! I don’t know if you’ve done anything, and I don’t mean to misstep, but you do look very nice. Just noticing. 🙂

  6. Leigh Ann looks so good in all those outfits, & your tops are very pretty. While the sweater with the stars is cute, sweaters & the Fourth of July rarely go together here in the Midwest. Hot dogs at the ballpark taste so much better than at home.

  7. I think I like the black/white check dress better than the white. Looks like they’re the same pattern, just different materials.

    We take a Vegan meal box and they sent us a sample package of vegan hotdogs.
    I’m not a confirmed Vegan and I don’t really like fake meats, but with food prices being what they are I tried them, split and grilled. They may not have been real, although I’m not sure the term real and hot dog go together, but they got crispy where they’d been grilled, and I remembered how I like hot dogs.

  8. Cute clothes on both of you. I love a good hot dog, whether at a sporting event, cookout, or even occasionally from Costco. Make mine mustard and sauerkraut! Looking forward to your new cuisine and recipe. I’m checking that box attempting to fix an Indian fish curry. 😋 BTW, my popsicle molds arrived so I’ll be getting creative with those as our weather turns a little warm this coming week.

  9. As a petite, I have trouble with Chico’s but I like the Loft. I don’t buy a lot there but I got 3 sweaters/shirts several months ago and really love them — very soft and comfy. My only complaint about Loft is that they are heavy on synthetic fibers, so not eco, and polyester is hot for summer. Love the green top you modeled. My husband is HUGE Cleveland fan!

  10. So glad to have found you as I’m an vibrant autumn too. Now I know where I can get clothing that is the exact colors without guessing. Thank you!

  11. Quality and sizing is hit or miss, I agree. But I did find a pullover sweater this spring that I love. The Loft is my daughter’s favorite shop, though. You all look like you are having fun. Must admit that I have not had a hot dog in years.

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