Chico’s new, fun summer styles

Chico's new fun summer styles

Happy Sunday!  Welcome to a brief preview of Chico’s new, summer styles.

I stopped by the wonderful location at The Quarry Market last week.

I have recently shared that I am between sizes and I was on a size mission when I stopped in.

But, there are so many new, fun summer styles I wanted to share some with you.


Chico's new fun summer styles

This lovely Floral Print Side Vent Kimono is beautiful in the vibrant flame scarlet color.

This is one of the very few toppers at Chico’s that I would recommend sizing up rather than down.  It fits small, so I sized up in this one.

I can think of many places I would wear this kimono.

Underneath the kimono is the flame scarlet Scoop Neck Microfiber Tank which is available in ten colors.  You know this Vibrant Autumn lady loves this color!

So, please indulge me with two more new fun summer styles in this color….

Chico's new fun summer styles

I was able to size down on the Embroidered Tiered Short Dress in flame scarlet…it is also very nice in black for the winter palette ladies.

Chico’s has had so many fun summer dresses this year and I am enjoying wearing all those I took home…they have helped me survive high heat with style.

Chico's new fun summer styles

I also sized down on this Ring-Trim Blouse and believe I could’ve gone even down another size.  Very comfy, cool fabric top in four colors.

The pants are nice and I was able to go from a size 3 to a size 2.5….I like that Chico’s began to offer the half sizes.

These are the So Slimming Super Soft Girlfriend Jeans…which are almost sold out online, but look for them if you go in the store.

In case you love this flame scarlet color as much as I do, then here are MORE NEW FUN SUMMER STYLES in the color.


Chico's new fun summer styles

Now this is summer fun.

The linen tunic cardigan is perfect to transition seasons and I believe I would get much wear out of it.  It comes in four colors.

This is the Linen Button Front Tunic Cardigan in olive.  I sized down on this one.

I am slanting sideways to show you the embroidery on the wide leg crop.

The color of the Embroidered High Rise Crop is Sea Salt.  Now, that is a touch of fun!

Chico's new fun summer styles

And there is a lot of fun summer going on here….with metallic gold sequins at the top of this blouse.

Cute and casual is the Pima Embellished Tropical Print Tee.  One thing I look for and like is the rounded hemline…a slimming feature.

Chico's New Fun Summer Styles

I tried this on for the cooler palette group because I thought it was cute.

The jacket is also offered in espresso and I did size down and it looks so much cuter than the larger fit…this is the Linen-Blend Stretch Moto Jacket.

This jacket looks very oversized in the pictures online….I went down one size for this photo…but it definitely is cuter in the smaller size.

I paired it with the Zenergy Polished Pants in navy….also available in PETITE.

And, with this top……

Chico's new fun summer styles

Which is very cute on it’s own.

This is the Striped Linen Flutter-Sleeve Tee.

I am regretting now walking out with this one for our July 4th celebration tomorrow!

I saw so many Chico’s  new, fun summer styles….I told them I would return soon to see what is coming out next week.

Chico's new, fun summer styles

The minute I walked in the store, my eye went RIGHT here to this display of new, fun summer styles in NECKLACES.

Of course, I have my eye on these!  I went home to layer some of the pieces I currently own…layering can really give versatility to your jewelry collection.

Thanks for joining me today for Chico’s new, fun summer styles!  I hope you enjoyed shopping with me.  

I have so much for you this week and hope you will join in.  Let me know if you have any comments or questions…and make sure on this lovely July Sunday that you…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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Chico's new, fun summer styles



  1. I love Chico’s and have been a customer for over 30 years. I think I could probably open my own store LOL. I recently purchased a colorful folk-art kimono and embroidered jeans that were shown in a video on Chico’s facebook page & that remind me of you. The outfit was also shown with some of that gorgeous jewelry, but I just purchased a very similar necklace and earrings from World Finds (thank you for that link!) that I’m so excited to receive. You have great style and are an inspiration, Pamela! Have a wonderful, happy day!

  2. Thank you, Nikki! I know exactly which kimono you bought…I recently featured it on the blog on Leigh Ann. I also have been a customer for over 30 years. Happy Sunday!

  3. I love shirt tail hems, I feel like they shave at least 5 pounds off visually 👍🏻❤️

  4. As gorgeous as you look in vibrant red, I really love your look in the green Vee neck top and light embroidered (hem) pants! Feels summery yet cool. Does that make sense?
    Happy, peaceful Sunday!

  5. Of course it makes since… that was the top I considered leaving with most! Thanks Paulette!

  6. Pam, would you say that Chico’s flame scarlet is a warm red or a cool red? Chico’s has so many beautiful items, and you have shown us several. I tend to keep going back to Chico’s when ordering online because of being able to not have to pay shipping fees, as well as loving so many of their styles. Unfortunately like most things we buy, it seems their prices have increased too. I do not care for ankle pants and have found that if I buy their ankle pants in 27” inseam, they will be regular length on me so most of my better dress pants are from Chico’s. I have to make myself not order more pants or tops even when they have a flash sale since I’ve bought so much in the past.

  7. I loved the green vee neck top on you. Congrats to getting healthier! I’m working on that too. Maybe it’s all the scandi chic looks I keep looking at, or maybe it’s all the sporty styles I’m wearing to go from activity to activity vs just working all the time, but in retirement all this embellishment is just feeling like too much for my personal style. I love Chicos also, but actually go for their basics (which are marvelous fit and quality) vs the signature Chicos look. Because I have a lot of accessories, I’m finding that playing with them over simpler looks is helping me settle into a post-retirement style.

  8. I am so glad you are finding what works best for you in retirement, Linda!

  9. Buy everything you tried in the scarlet flame color! That color looks great on you. Also like the green button down v neck shirt. You are looking great! Besides all the walking, are you doing anything else? Sometimes you mention WW. I would be interested in knowing. Congrats on sizing down. I’m always happy when I can do that. The health journey continues on for me too. Happy 4th to you an all your readers.

  10. Hi Deanna, come to the blog this coming Thursday…I will explain to you EVERYTHING I am doing. Exercise has been choppy this summer but hope to get more of a daily routine started again next week. Despite that I have still lost weight. See you Thursday!

  11. Happy 4th to you and Mr. B.
    I liked especially the flame red summer dress. I must go to Chicos and check out dresses and petite styles. The best

  12. My Chico’s dresses are my go to styles for everything this summer. Love to toss one on and go! Thanks Audrey!

  13. I really like the kimono. I usually shy away from kimonos because they tend to look like lingerie. This one seems to be a bit more structured. The olive linen top looks wonderful on you. Olive is not my color, but haute pink would be good for me.

  14. So appropriate for the 4th. I love seeing you in bright colors, especially since you look so joyful in them. Interesting that you mentioned scarlet leaning towards orange. It is difficult to see that on my iPhone. I always thought of it as a winter color. You look great. Have a fun weekend. By the way I loved that green linen dress yesterday, the one with the bell sleeves. I am more of a tailored gal but summer linen dresses tickle my fancy in the heat. That green would be great on an autumn with a chunky necklace. (I just wish the SAs would steam or iron those linen dresses on the mannequins. You can tell that I am a natural CLASSIC! )

  15. Hi Deborah… I think the reason it is called Flame Scarlet is a nod to the warmer tones! Colors do get so mixed up on electronics!

  16. Pamela, that red dress looks fantastic on you and I certainly hope it went home with you! Those “fiesta” style necklaces are wonderful! Have a have a happy Fourth! Gloria

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