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Would You Wear It

Happy First Saturday in July, everyone!  Today is Would You Wear It and I am featuring Roomy Styles.

This is the day that I join forces with Jennifer of A Well Styled Life and we bring you displays from our two worlds.

We ask that you give the displays focused scrutiny and offer in detail if you would or would not wear the styles.


Would You Wear It

There are some who like to wear flowy, loose fitting clothing during summer heat.

Especially if the garments are linen.

And there are others who would never wear loose fitting clothing.

Please don’t just write yes or no…but explain why you would or would not wear these looks.

Also…how might you improved the display itself to attract buyers to the department??

Would You Wear It

So, please tell us, ladies…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


This display is from a local Dillard’s and features the styles of Bryn Walker.  Here are the looks you are seeing in the display:

Now, I have to ask….when I saw this garment below…I just had to know WOULD YOU WEAR IT?


Would You Wear It

I continue to be impressed with the comfort in shoes by Aetrex.

These are my new flip flops and Dillard’s has many great styles available…I have a few here for you to see….

I also own the Lyla NVy Woven Leather Slip on Flats in Bronze and love them.


Finally, today, I wanted to let you know that many pieces from Eileen Fisher are currently on sale at Dillard’s.

This is a great way to add to your EF wardrobe….

Let us know about the Would You Wear It displays…and then head over to A Well Styled Life to comment on Jennifer’s!  I will be here tomorrow with dressing room finds!

Hope to see you then….make sure  throughout the day that you …..


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Big no for me, but there are reasons. First of all, the clothes in front are very bland in style and color. The linen top would be suffocating with that neckline in the summer, and the cut adds volume right at the hip. I will not be participating in the cropped, wide leg trend because it makes me look dumpy since I am not tall. The green dress is just so bland in color, to me. And I personally do not care for the ruffles on sleeves. I far prefer tailored styles and would not even stop to glance at this display. The printed dress is much too full, but I could see it for lounging on the patio, but that’s it. And I would not pay that much for something to lounge around in. I just find this loose look, again, for my petite frame, to be very unattractive. Comfort shoes, it depends on the style. Some can be very aging. Eileen Fisher, yes, some of it. I like some of the System items but steer clear of the extremely flowy ones. Bryn Walker items just have no appeal to me. The quote on style is so true!

  2. I understand the appeal of loose clothing on a hot day. The clothing here is too loose and shapeless for me. Cowl neck on the top for summer?

  3. Did you see you won the giveaway? Congratulations! You should hear from World Finds!

  4. Well, the floral dress is too loose. I like the green dress but I”m short and the bell sleeves are too much volume at my waist and hips. The cowlnecked top is probably the best for me. I don’t think I’d wear it with the loose baggy pants, but over slim bottoms. I like long sleeved tops in warm sunny weather because I like to keep my arms out of the sun. Sunshade fabrics are best for that but they can be hot. A long sleeved linen top, plus sun screen is sometimes more comfortable.
    Style guides remind us that waist definition is good but a loose dress needs to fall straight to take a belt properly. If it’s too tent-like then you can’t do a belt without a lot of extra fabric bunching up.

    You’ve showcased this brand a couple of times, I’ve never seen it in my area, but I have to say that I think they have nice designs.

  5. I love all three looks. Linen in the summer, is cool and comfortable. These roomy styles look comfy and casual, yet they can be dressed up with a statement necklace, large earrings, bangle bracelets, a large straw tote and espadrilles. I think roomy outfits deserve large accessories. Since I am an Autumn, the colours of these garments are divine! I am a huge fan of Brynn Walker designs. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day!

  6. All of the linen pieces are a no for me. Anything that adds volume I’m just not comfortable in, and I’ve never embraced linen, I have tried a couple of times, but those wrinkles are just not for me.
    For the display, I would add some bags and shoes to show how it could look, and maybe a little costume jewelry.
    I love those sandals, love flippys with a little support, perfect!
    I’m gonna look for those.

  7. I like the idea of flowy clothing but these styles do not appeal mainly because of the color choices would not work for me. I do own a lovely blue linen dress which flows. The cowl neck just seems like too much for a hot day even in linen. Again the color would not work for me. I would love to try on the one piece outfit to see what it looks like. Interesting. Shoe line is great, fun colors. I do enjoy your blog.

  8. A no to the dresses; too drapey for me. However, I love Eileen Fisher pants. A yes to Aetrex! I discovered them this year and love them too.

  9. In total the clothing shown do not appeal to me. They are linen, which I do wear, but their cut and style just are not me. The exception MIGHT be the green dress. (Tho I rarely wear dresses). With the green dress I might down size so it’s not as full or I’d have my seamstress alter it. I’d add a fun white chunky necklace and white mesh, canvas or basket handbag and similar espadrilles. It could work- if only I wore dresses.

  10. Good Morning Pam! When I opened your post, my first thought was “ Eileen Fisher”, and too large, but comfortable. However, when looking at the slideshow, you can see that some sizes are not nearly as large and would not overwhelm my smaller body. Comparing the cowl neck top in that freesia color to the natural color, the freesia/red looks much smaller but still loose which apparently is the Bry Walker as well as Eileen Fisher style. If I were looking for a dress, I might try either of these dresses although I’d need another color. As far as the dress with the snaps at the hem so it becomes like a romper, I think it fun but feel I’m too old for a look like that. It also reminds me of those pants like MC Hammer wore while he performed. I have never bought any Aetrex brand shoes, but I’m always looking for shoes that do not hurt my feet as most supposedly comfort shoes do. I’m hoping to drive to Tallahassee soon to get that bra fitting I keep talking about so will look at those shoes then, and perhaps the EF on sale.

  11. Well I love linen and the colour orange which is a good start but I’m not keen on very loose or voluminous garments which tend to drown me ! I actually own a pair of wide orange linen trousers which I love – so that’s a ‘yes already’! I also like the print but it would be expensive for a nightdress/dressing gown . The green dress is a bit too yellow for me but I do like the style and in a darker or more bluish green would be nice with the trousers . I would then shorten it a bit . I really don’t like the colour of the cowl neck top and don’t think it is just because it is the same colour as the mannequin – surely a display styling fault ? The colour looks a bit as if it had been white and then was washed with black things by mistake ! As to the garments below – never ! They remind me of babygros which I prefer on babies…..

  12. I love all of these but only if worn with platforms or heels. Otherwise it would swallow my 5’2” frame. I agree with the comment about wearing with a statement necklace to dress up.

  13. The oversized top and bottom are not as appealing as the green dress for several reasons. The dress has more structure because of the sleeve detail and the length allows some part of the body to show. Oversized everything is certainly popular but I prefer to show some hint of my silhouette. I wouldn’t gravitate to any of these because of the colors.

  14. Happy Saturday, everyone. I would pass on the Dillard clothing choices today. I prefer clothing that enhances our shapes, not hide, or add volume to our shapes. The wide sweep of the blouse adds volume to the hips. The blouse looks too much like a maternity top to me, and add a cowl neck to the already overwhelming shape is too much for me. I don’t wear the cropped wide leg trend. The large print dress is too much for my short stature. If that large print were in a more tailored blouse, or tee style, I would try it on, and maybe buy it. The green dress is very bland and would be saved with accessories. I do like the bell sleeves on tops and dresses.

    The snap leg outfit looks like an adult size onesy.

    I like the comfort shoe choices. I would love a pair in a taupe, and a navy blue. The flip flops are very attractive and I would buy those if the fit was perfect for me, and hugged my feet.

    Thank you again, Pam, for the accessory giveaway contest. I won a gorgeous Sling bag. I am excited for its arrival. I will try to share it on a social media platform with you.

  15. Good morning 🌞 the linen is not for me because of the wrinkles but I do like the green top with the ruffle sleeves they are a nice touch. I have not heard of these particular brand of comfort shoes but will definitely be checking them out at my local Dillards ASAP. I too agree that the store could draw more positive attention to this display with perhaps a cute summer straw tote and some costume jewelry for attention grabbing. Happy holiday weekend everyone!!

  16. Good morning everyone! Happy Holidays to one and all. Your post today is right on point fir me because I am going to Dillards later today, need shoes and this Investments linen tops re on sale. I love shopping at Dillards, they always have something that will fill in my wardrobe. Having said that, I would not wear any of the clothings on the mannequins. I an 5’8” and 143 lbs, but I don’t like flowing clothes. I prefer fitted (comfortably) and am drawn to neutrals or colors that fit in my wardrobe. Big prints, to me, shout old woman from the fifties. Sorry, but that’s just me. I love linen for this hot humid months and will be adding linen tops and hopefully some linen pants to my collection. Love your posts and enjoy reading everyone’s posts.

  17. All these clothes look heavy to me even though they’re linen. Maybe I might wear the orange bottoms with a closer fitting black or navy cotton top — and some chunky jewelry. The green dress has structure but still says Fall to me, perhaps because of the color. Paulette’s idea for lightening it up seem spot on, but I just wouldn’t go to the trouble. Happy 4th!

  18. These are lovely if they were -slightly- less oversized. I’ve been intrigued with this brand every time you’ve featured it, and need to get to Dillards to see if they are at all possible for my body shape. I think the silhouettes are very sophisticated and in cut (not print or bright color) remind me of scandi chic. I would give them a try for sure, though the cowl top would be more of a coastal grandmother piece for a breezy evening at the beach than a hot, steamy summer day in Ohio.

  19. Oh, no! Just no to tall of it-that snap leg thing? What are designers thinking of? The rest of the items are way too much fabric unless you are tall and willowy, even then I’d size down as far as I could. The green dress, sized down, might be saved by a necklace or a big pin. You couldn’t belt it, too much fabric. I’d just be hot and red faced trying to find somewhere to put all the linen!

  20. I like linen and I prefer ease to form fitting for my clothes but I would give a firm no to the two-piece outfit on the left. The print on the dress in the center is too large (for me). I might try on the green dress on the right; it’s a nice transition-to-fall dress. I would have paid more attention to this display in the store if they had added accessories: shoes, jewelry, purses. I have those flipflops (another color and slightly different style); they’re VERY comfortable! Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend!

  21. A big no to all these items. The colors are wrong for me. The shapes are wrong for me, & there is way too much fabric for my short body. The garment that buttons to become a romper? No thank you. It just not my style.

  22. I love linen and many oversized items, but oversized linen, at least in these items is a big NO for me. I think oversized items need to drape or hang, not stand out voluminously or look sloppy. I don’t need my clothing to make me look or feel any bigger than I am. ( size 12) I choose comfort and easy to wear items for summer time heat and I think these items all look awkward and stiff. I can deal with some linen wrinkles, but I have some newer linen blend items that barely wrinkle and are much softer yet still have that crisp linen look.

  23. Re the dresses and top; where or where is their closure? On that note; maybe I am missing them but regardless they are comfortable wearing, the addition of an invisible zipper for example would certainly assist to get them on or off so needless to say these would be a pass for myself. As to the dress with snaps; sorry to sound so negative but again will question design choice when IMHO transparent or color coordinated snaps would be far more appealing so again it is a ‘no’. Last but not least; do like the flip-flop design shown due to its all-in-one sole contour (not totally flat or with no separate heel) as have similar in a less casual sandal and do find them super comfortable. -Brenda-

  24. A no for me. I want to look tall and slim I think these outfits would not help me. As a short petite I find too much material is just not my style.

  25. Yes, to the sandals. They look comfortable.
    Yes, to the green dress because it looks comfortable, however, I wouldn’t try to eat in it because those sleeves would inevitably drag through the food. That is a great dress for standing and looking good.
    I like loose-fitting clothes. Linen sometimes makes me feel itchy.
    The other items are just meh.

  26. No, no, no for me! I didn’t loose weight to wear shapeless closes but also at 5’11” it just an awful lot of fabric to see coming toward you 😊 I sometimes forget my height but others don’t! I wear much more tailored outfits that keeps the volume down. For my sisters who are shorter or very slender I think that dress could be a stunner, however.

  27. No for several reasons… very loose clothing looks cool and comfortable, but makes me feel as if I’m not properly dressed to be seen in public. I like it on others, but not for myself. I don’t want to wear the wrinkles that come with pure linen. And that cowl neck would bother me. I don’t like that mech fabric around my neck or under my chin.

    I have not tried the Aetrex shoes. This summer I’m enjoying sandals from Romika and Dansko, both bought at Dillard’s. They carry several comfort brands, and I find some work for my feet and some do not. It’s a good idea keep trying until you find what works for you!

  28. I actually really like the green dress but wouldn’t buy it because it is in linen. I look like a wrinkled hot mess 10 minutes after putting on a linen outfit. I also totally do not wear capris or short pants in any fabric. Full length for me.
    I would wear the flip flops and I already own the sneakers but in another color! Have you ever tried fit-flops. They are so very comfortable.
    I look forward to your emails and appreciate all of your hard work! ❤️

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