My picks on big summer sales!

big summer sales

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Welcome to my picks for big summer sales…which are in full swing!

Though I have been busy this past week, I kept my eye on the phone and the sale information.

I always find my favorite deals in July at the big summer sales…like the linen cardigan I am wearing above.

Many favorites in my closet were purchased at this time…and I can add birthday savings with my favorite retailers.

So, let’s get started with my picks on the big summer sales…today!


big summer sales

I have said often that Chico’s helped me build on my summer wardrobe this year with so many great pieces.

One of their largest sales of the season starts today…it is a big summer sale.

You can click through on any of these images to the rest of the sale, but here are some pieces just marked down further….


big summer sales

big summer sales

Talbot’s has some great items in their big summer sale!

Especially, these jackets I have shown you this year.  I love them both!

Here are my picks for the Talbot’s sale…and you can click through on any image to go to the sale and see more….



big summer sale

I know, I know…you see every blogger and influencer of every type promoting this sale.

There are many things in the sale that look like “same old thing,”  however, I did find a few things worth consideration.

Especially in the areas of gifting, beauty specials, and a some fashion for you…so I wanted to make sure you saw these pics in this really big summer sale.



Big. Summer Sales

JCP DOORBUSTERS!  Just click through any of these pictures to the rest of the big doorbuster prices at 65% off!

I am certain I will have more of my picks on the big summer sales as we progress into July.

If any of you would like to share some of the items you might be shopping for…I will keep a lookout and see what deals I can locate for you.

Just let me know what would add to your wardrobe!



I am recovering…and that is no lie…seriously exhausted from a wonderful full summer week with my grandsons staying here.

They are 9,7, and 3…and they kept Mr. B and I hopping and the heat broke records outside!

I was able to mark off several items from the Summer to Flourish List in the Magnolia Journal.  So, let’s begin with 

big summer sales

How about two on a swing?  Count it twice!

I need to shake the cobwebs out of my head and get back to work…July is so much fun for the blog and I do not want to miss a minute of it.

Thanks so much to any reader who shops with my links…it does help to keep me here!  I so appreciate the support.

Let me know if you are looking for any thing special!


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Thank you for all the links and awareness of the current sales. I am curious. When I visit your site, a clothing company called Roselinlin keeps popping up with some really cute looking outfits. Have you ever ordered from them? I tried to do a search and not sure they are legit but the clothes look terrific. Know anything about them?

  2. Hi Judee, thank you for being here. I have never ordered from them and admit I also have seen cute things. I will contact the brand and see if I can learn more.

  3. I like the Talbot’s pale orange jacket more on you than in the online pictures. That’s so nice, and the color is something that would work all year. I look for brighter pieces these days to add for cold weather because I get really tired of all the dark! I did some serious damage at Dillard’s the other day in the Eileen Fisher department. My sister and I spent more than an hour in the dressing room alone trying to narrow our choices!! Also picked up some pj’s, and a lot in store was at least 40% off. July is definitely a good time for shopping sales!

  4. So glad you found EF pieces and supported one of my favorite places…Dillard’s. July is so much fun!

  5. Wow, a week with 3 under 10s! I can’t imagine. AND kept up the blog! You still got it!

  6. Looks like you had a great week! Thanks for covering but not obsessing about the Nordy sale. In the past, I’ve often been disappointed in the fit and quality of pieces, and wonder sometimes if items are being manufactured particularly for the sale. I would love to know because Zella is by far my favorite leggings and active brand. Some people claim the N sale Zella pieces offered are outlet quality, though I saw a response from Nordstrom that it was their regular line. Someone even posted the “real” logo against the Rack logo, and it was the Rack logo in the Nordy sale … so long as the poster was telling the truth about where it was purchased. In any case, I often find prices just as good or better at sales at JJill, Talbots and Chicos where I know the fit and sizing, and don’t have to stay up all night “stalking” and breathlessly clicking.

  7. I understand Linda. On the bright side, Leigh Ann just found a pair of Chico’s shorts that has been on her wish list! She is a happy camper!

  8. I love the orange blazer on you! I have that in a previous year’s version in a lavender herringbone and love it. Great assortment of sale info, and what a gorgeous green double breasted coat from Nordie’s. If you find any hip-length or longer cardigans, I usually pick up several in advance of fall. Last year your Nordstrom half-yearly sale link yielded three.

  9. I noticed that the colors in your curtains and painting coordinate with your outfit in the first photo. You have known all along that you are an “autumn”!

  10. Ahhhh two on a swing! Adorable!
    And you Pam look amazing in that coral summer blazer and in the white jeans ensemble and you rock the olive green summer dress holding that umbrella! So pretty! You really know how to dress for summer!

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