Would You Wear It – Summer Black

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday!  Welcome to our weekly WOULD YOU WEAR IT with my focus today on summer black.

As you know, on Saturdays, I join up with Jennifer of A Well Styled Life to bring you displays from our respective worlds.

Then we ask if you explain in detail to everyone if you would or would not wear it.

The comments are read and enjoyed by all participants


Would You Wear It

Would You Wear It

Years ago, black was worn solely during cold winter months.

But, that has changed and it is now seen all year.

This display depicts ways to wear black, so I thought it might make for a good discussion today.

Make sure you tell us why or why not something works for you or doesn’t…these talks help other consumers look at something in a different way.

Would You Wear It

So, tell us, ladies………………………………………………………………………


These pieces are from Chico’s and here is more summer black….

Did you miss my Chico’s post with their great new color…go to Chico’s New Fun Summer Styles.


Would you Wear It

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Thank you for joining in today for WOULD YOU WEAR IT – SUMMER BLACK…make sure you comment and then go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to tell Jennifer what you think….and always


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I do wear black all year. The fabrics change with the seasons, but black has a place in my wardrobe no matter what the weather is. The only thing I’d consider here would be the scoop/round neck top, but that’s just a personal preference. I don’t like the look of capri/cropped pants at all, and the polka dot top, while I love polka dots as a pattern, is too oversized for my taste. To me, it adds volume and the addition of the tank underneath, while necessary, just seems too fussy. So of these items, the only one that would work for me is the scoop neck top. Just a personal thing. I’d definitely add a piece of jewelry, nothing too much, but something that would add some interest to the solid black. Cute teapot that you gifted your daughter!

  2. I would wear the black eyelet sleeve sweater with white straight jeans in the Summer along with the straw handbag.
    I received the World Finds necklace from your giveaway. It looks better in person than the website and it looked great on the website! The colors are amazing! Thanks!!!

  3. The black capris, the plain ones, I like and I would wear, but with a more colorful top, I wouldn’t feel right in all black in the summer. The pants with the dangling details is not for me, it’s just not a detail that I go for. Both tops are just ok to me, I don’t think they would even catch my eye.

  4. I do have black tee shirts in my wardrobe year round- some are shorter sleeves, Vee necks or 3/4 sleeves or to elbow ( thank you Talbots)! Nothing else in black except a one shoulder bathing suit.
    Of the mannequins – they look rather warm for our humid summer. There’s a heaviness I’m picking up visually. I might incorporate the capris into my wardrobe for those cooler no humidity evenings but nothing else here appeals to me today.

  5. I love ponchos and would wear the polka dot top. I just don’t like cropped pants on me. The other top I would consider, but save it for fall.

  6. I wear black all year round. In fact, my go to outfit in the summer here in Florida is a black top and white shorts! I don’t like the polka dot top or the other one. I usually wear v neck tops since I have broad shoulders. I’m purchasing again from Chicos this summer! The sizes seem to fit me better this year than in the past.

  7. I don’t lile the look of the cropped pants and don’t wear them, so ‘no’ to both pairs. I don’t wear ponchos but like this one. I just don’t see where I’d wear it though. The black top is nice but too long: fitted tops look better in a shorter length on me as I’m shorter. YES to black in the summer: Talbots is currently featuring black and white outfits, and there’s a lot to like.

  8. I wear black all year round and the whole collection is my fashion comfort zone. The poncho top is too much fabric for me, but I like the other top and both capris. I would mix and match them with bright coloured tops, jewelry and shoes/sandals. And maybe a scarf if it’s not too hot.

  9. I have no problem with black for any season but never wear capris/crops , ponchos or polka dots of that size !
    I do really like the long sleeved top with lace near the wrists as I am a sucker for anything with black lace !

  10. That’s a sweet kettle!

    In recent years with my natural colored hair -salt/pepper- I have added black tops b/c it looks good with my coloring. I think all black and so covered up isn’t quite my Summer look.

  11. I love & wear black year round. What really drew my attention though was the stunning straw bag!

  12. I wear black all year too. However, if I’m wearing a black top, I’d normally wear white or lighter pants, and if wearing black pants which I so often do, I’d wear a brighter-colored top. In the warmer months I only wear all black to funerals although that does not seem to be the custom any longer. I do like the eyelet trim on several of the items in the slideshow, and would love to see them go on sale.

  13. I do find black warmer to wear because it absorbs hear from the sun but I like a touch of it in the summer. Happy Saturday Pam!

  14. I like the polka dot top and it looks a bit sheer, so I might try to add a color pop with a turquoise or hot pink tank top underneath. Not sure it would work, but definitely would give it a try. At just 5’2″ and curvy, capris are not my friend so I stick with 7/8 length or longer. The capris with the “sombrero” balls are kinda fun, but not my style.

  15. I absolutely wear black in summer. However, not this heavy look. A black cropped tee or linen button up with a black or white linen pant or skirt. (@ 5’ 3” this current cropped trend is filling out my closet!) Sandals for sure to maintain the lighter look. if I need a 3rd piece I would select a pop of color.

  16. As a moderately tall lady, I do like capri and ankle pants for spring and summer and will always have a place in my wardrobe for black pieces on the bottom half. The pom pom fringe capris would make me feel a little silly so I would snip them off if on closer inspection that seemed doable. On rare occasion I wear a black chiffon blouse, typically on vacation out to a fancier restaurant, and only when tan. Otherwise it just isn’t flattering. I love to pair black bottoms with white solid or printed tops, and love a spectator shoe. I carry a small black polka dot tote (white overall) in summer and find it very versatile. I worry a straw bag might snag my pants, though I love the look.

  17. I used to wear black year round often with brighter colors. With my gray hair and soft warm coloring though at my age it makes me look sick and tired. No black in my wardrobe any more and the deepest I go is a warm charcoal in small doses.

    I like those outfits though and can see them working for the right coloring in cooler Spring or Fall days. The tops appear too hot for summer.

  18. Like the others, I wear black all year but prefer black and white for summer. It’s always crisp and classic. I’d style the poncho or eyelet-sleeve top with a white skirt or pants/crops/shorts. I might opt for a pop of color in an accessory, like fuschia or coral sandals or a bracelet. I’m loving the rattan beach bag for more than a day at the beach … at farmer’s markets, as carry-ons in airports, a chic tote for just about anything going anywhere.

  19. I wear black all year long, but the only thing from this display I would wear is the eyelet sleeve top but can’t imagine wearing it in the heat & humidity of summer. I would save it for spring & fall. The poncho has too much volume, & I would not be comfortable wearing it. I don’t wear capris as the length is not flattering on my legs.

  20. Yes, I definitely have black in my summer wardrobe as consider it a neutral staple and have worn it for years however recently edited my closet and donated a number of pieces. (Bottoms that I’ll describe as fitted crops or capris to either a neighbour as well as a friend of mine plus some to a women’s shelter.) As to tops; am still filtering those vie style and fabric to determine seasonal transition and/or purpose of pieces. (i.e.: The fitted short sleeved t-shirt that can also be worn as a sweater underlay when temps. drop below zero or the spaghetti strap camisole that is worn under a summer blazer but can also be worn with a wool blend one.) Re the mannequin, I’m afraid the bottoms are therefore a ‘no’ for myself whereas the tops though stylish another ‘no’, all due to above plus shall add, I seldom wear a column of black unless it is a coat/dress/jumpsuit or swimsuit. -Brenda-

  21. I didn’t read any previous comments, Pam, so this just off the top of my head. Number one I’ve learned with your help I’m much better wearing navy rather than black, although I still do sometimes, and as a tall person with a similar build your modeling has been invaluable. Number two, you are great in your very creative/color palette, which looks fantastic by the way, while not mine, light summer, has made me think more about what I purchase. So while these outfits are not for me, I now know why…hallelujah!

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