Summer Style Marches On….

Summer style marches on...

Happy Monday and welcome to the last week of July!  My fun birthday celebrations are done,  so I am focused as my summer style marches on.

From now until the middle of September, the summer heat becomes a real struggle for me.

At the end of August, I am done and ready to move on to fall.  So, I am attempting to enter this time with more optimism and fun as my summer style marches on.

By focusing on the enjoyment of styling different looks, I can have more fun with the end of the season.

So, let’s look over my recent summer style and how I put the outfits together….


Summer style marches on

SIDE NOTE:  When I am wearing these BZEES sandals then you know I am going to be walking a distance.  They are the most comfortable sandal for my hammer toes to walk in.

I know I wear them often and will most likely wear them until they fall apart.  They would be similar to the Dazzle Me Flip Flop or the Cabana Thong Toe Sandal.

I wore this outfit to church and we go to a large church.  There is a lot of walking to and from.

These are the relaxed chinos from Talbots that I purchased at the beginning of summer and I the color is called cantaloupe (They come in 13 colors).

They have been a great, cool, lightweight, comfortable summer pant.

The scarf is also Talbot’s from last summer and goes so nicely with the pants.

At the same time as the pant purchase, I included an ivory tank and that is what I am wearing underneath the ivory linen Banana Republic Shirt.

Banana Republic has some lovely items in the SUMMER SALE…you might check it out…great colors too.

Now look at these cute new jackets from Talbot’s as they begin a slight transition to the new season….


Summer Style Marches On

For us warm palette ladies, gold is the metallic we go to the most!

I love this ruana from Talbot’s so much and was able to get it early on during a sitewide 40% off sale.

This is the Linen Lurex Ruana, and is a fabulous piece to own when you want to cover your arms.  The linen keeps it light and airy.

Summer style marches on...

The metallic gold makes it more of a show piece.

I am wearing it here for a dinner out with a chocolate brown tank, Eileen Fisher kingfisher blue pant, and a gold necklace.

I purchased before I began my healthy eating plan and wish I had it a size down, but that size is sold out now…I still like it and will use it often throughout the year.

Summer Style marches on

My summer style marches on in these Aerosoles Ballet Flats purchased on their website on sale.

This is the Romy ballet flat in vegan gold, and it is currently $30 if they have your size.

It Is a great way to go from casual to casual chic!

I also found it at DSW….but it does cost more….Romy Flats.

I don’t make any commissions off of the Aerosoles site, but I have to be honest and show you where the better deal exists.


Summer style marches on

Before I give you a new recipe that I like, I had to show you these.

Do you know what they are?

I had no idea, so I spent time examining them in the produce section recently.

They are called RAMBUTEN…a fruit from tropical regions.  Read more about Rambuten.

The answer to what you are thinking…Well, did you buy it?… is no.  But, I would love to hear if any one is a fan!  Please share.

At almost $4 a pound, I did not want to risk it without knowing more.

I recently made this vinaigrette, and I like it for my salad…it is perfect for the WW app and has excellent flavor…


3/4 cup EVOO

5 tablespoons of red-wine vinegar

3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1 1/2 tablespoons Dijon mustard

1 clove garlic, minced or grated

3/4 teaspoon salt (I like the Himalayan salt)

Ground pepper to taste.

I keep it in the refrigerator in a air tight jar and use a little on my salads.  Very nice and fresh.

Thank you for joining me today as my summer style marches on! 

How is your summer style marching on?  I know the heat can put a damper on trying to look our best.

I just feel better and smile bigger when I take the time to look my best despite the heat!

Hope you will return tomorrow…I have something different and hopefully fun!  


By Pamela Lutrell

By Pamela Lutrell

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Summer Style marches on


  1. Your chinos are such a pretty color! I have them in olive and agree that they are nice for warm weather. Very polished, and they are comfortable! We’re in the warmest part of summer too, but since winter here goes on forever I am thankful for the warm weather. There’s going to be PLENTY of time to wear the fall and winter clothes, and since you have the reverse (long summers), I sure understand how you can feel ready for a change! I’ll have to keep an eye out for the strange fruit… would definitely try it because sometimes the strangest things become new favorites!

  2. Hi Pam
    I recently started following you and am enjoying it. I’m an autumn too and find your outfits perfect for me. Also, because of your success with WW, I started it and like their new program. Your salad dressing above looks yummy. How much do you use and how many points do you count? Thank you!

  3. Hi Kandy…so happy to have you join us! The only points in the dressing is the EVOO. One tablespoon is five points…which is a lot if you have them to give. I use one tablespoon on my salad and that it usually a lunch for me.
    Let me know if I can help…I am still in the beginning stages…but love the app and point system.

  4. September here in Ohio can be challenging for slightly different reasons. Namely, some years it’s a continuation of August, with hot muggy weather, and sometimes it’s like October (50s). Nights tend to be cool, so if it’s a hot day, you freeze at night. Bug populations have built up to a very annoying crescendo. You never know from day to day what you’ll be able to wear, and outdoor gatherings are always up in the air. To cope, I finally stocked up on enough three quarter tees and very light sweaters in colors that don’t scream spring, and some canvas sneakers in fun colors. Scarves and denim jackets get me through, though it would be a good time for your wraps and ponchos. By the way, husband makes a version of your salad dressing for Greek salads, adding in lots of oregano and just a touch of fresh mint. It’s delicious!

  5. It sounds delicious! Thanks Linda! Sounds like you have done some smart shopping.

  6. Pamela – I am so glad you mentioned the BZEES again in your blog post. I tried a pair a week or so ago and I love them. I cannot believe how comfortable they are. I can walk for miles. I wear them now instead of sneakers. They are that comfortable! I happened to be walking through a local department store and saw their display. I remembered how much you like yours so I tried on a pair. I got the SMILE style. They are wonderful. Plus they have the added feature of being washable, which means they won’t be damaged by an unexpected rainstorm. Thank-you for telling your readers about these shoes.

  7. You are welcome, Lisa. Love that you shared your story. They keep my feet very, very happy!

  8. Oh, you look so very pretty in the melon colored outfit! Your birthday week done, now I am enjoying mine: had brunch, presents and homemade pie with my neighbor friends yesterday; will have two more events with friends and family during the week and then cap it off with our getaway to the fancy music festival with my husband. I feel so blessed. August was always exciting preparing to be back at school teaching, so I feel a little twinge of sadness without that but I am determined to squeeze every bit of summer fun out of my gardening, music and new ceramics endeavors so I won’t dwell on it too much. 25 years retired, I know my mother still pines for when she had her classroom to make ready.

  9. I am with you, Connie! I miss teaching and sometimes just ache missing it. Your birthday celebration sounds amazing…enjoy each moment and have a very happy birthday!

  10. I love the orange outfit in your first picture. It just looks refreshing with the heat so many of us are having. Thank you for all the information you provide to your readers. Have a lovely week.

  11. Thank you, Claudette! These pants are refreshing to wear! That’s a good way to describe how I felt wearing it.

  12. Your cantaloupe colored pant with white top and pretty draped scarf look so cool on you! What a great find!
    Yes I’m getting tired of our recent extreme heat and humidity ( just awful) too and I know deep down that it will not last as long as yours, but we are so unaccustomed to it! I’m almost wishing for fall! Today we are under a tornado watch! Definite for severe thunderstorms! Here in little old New England we might have a first ever actual straight line tornado? Well we have no shelters per se, but we do have a house cellar in this old place so I may be down there if this all materializes. I’m truly hoping it’s just not going to happen. Hope you have a good week.

  13. Stay safe, Paulette. Go to the middle of the house or the basement away from windows and heed the warnings. I have grown up in tornado alley.

  14. The cantaloupe pants and scarf are made for each other: beautiful colors on you! Not sure I should say ‘thanks’ b/c I am now surfing the new Talbot’s arrival and have already found more than I can afford LOL. I plan to use your link for the shoes – thanks! I make the same vinaigrette that you do. I find that the lemon juice really perks it up so much more than just vinegar.

  15. Pam, very late to your post but as I know you deal with tremendously high temps in the summer I was wondering what you wore out and about? I can’t imagine you wear layers and scarves & your beautiful chunky jewelry but maybe you do. We were 100 degrees in coastal Massachusetts today & I couldn’t imagine putting on anything extra. I felt less than I like to look but just kind of who cares! As global warming continues we in the North need to learn from you 😊

  16. Hi Lois! What I wear depends on the time of day and how much I will be outside. If I am out and about in the midday, I am likely to be in a linen dress and sandals. I have worn dresses often this summer. The two outfits today were worn from a house with AC, to a car with AC, into a building with AC. I wasn’t outside very much. I am born and bred Texan and have grown up in summers like this. They come about every six years. This one is a repeat of the summer my daughter married. AC makes it possible to wear my scarves and chunky jewelry. When outside longer, I don’t do it. And I rarely wear shoes in the summer. Mostly sandals and flip flops. I know I am more acclimated to it than many of you are. Let me know how I can help.

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