Out and about in San Antonio

Out and about in San Antonio

Happy Sunday!  Welcome to a post finding me out and about in San Antonio…and, yes, I was with Leigh Ann!

We are beginning 45 straight days of triple digit heat, so when we go out and about in San Antonio…it is early.

The first ones at the door!

Also, I dress for the heat and continue to wear often these Poplin Cargo Crops from Chico’s…currently on sale in several colors.

I am so glad I have these…comfortable, and cool crops…and easy to style!

Also, have you seen the new collection pieces at Chico’s…check out some of these…the colors and prints are stunning….


Out and about in San Antonio

I know several of you have discussed traveling to the city, so I wanted to introduce you to Feliz Modern.

While out and about in San Antonio, this is where you will find the unique, eclectic, and quirky souvenirs to take home to family and friends.

Like….tortilla coasters or Mexican artwork….

Out and About in San Antonio

Out and about in San Antonio

There is much fun in these stores….and I thought not unique to San Antonio…I loved the Betty White coffee mug!

Gotta love the colorful and quirky sometimes, but they do have lovely accessories like the beaded handbag at the first of this section.

When out and about in San Antonio there is much to see.

Out and about in San Antonio


Out and about in San Antonio

Last week, when I met a friend for dinner at a new favorite restaurant…Pesto’s Ristorante in Olmos Park…I dressed casual and colorful.

These are the new  Pima Capri leggings in the dark viridian green with the matching scarf that I found on the JJILL sale rack recently.

With the 40% off sale prices today, these green capri leggings are only $14.99! I will wear mine often since they are perfect for my autumn wardrobe.

I paired them with a Soft Surroundings Tunic I recently found at a local resale shop while out and about in San Antonio!

I like the shell detail on this tunic and it is a lovely ivory and not a white white….and at resale, it cost the same as these leggings!

Leigh Ann and I plan to start showing you more and more what we discover in our own city! 

I hope you enjoy the fun as you go Out and about in San Antonio with us!

What are some quirky souvenirs you have discovered in your own city?  Please share…this could be fun!  Another way to help us all to…….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Out and about in San Antonio



  1. Hi Pam! You are modeling exactly how to be chic while dressing cool and comfy! I was at a backyard party yesterday afternoon and although there was plenty of shade with monstrous oaks and maple trees it was hit – 95 degrees abd 74 dew points. It felt like it was in the hundreds!
    I wore linen sleeveless top with a pretty longer JJill necklace and wide leg linen blend pant and sandals. I had a large straw floppy hat for times when I “lost” my shady seat to another guest. I stayed cool there only ducking into the house to relish their AC pumping away—nice relief! I drank mainly icy flavored water. Lots of it! And cool foods!
    You look so great despite your areas heat! It can be done!

  2. I’m impressed you can still wear a scarf in the summer. I get way too hot! I think summer dressing is a real challenge and you do it very well … dressing in more color really helps. Glad you had fun!

  3. So much fun to ‘go’ shopping with you. I really want to visit San Antonio with two of my girlfriends. One lived there and knows her way around. I guess we would invite our husbands but I am so ready for a girls’ trip! My husband has been there a few times and enjoyed it. He might not want to be left out. Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  4. You are right, Paulette…it can be. I confess I mostly go out in the morning and late evening. Middle of the day is brutal!
    It takes some planning, but works.

  5. I just drape them around my neck right now Linda…and the scarves I wear are very lightweight or linen. It was fun!

  6. If you ever come, Deborah…let me know…I would love to meet you face to face…even for coffee or tea!

  7. I am so excited to be out and about in San Antonio with you, Pamela! My dad was from Dallas and my brother lives in Arlington now, so we plan to do a Texas road trip next time we visit and San Antonio is #1 on our list. There’s nothing like getting recommendations of the best places from a local.

  8. Great column and loved the out and about. Love the colors in the Chico’s fall collection — just a note I see that Chico’s often has the model wearing the shirts partially tucked in — I get it, but I want to see what the front hem looks like so hope they soon add more pics — but sure love the greens and golds!

  9. I understand! I would like to see the full shirt as well! Thanks Catherine!

  10. I love that beaded bag with the birds! What a fun summer accessory that is! I think too many of us take our hometowns for granted a lot and we need to act more like a tourist sometimes. I also like the “Only in Your State” site. I have lived in Ohio all my life and there are so many places I’d still like to visit. You’ve inspired me to create a bucket list. I like the dark green color featured at Chico’s for fall.

  11. It was fun shopping ‘with you’ this morning. I love the vibrant doormat. I’ve been to San Antonio at least three times for meetings overr the years and really like it. Once I visited a friend of my Mom’s for dinner, and that was fun b/c no tourists there. Once was Valentine’s Day, and I ate on the Riverwalk with a business associate and the flower guys thought we werr a couple: that was embarrassing a little. The last time my husband came and we did the tourist things. BUT I have never been shopping with a girlfriend — there’s always next time.

  12. I love your outfit with the olive poplin crops and white top. Is the top also from Chico’s? I was wondering if the poplin pants stretch out. I had purchased the poplin fabric in the longer length (on me!) with the zippers at the bottom. After wearing a pair a couple of hours, they were baggy and looked a little sloppy. Also very wrinkled out of the wash and had to iron them.


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