Today’s News for Women over 50

Today's News

And it’s Wednesday!  Hello, everyone and welcome to Today’s News for Women over 50.

On this day, I curate headlines together that may be of interest to this audience ….the fabulous women over 50!

Think of it as your own personal news weekly with more positive headlines gathered just for you.

Today may be a bit shorter…I have house guests all week all under the age of 9…so I am swimming above water as best I can!

Thanks for the understanding…grab a cold glass of lemonade in a cool place and let’s get started……


Today's News

Travel Awaits: American Airlines and TSA testing new way to screen passengers

Culture Trip: The most beautiful Italian coastal towns and cities

Heritage Daily: Roman sanctuary discovered in the Netherlands

Travel Awaits My 7 favorite European cities to visit in the summer


Today's news

Homes & Gardens: How to be happier at home – 10 mood boosting interior design ideas

Eating Well: 6 filthy places in your kitchen you should be cleaning every day

Southern LivingHow to grow your own avocado tree

Architectural Digest:  Skin care entrepreneur David Krause left New York City to revive an 1830s Catskills home


Today's news


CNN: Kohl’s takes down the For Sale sign



Today's News

Best Life OnlineThis summer product sold at Lowe’s and Costco is being recalled after 24 injuries

Eat This, Not That: The breast-lifting exercises you can’t live without in your 50s

Today Show After losing 50 pounds by walking, one woman avoids knee replacement and gets off blood pressure medication

INCThe effortless way to dramatically improve your memory backed by science

Sci Tech Daily: 10 small lifestyle changes to improve your health

Club Enologique: Which red wines are the best to drink chilled?

That are the headlines for today!  I plan next Wednesday to have a larger slate of articles for your consideration.  Hope everyone is enjoying your start to July!

Pleases feel free to leave a comment or question on any of these…I love to hear your thoughts!


By Pamela Lutrell

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Today's News




  1. Love the news topics today. Thanks for doing this Pam, especially when you have little ones in the house. Enjoy!

  2. Interesting article about Kohl’s. I don’t shop there, but never like to read about the problems with brick and mortar stores. I think they called it when they pointed out that people are watching how they spend their money. I look in my closet and realize that I honestly don’t need anything, unless something is in need of replacement. I used to shop for fun and still do on occasion, but like some others, I really pay attention to where I’m spending and focus on saving these days. Sad to think so many stores are at risk of going under.

  3. I loved seeing the Better Homes and Garden article. It was such a change from the neutral palettes we see in almost any article on decorating. We need color…it creates a very physical effect on us!

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