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Today's News

Happy wonderful Wednesday, everyone!  It is time for Today’s News for Women over 50!

A weekly lifestyle newsletter curated with headlines of interest just for you!

So, grab your favorite summer beverage or set a lovely breakfast table and let’s sit down together to enjoy today’s news……


Today's News

The U.S. Sun: I’m an elegance coach & there are ten style rules all women should learn to look classy

Art.NetA woman bought a pile of cheap costume jewelry online. Turns out it contained a rare Viking-Era gold ring.

Fox News: Coastal grandmother style: new fashion trend doesn’t require grandkids

The Sun I’m a professional hairdresser – there are five anti-aging hairstyles that will make you look younger

Eat This, Not That: Here are four face jowl exercises to tone and reverse aging, expert says

Best Life: This popular retail chain is closing stores starting July 14


Today's News

Southern Living: Why every home needs a tech free space

Homes & Gardens: Space-saving designs and vintage buys make this a practical and chic family house

Better Homes & Gardens16 surprising things you never knew you could clean in your dishwasher

Tasting Table: Why you should start keeping a few pieces of charcoal in your fridge


Today's News

Well + Good: I tried eating Japanese breakfast inspired by this blue zone, the longest living people in the world

101 Cookbooks How to make pesto like an Italian grandmother

Backyard Boss: How to store fresh basil

Travel AwaitsLiving in Portugal, we’ve tasted cheeses we never knew existed, here are our 11 favorites

NY PostWhat experts say are the worst foods for brain health

Stacy Lyn Harris: Fried Green Tomatoes


Today's News

Eat This, Not That: Health mistakes no woman over 40 should make according to experts

Well + Good: Here’s why maintaining your balancing skills as you age is tied to longevity

Hampshire Live News: Downton Abbey acting legend Maggie Smith returns with two film roles 

Wall Street Journal Five easy exercises to get your foot and ankle strength right 

ABC News: Woman credits walking with helping her lose 200 pounds

The Hill: Overdosing on vitamin D supplements is possible and harmful, doctors say


Today's News

The SunI’m a Dollar Tree superfan – 6 genious ways to use their $1 pizza pans from storage to home decor

Yahoo/BuzzFeed 17 never fail tips on saving money at the grocery store


Today's News

Washington Post: 9 beaches for living your best coastal grandmother summer

Travel Awaits: 8 travel essentials I’m so glad I had on my 10-hour flight

Yahoo! Finance: 15 cheap beautiful places to retire

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  1. I need to harvest basil and make pesto when I get home today, so I’m going to use this method instead of the quick and easy method. I personally prefer hand-chopping ingredients, but often, being time crunched, resort to a processor. Today I’m doing it by hand. There’s something rewarding in that. Also, it’s good there aren’t exact measurements because I prefer methods to measuring, so this will probably be my new way to make pesto. Can’t wait to try it!

  2. Leigh Ann and I agree about the measuring…neither one of us is big on measurements! Hope you like it Karen! I just made some basil pesto and I need to store some more.

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