Fall Fashion Trends 2022: Pros & Cons

fall fashion trends

Happy Thursday, ladies.  Welcome to my post with thoughts on the Fall Fashion Trends 2022: Pros and Cons.

I know many of the sales we see in July are introducing fall fashion trends for 2022; and it prompted me to implore you, the consumer, to keep a few things in mind when shopping.

I also know there are some of you who refuse to think about fall fashion trends this early, but you might want to read over these points, so that you are ready when you decide to shop.

Let’s get started…..



fall fashion trends

 In shedding some light on fall fashion trends, I decided it is best to start with acknowledgement there are some benefits in knowing what the trends are for 2022. 

I selected this image because you will see an abundance of black and green this coming fall….


  1. These fall fashion trends often dictate the type of clothing we will see in many retail outlets. So, when you notice a plethora of black moto jackets, you will understand it is a fall fashion trend 2022.
  2. Fall fashion trends offer the consumer new options to modernize a wardrobe. Many women want to stay current with their style and understanding trends provide those options.
  3. Fall fashion trends are designed to keep clothing options fresh and not all look the same from season -to -season.
  4. Finally, when you have knowledge of fall fashion trends and trend colors, then if you already have those in your wardrobe you can select them for current style in 2022.

fall fashion trends

That is why I am glad to already have this green jacket (Banana Republic) in my closet, because an abundance of GREEN is a fall fashion trend this year.


fashion trends

 If you are in the fashion industry, you may not like this part…but the cons must be covered in order to prevent so many women from being…well… “conned.”


  1. The fall fashion trends 2022 are definitely for younger women and it is more evident this year than ever before. Not only that, if you enjoy modesty, you are not going to find it in many of these trends. Trends may be targeted at younger women because we have had time to learn from experience!
  2. Fashion trends are often designed to motivate the women to spend quickly to grab the trend and thus often to waste money. Many just hit the shopping bag and not consider what the fashion trend may or may not communicate to others about you.
  3. Fall fashion trends can lead to dissatisfaction when they do not fit your unique personal style, fit your lifestyle, or look on you the way they look on models or influencers.
  4. Many fall fashion trends end up just hanging in the closet. They might as well have a big sign there…WHY DID I BUY THIS?


fashion trends

Today, I feature this outfit I wore this week when I was going out and about in order to show you these cropped jeans.  I have owned and worn them for years.  Soft Surroundings no longer sells the Metro Leggings, but these, as well as the others I own, fit me like a glove, fit my style adjectives; fit my budget; and have survived many washings.  They are a part of my confident style and were not a fashion trend.  They are just now after so many years, looking like garment retirement is near.

The cost per wear for me of these pants is very very low.

 Confident Style is the goal…not necessarily trendy style. 

If a fashion trend speaks your style adjectives (for best explanation on style adjectives watch: DEVELOP YOUR OWN UNIQUE STYLE) and is available in your best colors, then it is, of course worth your time and consideration.

fashion trends

I have taken a lot of heat for my dismissal of the distressed denim fashion trend.  The messages it spoke to me were not what I wanted to say to the world about me.

I never saw looking back at me in the dressing room mirror a current, cool, trendy woman.

In order not to offend, I will not say what they spoke to me about me.

In 2022, the distressed denim remains in the Fall Fashion Trends on a larger scale.  But, your personal style adjectives and confident style may include them. 

When in the dressing room, before the mirror, always ask WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT ME? And does it speak your five style adjectives.

 I always ask the first question and then I ask, does this say that I am joyful, approachable, creative, polished and current.

The word “current” for me is not about fashion trends, but more about looking youthful and not frumpy. 

When I was younger, I wasted much money on fashion trends.  However, when I began to understand that clothing sends messages about us and developed my five adjectives, then the waste stopped.

As you approach the current sales…which are amazing this year…keep these things in mind.  It just might save you some money and time.

My goal in writing this is to encourage you to be a beautiful, unique, confident woman with self respect each and every day…no matter what those days include.

This year, the sales I am shopping most often in July (with my birthday coupons) are at Chico’s, Talbots, JJILL and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

I am looking more for my style adjectives and best vibrant autumn colors than for trends.  I will share what I discover.

Please share any thoughts you have about fall fashion trends…and tomorrow, I will discuss the fashion trend colors.  Thank you so much for being here…I so hope this helps.


By Pamela Lutrell

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fall fashion trends


  1. This is a great post! It’s a bonus when we see the trending colors and can find them in the closet already. I’m one who might nod to a trend, but certainly never bow to them. Maybe it’s my bent toward classic looks. But I’m always interested in the upcoming colors. I completely agree about the torn, distressed clothing. I see a lot now in stores, even as I’m surprised this look hasn’t run it’s course. I think it’s trashy and still can’t rationalize spending good money on ripped up clothing. Wearing torn up clothing is not fitting with any of my messaging. It’s far from modest, usually, but I personally think it’s a trend for the very young (teenagers and 20’s), and older women look like they are chasing their lost youth. I think you look really nice in the SS cropped jeans and should reconsider retiring them. Cropped pants are everywhere and you can really pull this look off! I love how SS jeans and pants fit and continue to buy them. The green shoes are a beautiful shade of green, and while this wouldn’t necessarily work near my face, I’d definitely add that shade in shoes or a handbag for a pop of fun color. I like seeing colorful options for a season that focuses on dark. Moto jackets are a classic item. Like leopard, it’s interesting when they turn classics into trends. I guess marketing, right? This was a very helpful post on how to approach trends.

  2. I am so glad it helps, Karen! I will have more on color tomorrow. I still feel like there are professionals in fashion laughing all the way to the bank thinking, “We actually got them to pay big bucks for ripped up jeans!!”

  3. im with you on the distressed trend. its cute on the younger crowd, but just doesn’t say what Im trying to say.
    not real fond of the trend of showing everything either. I kinda blame our music icons for it, they are and have been for years, depending on outrageous for attention, instead of talent. but you see it in public now, the barely covered look, and I don’t think it can be blamed on the incredible heat of summer either.

  4. I hadn’t considered it, Sheryl, but you may be right about the influences of music icons. I was surprised last season and again this season to see professional dress featured with crop tops under the blazers! Not many offices here I would recommend that at any age.

  5. I’m with you on the “distressed” denim look. Especially the ones that have whole chunks of fabric missing. I just finally saw a faded pair with minimal & subtle distressing that I liked.

  6. Yes! The subtle ones are not bad if that is what you want to communicate with your style. Always ask.., what does this look say about me?

  7. I am very glad that green will be a popular color this fall. It is my favorite and not always easy to find. Due to a limited budget, I will not buy much , but maybe I will find some good sales. I do not understand the ripped raged torn jeans look. Tome, it loos awful no matter the age. I wear cropped pants almost year round and love them. Some articles I have read say they make women look old and frumpy, but I guess I am!

  8. Hi Katherine! I wear cropped many months if the year and since I style with my style adjectives, I don’t feel frumpy at all!! I think it has everything to do with how you style them and how they fit. Sitting here in Chico’s crops right now. And yes to all the green colors we will see this year!

  9. I acknowledge that I tend to buy items on sale probably thinking that it’s my color, my style, and I’ll enjoy it but then not wearing it. I know that I am influenced when I see others wearing something as I most often do on the Chico’s group Facebook page. Then once I owe things, I might not wear them as much as other older garments. I do recognize this fault in me, and have so far ignored summer sales except for some kitchen items from Amazon yesterday. My closet is overflowing so I need to thin out what really speaks to me in my colors and style. So far as trends are concerned I do not own any clothes with holes either man made or accidental. Like you, definitely not a trend I care for either.

  10. Totally agree on distressed jeans. It’s the cost and the messaging as you say. I also agree with you about cropped sweaters under jackets as “professional” clothes – really??? Not sure I blame the music industry as teenage girls seem to dress for one another. I see that designers are featuring skirts for men this year — bet Mr. B. will not be wearing them, nor will any man I know haha.
    Those apple green shoes are to die for. I have no use for them (sadly) but will look for a bag and other accessories that color.

  11. I highly recommend you weed it out soon, Celia. Then when fall does come you will have a more focused approach.

  12. I think thus series of fall 2022 posts will help me personally. I happen to enjoy wearing some greens (not all) in my wardrobe. I will not buy torn jeans though I do wear frayed hem in some dark wash jeans (fall abd winter weight) I purchased last year. I wear both of course. I wear with booties and feel confident. Thank you for this topic!

  13. Hi Maeve…I laughed at the thought of Mr. B or any guys in my family in skirts. They would never! I bet we will see that green shoe in flat options! I will let you know!

  14. I also wear frayed at the bottom as well…just own one pair in white. Thanks for joining in, Paulette!

  15. Pam, very helpful post! We can easily get carried away — Those Marketers know what they’re doing! Going back to my style adjectives you helped me with always puts me on track. I’m looking forward to your post on color.

  16. I appreciate you going over pros and cons of the current trends. That’s another reason why I like thrift shopping–no worries about what’s trending–pick your own colors and styles. Haha, in my blog post today I am wearing distressed jeans with a big chunk missing and do not take any offense if others don’t like them! They fit my adjectives, creative and youthful ;). (Plus, three of my daughters are in their 20s and I’ve told them LMK if I go over the top–you know how honest our own children can be!). Hugs!

  17. It is so important, Kimberly that we all learn and understand our own Uniquely You style like you have then. Then just like you have here we can own it! I wear the cropped skinny pants…though many say not to. It is part of my own unique style with my adjectives.
    Thanks for sharing and owning who you are!

  18. I usually am not trendy because I need to see something different awhile on other people before my eye gets used to it on my body. I was late to the party on skinny jeans, and now I’m only wearing straight leg, not wide leg pants. I do like fraying at the hem of jeans but it took me a while to buy any. Then there are some trends that you just know are not for you, and that (for me) includes torn clothing, even though one of my style words is casual. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the green this fall. Specifically, I’m hoping for a green faux Moto jacket from Chicos (I missed out on the jasper one from a few years ago).

  19. I will be watching all of the green closely, Linda! On the hunt for all of us!

  20. I enjoyed the post a lot. Are you going to retire the SS leggings because of the style or because they are worn? I like the green, but I will wear it with navy rather than black.
    I am tall so I don’t really like the Moto jackets for me. I would be interested in some longer alternatives that are stylish.

  21. Good question, Kathy! Because they are worn. Who knows how often I have washed them. I like this style!

  22. Back in the day, I wasted a lot of money on trendy “throw away” fashions. I never gave any thought to cost per wear. At some point, I realized that I was more comfortable & confident in classic styles. My closet now reflects that. I also value quality over quantity, so I always view the trends with that in mind. Distressed are definitely not on my radar nor will they ever be.

  23. This was such an informative post today, Pam. I really enjoyed reading all the comments here, too. I am also one who does not care for the distressed look. I also do not care for the cold shoulder look either. It’s fine for others — just not for me. Plus, neither style would be appropriate for my workplace, even though our dress is business casual. Your cropped jeans look terrific on you — and I LOVE that long coat you have on in the photo listing your foundation five. Looking forward to fall color trends!

  24. Thanks for sharing, Becky. I feel confident in saying we have all been there at some point.

  25. Great post today. I went to an upscale (for Maine) consignment store! The owner is the daughter in law of my color analyst and is very knowledgeable. It is so freeing to be looking at my colors and thinking of my adjectives, as well as knowing that the owner is going to say yay or nay to the color/style. I tried on a lime jacket that I loved but she said it was too bright. My lime is deeper. I am so happy to think fall will have green trending. Greens and teals are my favorites.
    This was a wonderful post. You are so good about keeping us in our own lane!

  26. Actually don’t mind the distressed look in jeans provided it is kept to a minimum. As to the color green, have had little in my closet over the years however today am wearing a linen shirt that I’ll describe as a lighter version of apple green. Last but not least regarding current trends; was smiling to myself when logging on to the You Tube channel of a young fashionista who was packing a holiday capsule wardrobe that consisted of clothing which IMO was far from appropriate in dress code for the country of destination (which both I shan’t mention) yet most of the comments from her followers were positive never giving it a 2nd thought about the message or how the outfits would be received with them being as revealing as they were. i.e.: Plunging necklines/cut-outs with bare midriffs/transparent fabric etc. -Brenda-

  27. It took me a long while to really focus on the messages…and I would write to YOUNGER ME to do it sooner!
    Thanks Brenda!

  28. Pam, thanks so much for this great fall preview! I am definitely on “Team Green” and have a lot already, as it’s one of my best colors. I am also one who doesn’t get buying jeans that are ripped and torn, but I just turned 63 so that probably has a lot to do with my attitude. Glad to see from other commenters that I am not alone in that. Most of all, I love how you remind us not to fall for trends hook, line and sinker. My style has always been very classic and tailored; think blazers, sheath dresses, pencil skirts, etc. Every time I fail to stay in my lane and try to wear something very different those end up being unworn items, soon donated or consigned. I was on a tear for a “feminine, flouncy dress” for a spring wedding. I bought at least a dozen and returned or consigned them. I ended up finding the perfect thing in a consignment shop, and it’s a style I can wear to weddings for years to come. One of the best parts of being this age is that we actually know ourselves pretty well at this point. I just have to remember that being “me” is good enough, and I don’t have to reinvent myself every time fashions change. Your posts always keep me on track, and I’m so glad to have more time to follow you now that I am newly retired!

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