Chico’s new arrivals: Simply Stunning!

Chico's new arrivals

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  As I said Sunday, I left the house this past weekend for some retail therapy and also discovered Chico’s new arrivals are simply stunning!

So many pretty pieces and this one left the store with me!  It is perfect for our warmer climate.

Chico’s recently upgraded the passport program to a rewards program and I had my reward certificate in my hand when I stopped by.

Chico’s new arrivals are simply stunning…I took a haul into the dressing room to have some fun.

The dressing room lights are not the best, so I hope you can see how lovely these new arrival pieces are.


Chico's new arrivals

I almost did not try this one on, but the excellent sales associate at Chico’s in the Village at Stone Oak insisted I would be pleased.

And she was right.

I immediately loved the Harvest Artisan Ponchofrom Chico’s new arrivals.

This is a Small/Medium and the design gives a very flattering fit.  It features colors I wear and is perfect for a warm fall.

Chico's new arrivals

As I walked into the dressing room area, I saw this necklace on a sale rack.  I have had my eye on this one for awhile.

It must be one of the last ones, because it is no longer online.

However, this similar one is online and on sale…..Beaded Short Necklace.

Super cute with the seashells.


Chico's new arrivals

Chico’s new arrivals are stunning due to the beautiful details!

Like you see in this Faux Suede Embroidered Ruana.

I also sized down on this one.

Chico's new arrival

It is lovely and if we had cooler weather, it would be a keeper.

Online, it is styled with a beautiful top with gold beads, which I was not able to find online…but it looks so chic and classy with that top.

Chico's New Arrivals

The Colorblock Ruana is a fun casual piece featuring this great blue/green!

Chico’s new arrivals includes several beautiful ruanas…like the ones in this slideshow:

Chico's New Arrivals

Chico's New Arrivals

When I walked into the store, my eyes went immediately to the mannequin with the sweater and embroidered jeans.

They were completely out of the Girlfriend Leg Embroidery Ankle Jeans…but I can see why…what a fun detailed jean for fall!

I did try on the Linen-Blend Caviar Detail Pullover and I like it.

Chico's New Arrivals

This is a perfect transition piece to cooler weather…relaxed with nice details.

It also comes in three colors….I think the mossy stone green is my favorite. But the brown looks amazing with those jeans.


Chico's new arrivals

Here is another beautiful piece for those of you in cooler climates.

This is the Relaxed Faux Leather Moto Jacket in Rustic Maple…look at the tweed detail on the collar.


I tried it on with the Ruched Pop Over top in Mossy Stone. 

Chico's New Arrivals

Special Occasion Anyone?  This is gorgeous!  Looks great with jeans too.

It is the Harvest Print Topper….literally a work of art.


Chico's New Arrivals

Of course, Chico’s new arrivals include animal prints.

This Cheetah Maxi Cardigan includes a full on cheetah lurking around the side and impressive button details.

Chico's new arrivals

I believe this is another special occasion jacket…lovely for going out and about.

It is the Travelers Collection Print Reversible Jacket.

Though I do not wear black, I am showing this jacket to you with the Ruched Popover top in black.

Remember I am mostly shopping for you!  I try to pull pieces I believe you will enjoy!

Chico's New Arrivals

And among Chico’s new arrivals is an updated animal print top.

This is the Sandwash Satin Animal Print Shirt….feels great!

I hope Chico’s new arrivals get you excited for fall ….as I am.

Please remember, you can click through on any of these links and go to the Chico’s website for shopping and viewing.

I also want to thank those who sent sweet notes yesterday.  I just hit a major fatigue wall on Sunday and could not even think straight.  

But as the song says…I Will SURVIVE!

Thanks for joining me today for Chico’s nee arrivals…hope to see you tomorrow for Today’s News for Women Over 50…please feel free to comment or ask questions and always…


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Those embroidered jeans are just too cute – I immediately got online and ordered a pair!

  2. Oh, that song! I love to listen to that from time to time because I love the attitude!! I really like those jeans that are sold out. Maybe they will restock! Seriously, those are great! I love the brown sweater with them. The jeans and sweater are understated enough to suit my adjectives. I’m going to keep an eye out to see if they’re offered again! Retail therapy really does work. I’m guessing a lot of us can relate to that. I’ve noticed that we are having those days now, that while it’s still warm, you can feel fall in the air. We have absolutely gorgeous fall weather here and to “feel” it this early is like being in the bonus round!! Take care of yourself Pam!

  3. The jeans are fully stocked online, Karen and my store said they would have more soon!
    So jealous of your early fall…enjoy each moment!

  4. Good morning Pam! I’m so glad you’re feeling better today, and thank you for sharing these gorgeous Autumn styles from Chicos! You look amazing in everything! If I were you I’d not know which to carry home. Everything just works!

  5. Very cute new pieces, and you are looking so radiant despite the fatigue and poor sleep lately. I popped in to our local Marshalls store between errands yesterday and my eye was drawn to a zebra print blouse after your animal display the other day. Ended up not buying it, but noticed a strong presence with various animal prints offered. I did score a gorgeous cream and grey longer tweedy topper that came home. I picture it over a cream blouse or turtleneck and black slacks. It is unlined, which is not my preference, but on the other hand, that gives it a nice relaxed drape.

  6. There are lots of possibilities here, and you looked great. I love that turquoise-green with the caramel (if the pic is right; I know it’s skewing warm). I loved the look of the beads with the brown sweater on the mannequin. I hope you were able to rest yesterday … often, I set myself up for down time, and it becomes, “hurry up, rest!,” which isn’t helpful. Honestly, I don’t think any of us would mind if you took a day or two off each week. I know you’ve been building your business, but maybe it’s time to refill your own well.

  7. Make sure to take the time you need. Everything will be waiting for you, but if you end up not around that is not good, your presence in this vast realm would be missed! 😉
    Everything looks lovely on you. I really do like the faux leather jacket with the tweed.
    Side note: on my iPad the advertisements are covering up most of your pics and words.
    Any ideas on how to fix it?
    Blessings 🌼🕊🌼

  8. Thanks for showing us so many beautiful outfits! I know it’s a lot of work to model so many different pieces. That turquoise-ish sweater is just lovely, and the necklace enhances it nicely. Hang in there: the construction will be worth it!

  9. I would wear just about everything you chose today. You looked terrific in every one! I love the look of Chico’s clothing, but their selection of Petites is pathetic. At 5 foot nothing, their clothes swim on me. Thank you for the inspiration tho!

  10. You are looking great, Pam, and we all know that fall suits you. I loved you in the zebra shirt from Talbots. I hope you bought it! I posted that day, but when I looked the next day, I didn’t see that it went through. Maybe I just overlooked it. I hope the end is near for your work being completed in home. It is unsettling!

  11. Carolyn, I am not quite as short as you are ( 5’2”), but I have found that if I order specially ankle length or cropped pants, they are long enough for me as long as the inseam is not more than 27”. I do nnot like ankle length but they are full length on me. And cropped pants might be ankle to full length on you. I have found several pairs of “short” marked pants in an OTR store, but very rarely see them in Chico’s online. My store does not carry petites which I need.

  12. Greetings from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. You make me feel excited for Fall🍂 Our most beautiful time of year. Love your posts. Stay well.

  13. Celia, I am the same as you — well 1/2 inch taller – LOL — and I purchase 27″ inseams, which are ankle length on taller women. I find I have to watch the front-rise though. I haven’t ever had good luck at Chico’s and agree with Carolyn that the online selection is pretty hopeless and often the clothes have too much material for my frame. Once in a blue moon, I check the site again, mainly because Pam’s finds are lovely, but so far I’ve not found anything.

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