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Today's news

Happy Wednesday, everyone !  Welcome to my regular feature called Today’s News for Women Over 50.

On this day, I curate lifestyle news headlines together from around the world that I believe may be of interest to you.

I try to always keep this light and encouraging.  That is why political issues are avoided.

And, today, I am introducing a new category, I call FUN…just articles for pure enjoyment.

So, pour a cup of your morning beverage and sit in your favorite spot….

Let’s get started with Today’s News!


Today's News


Southern Living: 19 retro hotels in the south that feel like a stylish step back in time

Yahoo Life: Dolly Parton’s reaction to a ‘Jolene’ spinoff from ‘America’s Got Talent’ is everything

CBR: Hotel Portofino is comfort food for Downton Abbey fans

MSN: The only place you can find a Woolworth’s soda fountain

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show: If you see a cowboy boot on a fence post, do not touch it


Today's news

Southern Living: This Alabama home is filled with passed-down pieces that bring meaningful style to every room

Homes & Gardens: Joanna Gaines’ accent wall treatment has caused a sensation – do you love it or hate it?

Architectural Digest: 10 popular interior design styles to know when furnishing your home

Better Homes & Gardens: The 7 worst organizing mistakes that create a cluttered home

Apartment Therapy 5 plumbing trends on their way out according to real estate agents


Today's News

Eating Well: 7-Day summer meal plan to get back on tract post vacation

Tasting Table: Why you should never use a metal knife to cut an avocado

Eat This, Not That: #1 best vegetable to eat when you’re over 50

The Spruce: How to estimate the amount of drinks needed for a party

CNBCA Harvard nutritionist shares the No. 1 vitamin that keeps your brain young and healthy – and the foods she eats every day


Today's News

Travel Awaits: 11 fantastic experiences onboard Viking’s new expedition ship

Eating Well: Drinking 5 cups of green tea per day may help reduce blood sugar and gut inflammation, new study suggests

Very Well Fit9 natural sleep remedies to improve your quality of rest

CNETBlood Type matters more than we give it credit for

The Thirty (WWW) 5 workouts every woman over 50 should do, according to a kinesiologist

That Is it for Today’s News headlines.  I know that I have not included fashion and beauty this week, but I did not see anything of interest for today’s headlines and for women 50+.

I promise I am watching and hope to include it next week.

What is in fashion news is that retailers continue to add new fall style to their floors…here are a few new looks in Today’s Slideshow:


Today's News

The new James Avery Collection for fall includes a page blooming with all pieces sunflowers!

These Wild Sunflower Studs are one of my favorites and you all know how much I love James Avery. Craftsman Jewelry!

Thank you for joining in for Today’s News…please feel free to comment on anything here…and I will see you tomorrow for more fun…now make sure that you always…


By Pamela Lutrell

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Today's News


  1. After reading the article on organization mistakes, I cleaned out (completely) two drawers immediately! I have an overabundance of storage in my new place and actually had individual drawers for odds and ends. This is crazy! Having too many places to pick from can be a drawback. I’m going to do a few more when I get home today because it just feels good to let things go!

  2. This is a lesson I am just now learning after being home more…it does feel really good to let stuff go! Thanks Karen!

  3. I am soooo impressed with the research you do for your Wednesday News for Women; it takes a lot of time and effort and it’s much appreciated. One can tell just how much you enjoy what you are doing; keep up the good work! We learn a lot from your blog. Oh one more thing…my daughter’s name is Pamela (she goes by Pam) and I love that name!

  4. You are so welcome, Becky. I always learn something when researching these articles.

  5. Wow/, I’m getting a late start today. I’ve just read through the hotel article! The two hotels I’m not familiar with but are most intriguing to me, are the Mokara there in San Antonio abd The Perry Lane in Savannah. If a trip to either of these interesting cities materializes I’ll keep these names handy! I’ve been out a lot today on errands and doctor appointment so haven’t read through your other articles yet. I wonder, though, how the painters are doing at your home? Finishing up I hope? I’m thinking of you!

  6. Hi Paulette, If you come to San Antonio be sure to put Hotel Emma on your list to consider. And let me know…I would love to meet up and see you face to face.
    Everything has slowed down which is a real bummer! Hanging in there! Thanks

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